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The program was terrific! Instead of just looking at pictures, my students were able to experience what life was like in those early times.

- Huguenot Street Cooperative Nursery School, Nursury/4-year-olds Teacher

Learning & Leisure is a great program! My fourth grade students LOVED the activities. The wigwam experience was so much fun and the students enjoyed touching the animal pelts and drum!

- G.W. Krieger Elementary School, 4th Grade Teacher

We all enjoyed that there was such a variety of activities. I, personally appreciated that the aspects of Native American relations and slavery were touched on.

- Mountain Laurel School, 4th Grade Teacher

The students loved the quill writing, the staff (especially Elsie), the hospitality. Keep up the great work!

- High Meadow School, 3rd Grade Teacher

Our class enjoyed the "in the moment" tour where our costumed guide transported us back in time. The activities were divided up into a variety of experiences including hands-on quill writing, authentic games of the time period, and guided tours of real homes of the Huguenots. The field trip proved to be engaging for all students. The students were excited to share their learning in the classroom!

- Lenape Elementary School, 4th Grade Teacher

The program was well set up and moving from Deyo Hall to the first house, then to the games, then to a house, and back to the hall kept the kids from getting restless. The rules were introduced in a fun way! Having the games in the middle so the kids could be outside playing in between touring the two houses was perfect! Jen and Casey were terrific!

- Faith Christian Academy, 4th Grade Teacher

All of the guides were so engaging for my students. Middle School students are challenging to keep their attention. I had the opportunity to visit each of the houses. The information was presented in such a dynamic, interesting manner that all of the students were continuously engaged with many comments as well as questions. As a teacher, as well as School Principal, it is evident how well prepared the tour guides were to share historical information. All of the students raved about how interesting the tour was and were able to describe various historical facts they learned. I am extremely impressed with how exceptional the program is at the Huguenot historical site!

- George Fischer Middle School, 7th Grade Teacher

The wigwam is a wonderful addition to the overall HHS site and program and created a meaningful connection between the history students read about and a real, physical experience.

- High Meadow School, 7/8th Grade Teacher

This was by far the most engaging historical site tour I have ever been on. My students absolutely loved it. Kevin and Felice, our tour guides were phenomenal. My students learned so much and are eager to include information from their visit into their research projects. Thank you for making it such a memorable visit!

- Dover Plains High School, 12th Grade Teacher