At Historic Huguenot Street, students are invited to explore the settlement as it evolved over time.


School Programs

Our school programs have been recognized by the NYS Cultural Education Department for adhering to the leading NYS standards and Common Core standards.

To participate in Pre-K to 12 school programs, please contact our school programming coordinator at (845) 255-1660 ext. 118 or For college student groups, click here and contact our retail & tourism Manager at (845) 255-1660 ext. 103 or by emailing

My students were able to experience what life was like in those times.

A Little History

Pre-K & Kindergarten | 1.5 hours

Life & Death

7th to 12th Grade | 2 hours

Colonial Kids

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade | 2 hours

Qui Voyez-Vous?

7th to 12th Grade | 2 hours

Learning & Leisure

3rd to 6th Grade | 2 hours


As a teacher as well as school principal, it is evident how well prepared the tour guides were to share historical information.

To ensure that all students are able to learn about the history of their community, Title 1 schools may participate at a discounted rate. Field Trip Grants are available to public schools in Dutchess and Ulster County through the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley and Teaching the Hudson Valley.