School Programs


A Little History

Program Length: 1.5 hours
Limit: 20 Students
Grade Level: Pre-K & Kindergarten

This program includes the following experiences and activities: 

  • Introduction: Students receive an introduction to the Huguenots through a guided story telling of “Hugo the Huguenot,” a children’s book that describes the journey of the Huguenots starting in France and ending in their home in New Paltz, NY.

  • Jean Junior Detective Tour: A costumed interpreter will guide students through one of our stone houses from the 1700s to see what daily living was like. Students will be asked to become a “detective” and try to figure out who lived in the house and what each room was used for based on the “evidence” they see during their tour.

  • Native American Craft: Students will discuss the Lenape people who lived in New Paltz long before the Huguenots arrived. The use of wampum will be discussed and children will have an opportunity to participate in a beading activity. They can take home their craft as a souvenir.

*Adaptations and modifications are made for the needs of your class depending on age and ability.  

Standards and Common Core Alignment

NYS Social Studies Standard 1
SL.CCR.1: Comprehension and Collaboration