School Programs


Qui Voyez-Vous?
French Portrait Program

Program Length: 2 hours
Limit: 50 Students
Grade Level: 7 - 12

This program includes the following experiences and activities: 

  • Introductory video: This video gives a brief introduction to the Huguenots and why they came to New Paltz.

  • French Church and Burial Ground Activity: Students gain information about the importance and the evolution of the church on Huguenot Street as they are invited into the Old French Church. Each student then has the opportunity to gather a little more information about a particular Huguenot who is buried in the original burial ground for the community.

  • French Portrait Activity: French students are able to utilize their writing, speaking, and listening skills while they participate in a fun and engaging activity that incorporates Historic Huguenot Street’s impressive portraits collection.

  • Quill Writing Activity: Students will have the opportunity to learn how to write with a real quill pen and ink. They will then utilize their newfound writing skills in conjunction with their French language skills to write a pen-pal style letter to a French Huguenot. 

  • Choose from ONE of the following: 

    • Wigwam: Students are invited inside our replica wigwam to discuss the Esopus people who lived on this land long before the Huguenots came to New Paltz. Here they will discuss how a wigwam is built, the daily life and practices of the Natives Americans, and the land deed that was signed by the Huguenots and the Esopus.


    • Stone House Tour: When students walk through the door of the Jean Hasbrouck House, they will be transported back to the year 1755, right at the outbreak of the French and Indian War. As students explore this original stone house, they will learn about and contemplate the conflict of cultural identity presented to the French Huguenots living in a culturally diverse and ever-changing community. 

*Adaptations and modifications can be made for the needs of your class depending on age and ability.  

Standards and Common Core Alignment

Foreign Language Standards 1, 2
Art Standards 1 - 3
Social Studies Standard 1