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ATKINS, DAVID J., Civil War soldier. Civil War Papers (1864-1877). 4 items. Military discharges, appointments, and returns of David J. and Alfred Atkins.

AUCHMOEDY, SILAS S., and SNYDER, ANDREW. Civil War soldiers. Extracts from Civil War Letters (1862-1864). Typewritten, transcribed extracts of letters written home by Union soldiers Silas S. Auchmoedy and Andrew Snyder during the Civil War. Letters discuss living conditions, battles, deaths, and other aspects of the war. Also, some extracts from the diary of James Krom, of Company C, 120th Regiment.

AYRES FAMILY. Letters (1847-1871) 0.17 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Civil War letters of Union soldiers Alexander and James H. Ayres, of New Paltz Landing (now Highland), Ulster County, New York.

BERNARD/CRISPELL FAMILY. Papers (1824-1973). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, wills, letters testamentary, law and medical licenses, letters, memorial notices, certificates, etc., of Gerrit DuBois Crispell, Reuben Bernard, Jane C. Crispell, Henry S. Crispell, Amelia Bernard, Reuben Crispell, and Lawrence Crispell. This collection also includes lecture notes from 1906 by Reuben B. Crispell concerning the Panama Canal, American foreign policy toward Latin and South America, and city government.

BERRY, JOHN. Letter (1703). 1 item. Letter from John Berry to Albertus Ringo concerning house and property possibly belonging to Jan Tissing in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

BERRY, MARY DUBOIS (1838-1902), inheritor of DuBois Fort on Huguenot Street in New Paltz. Family Papers (1818-1925). 0.33 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, wills, mortgages, bonds, receipts, account books, photographs, postcards, diplomas and other record chiefly of Mary DuBois Berry, who owned land on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, and resided in in Boise, Idaho during the1870's. The collection also contains some papers of Mary's father Daniel DuBois, and her daughter Louise DuBois Berry. Some items relate to the DuBois Fort.

BEVIER, BENJAMIN H. (1803-ca. 1873). Family Papers (1861-1873). 6 items. Deeds, mortgage, will, and other legal documents of Benjamin H. Bevier of the town of Lloyd, Ulster County New York. Other names listed include Jacob J. Hasbrouck, Isaac and Nellie Bevier of New York, NY, and Sarah A. Bevier. Benjamin H. Bevier was the father of Lewis Coe Bevier, Civil War soldier (see next entry).

BEVIER, LAVINA C. Letter (1850). 1 item. Letter from Lavina C. Bevier at Esopus, Ulster County, New York to Mrs. Maria Deyo at Modena (town of Gardiner) discussing a recipe for honey cakes, making wax, attending church, and family visits.

BEVIER, LEWIS COE (b. 1844), Civil War soldier. Civil War Letters (1862-1922). 0.2 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters from Union Civil War soldier Lewis Coe Bevier to his family in New Paltz Landing (now the village of Highland, Ulster County, New York while with the 120th Volunteer Regiment, Company G of the Union Army, which was stationed at various southern locations such as Washington D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia. Topics include news of battles, illnesses and deaths of prominent officers and other soldiers from New Paltz area, hospital and camp conditions.

BEVIER, LOUIS (1822-1911), farmer and surveyor. Family Papers - Elizabeth Wright Collection (1721-1929). 4.17 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Ciphering books, account books, deeds, wills, property survey books and maps, letters, receipts, photographs, poems, genealogy, memorabilia of the Bevier family of New Paltz and Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. Some items are in French and Dutch.

BEVIER, LOUIS (ca. 1647-1720), Huguenot immigrant and founder of New Paltz, NY. Family Papers - PHOTOCOPIES (1687-1921). 1 cubic foot. Finding aid available. Deeds, wills, inventories, maps, financial records, slave sales, military records, church correspondence, genealogy, etc., of the Bevier, Hasbrouck, DuBois, and other families of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. Some items are in French and Dutch.

BEVIER, LOUIS (ca. 1647-1720), Huguenot immigrant and founder of New Paltz, NY. Papers (1675-1719). 13 items. Receipts and promissory notes in French and English of Louis Bevier at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Other names include Jean Cottin, William Haines, Jacques Codebac. Also, letter of denization 1675, military appointment 1711, and a document relating to the estate of Jean Hasbrouck, 1714.

BEVIER, PHILIP DUBOIS (1751-1802), Revolutionary War Captain and politician. Family Papers (1685-1910). 2 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Financial/supply accounts of Capt. Philip Bevier and an orderly book of his brother David Bevier while both were stationed at Fort Montgomery, Orange County, New York during the Revolutionary War from 1775-1780; and account books, deeds, wills, receipts, etc., relating to property owned by the Bevier family in the town of Rochester, Ulster County, NY.

BLAKE, WILLIAM H.D. (1843-1926), Civil War officer and historian, and genealogist. Family Papers (1750-1982). 21 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, account books, scrapbooks, memoirs, school essays, correspondence, clippings, photographs, lecture notes, wills, estate papers, diaries, childhood journals, New Paltz weather records, and other materials of the Blake, Booth, and Hepburn families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, primarily William H.D. Blake, William C. Blake, Alfred Blake, Matilda Blake, Amy Hepburn, Dollie Hepburn, and Sarah Hepburn. Some letters concern France during World War II.

BLOOMER, WILLIAM (m. 1813), Quaker. Statement of Marriage (1813). 1 item. Statement of marriage of William Bloomer of Newburgh, Orange County, New York and Sarah Sprague of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, recognized by the "Religious Society of Friends," a Quaker Church, at Marlborough, Ulster County, New York. The parents of both marriage partners are listed.

BOOTH, JESSE. Family Papers (1750s-1920s). 0.5 cubic feet. Deeds, agreements, wills, estate inventories, account books, correspondence, notebooks, invitations, autograph book, and other records relating to Jesse Booth and other family members of Campbell Hall, Ulster County, NY. Of interest are scientific notes and correspondence of Jesse Booth from 1808-1824 relating to magnetism, navigation, natural history, and machinery.

BORDEN, JOHN GAIL, milk processor and dairy farmer (developer of condensed milk). Papers (1847-1925). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, bonds, mortgages, agreements, leases, family and business correspondence, maps, and financial records concerning the Borden Home Farm in the village of Wallkill, Ulster County, New York. Also, Hasbrouck, Andrews, and Van Kleeck families.

BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE C. (d. 1847). Probate Records (1847), 3 items. Will and accompanying legal documents of George C. Brinckerhoff of the town of Hurly, Ulster County, New York.

BRODHEAD, ABRAHAM DEYO (1862-1926). Mayor of New Paltz, NY. Papers (1879-1881). 4 items. Outline and essay on Sir Philip Sidney probably written by Abraham Deyo Brodhead of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Also, calling notice to Brodhead from Mary and Rebecca Bruyn, sympathy card from B. Osterhoudt, certificate of academic scholarship from the New Paltz Academy from 1879.

BROWN/PHINNEY FAMILY PAPERS. Family Papers: The Anna Brown Collection (1773-1951). 1 cubic foot. Letters, receipts, certificates, photographs, postcards, photograph albums, pencil drawings, scrapbook, genealogy, etc., of the Phinney and Brown families of the village of Wallkill, Ulster County, New York. Some items belonged to physician Leander Phinney.

BROWN, MARY ANNE (1867-1945), schoolteacher, Quaker. Papers (1812-1901). 0.17 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, recipes, receipts, and genealogy of Brown, Chadeayne, Gerow and Thorne families of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York. Also, Leptondale Temperance Society Meeting Minutes, attendance registers and other items relating to local schools, a map of Lake Minnewaska, and photographs of Mary Anne Brown and the family homestead at Leptondale (ca. 1890). One 1899 letter discusses teachers' salaries.

BRUYN, CORNELIUS AND JACOBUS, probably farmers. Deeds (ca. 1750, 1768). 2 items. Deed and lease concerning property in the hamlet of Bruynswick, town of Shawangunk held by the Bruyn family.

BRUYN, J. Receipts of J. Bruyn for milk and other unspecified (and illegible) items bought of C. Miller at Gardiner, Ulster County, New York.

BRUYN, JAMES (b. ca. 1779) AND SOPHIA (b. ca. 1788). Guardianship Papers. 2 items. Two New York Chancery Court documents concerning the guardianship of James and Sophia Bruyn, children of Severyn Bruyn, deceased of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Margaret Bruyn appointed guardian.

BRUYN, WILLIAM EDMUND, commercial advisor to the War Trade Board during WWI. Collection (ca. 1915-1941). 1 cubic foot. Letters to William Edmund Bruyn regarding his service as commercial advisor to the U.S. War Trade Board during World War I; and photographs, genealogy, certificates, pamphlets, and sewing patterns of Bruyn and family. Some items concern the historic Bruyn estate.

