The Library at Historic Huguenot Street is named for the Schoonmaker family, one of the earliest Dutch families in what is now New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. The Schoonmaker family has long ties to the Huguenot founders of New Paltz. 

The Library is a research facility devoted primarily to the history and genealogy of the European settlers of the Hudson Valley—people from the low countries of Europe, including French-speaking and Dutch families. The Library also functions as a general repository for local history, regardless of ethnicity or religious practice. Our collections consist of family genealogies, church, cemetery and bible records, wills and deeds, census records, genealogical periodicals, county histories and publications relating to Huguenot, Walloon, and Dutch ancestry.

In addition to our Library, Historic Huguenot Street is fortunate to have an excellent archival collection,  thanks to the forward-thinking nature of generations before us and the generosity of descendants and others interested in history. Our Archives, like our Library, focus on the history and genealogy of the settlers of the Hudson Valley.



Using the Library or Archives

Appointments are preferred for use of the library. Archives must be arranged by appointment. Please see our finding aids for more information about our archive collection. Donations are welcome for use of the library and archives and can be made online, by mail, or in person at the time of your visit. To make an appointment, please contact the library at (845) 255-1660 or

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Library Catalog

A catalog of the library's holdings is available at the repository and online as a searchable PDF.

Photocopying Library & Archival Materials

The Library offers use of its photocopier to members who wish to make photocopies. Copies are $0.25 per page, single or double sided. Patrons are welcome to photograph materials to save on costs. All archival photocopying will be done single-sided by the archivist or authorized staff member and will cost $0.25 per page.

Special Photocopying & Scanning Requests

The Library and Archives will receive special duplication requests, including high-quality color photocopying, oversize copying, and scanning. All special duplication services are subcontracted out to specialized firms; guests will be expected to cover all related costs. In addition, the Library and Archives may require a surcharge for special photocopying or scanning requests.

Response time for special copying services will be determined by amount of materials to be copied and type of service.

Reproduction & Publication

Reproductions may be used for publication for a fee. All images shall be accompanied by the citation: "Historic Huguenot Street, New Paltz, New York." Contact the library for more information.