School Programs


Colonial Kids

Program Length: 2 hours
Limit: 40 Students
Grade Level: K - 2

This program includes several hands-on experiences through the following activities:

  • Introduction: Students receive an introduction to the Huguenots through a guided story telling of “Hugo the Huguenot,” a children’s book that describes the journey of the Huguenots starting in France and ending in their home in New Paltz, NY.

  • Colonial Dress Up and Games station: Students get the opportunity to dress as a boy or girl from the 1700s and to play a variety of games that were played by children during this time period.

  • Investigation Station: This hands - on station offers students the opportunity to investigate and touch a variety of replica artifacts. Children have the chance to observe using all their senses and make inferences before they find out what each object is!

  • Stone house tour: Students will be guided through one of our stone houses from the 1700s to see what daily living was like. They will be asked to compare and contrast their own life to that of a boy or girl during colonial times.

  • Wigwam: Who were really the first people here on this land that we now call Huguenot Street? What did their homes look like? Where are they now? These questions and more will be answered as students get a closer look at our authentic replica wigwam.

*Adaptations and modifications are made for the needs of your class depending on age and ability.  

Standards and Common Core Alignment

NYS Social Studies Standard 1
NYS English Standards 1, 4
W.CCR.4: Production and Distribution of Writing
SL.CCR.1: Comprehension and Collaboration