BURR, AARON (1756-1836), U.S. Vice President, lawyer and politician. Letter (1783) 1 item. Letter from Aaron Burr while at Albany to Jonas Freer concerning payment for wheat.

BURR, JACOB. Papers (1863-1874). 4 items. Deed to Jacob Burr for burial plot from Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bloomingdale (town of Rosendale), Ulster County, New York; one tax receipt, and three receipts for domestic goods purchased at Kingston, NY.

CAMERON FAMILY. Papers (1844-1874). 41 items. Letters to and from Mary Cameron; legal documents concerning land in New Paltz; and tax receipts. One letter from Isaiah Cameron to his mother Mary Cameron describes conditions aboard ship during naval blockade near North Carolina.

CARY, JAMES R. Land Grant (1837). 1 item.U.S. Federal certificate of land ownership registered by James R. Cary of Dutchess County for land in Monroe, Michigan.

CATHART, R. HARRY. Papers (1892-1916). 19 items. Deeds, bonds, mortgages, etc. between R. Harry Cathart of Newburgh, Orange County, New York and the Sherwood, Donaldson, Brinkerhoff and other families concerning land in the town of Esopus, Ulster County, NY.

CATLIN, DAVID AND PIERCE. Papers (1767-ca. 1890). 57 items. Finding aid available. Records include the will of John Catlin (1769); a sale of a slave by John Crispell to Thomas Crispell (1790); estate papers such as deeds, quit-claim deeds and mortgages concerning David Catlin's properties in Litchfield Connecticut (1767-1808); correspondence to David Catlin relating to family matters (deaths, marriages, estate, etc.), prospects in the West Indies, financial matters (notes, debts, etc.) and David Catlin's Revolutionary War Pension (1807-1832). Correspondents include David Catlin's niece, Lyndi Catlin; Henry Anderson, Seth P. Beers, and the Selectmen of Litchfield; Wm. C. Hall of Middletown; and Daniel Roberts of Middleburgh College, Vermont. The papers also contain letters to Pierce Catlin of the city of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, from his son A. P. Catlin, who traveled west to find employment in the mining industry (1851-1852) and genealogical notes tracing the Catlin family back to Thomas Catlin, who settled in Hartford, Connecticut in 1646.

CAVERLY, SARAH (fl. 1830s), schoolteacher. Letters of Recommendation (1836, 1838). 2 items. Two handwritten letters by the "subscribers Inspectors of Schools for the Town of New Paltz" certifying Sarah Caverly to be "well qualified in respect to moral character learning and ability to keep a Common English School."

CHEVALIER, JESEE. Will (1695). 1 item. Transcript and translation available at repository. 1695 will in French of Jesee Chevalier of New Paltz.

CHIPP, RODNEY A., newspaper publisher. Writings (1822-1827). 6 items. Handwritten manuscripts of Rodney Chipp concerning histories of Europe, Algiers and England; and two essays, one entitled "contentment," and the other about the country of Ireland.

CLAAR, ALMA. School Report Card (1902). 1 item. School report card of Alma Claar from New York City. Includes information on attendance, punctuality, medical examination, grades, and parents' nationalities.

COONS, NELSON. Papers (1877-1890). 8 items. Bound ledger concerning the sale of coal; brief letter from Peter W. Moore; and seven financial statements relating to coal, lumber, and hay from Bristol Brothers of Claverack, Columbia County, New York.

COOPER, GEORGE. Poetry Book (undated). 1 item. Bound volume containing children's poems and songs. Titles include "The Dandelion," Forget-Me-Not," "A Bit of Sunshine," "A Secret," "Hurrah for the Flag," "Santa Claus," and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

COSMAN, HENRY. Memorandum of Agreement (1843). 1 item, 2 pages. Agreement between Henry Cosman, Gilbert Anderson, and Jonathan Conklin concerning land, buildings, livestock, and farm and milling equipment in Newburgh, Orange County, New York.

COTTIN, JEAN (d. 1721). Papers (1696, 1707). 2 items. Receipt for lectures at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York in 1696; and one land contract from 1707. Both items are in French.

COUTANT, HENRY. Will and Probate (1832-1833). 1 item. Last Will and Testament written in 1832 by Henry Coutant of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York and attached probate, 1833. