School Programs


Learning & Leisure in the 18th Century

Program Length: 2 hours
Limit: 50 Students
Grade Level: 3 - 6

This program includes several hands-on experiences through the following activities:

  • Introduction: Students receive an introduction to the Huguenots through a guided story telling of “Hugo the Huguenot,” a children’s book that describes the journey of the Huguenots starting in France and ending in their home in New Paltz, NY.

  • Stone House Tour: Students will get a peak into the lives of a family who lived in the house in the 1760’s. As they tour this old stone house, with a costumed guide, they will see what daily life was like and be asked to compare and contrast it to their own lives.

  • Colonial Games & Dress Up: Students get a chance dress up as a kid from the 1700’s and learn how to play games from the time period. They will be asked to reflect about the similarities and differences between games then and now.

  • Wigwam: Who were really the first people here on this land that we now call Huguenot Street? What did their homes look like? Where are they now? These questions and more will be answered as students get a closer look at our authentic replica wigwam.

  • Quill Writing: Students learn a bit about the history of writing implements for school children and get to try their hand at writing with a quill pen. They will take home their piece of writing as a souvenir!

*Adaptations and modifications are made for the needs of your class depending on age and ability.  

Standards and Common Core Alignment

NYS Social Studies Standard 1
NYS English Standards 1, 4
W.CCR.4: Production and Distribution of Writing
SL.CCR.1: Comprehension and Collaboration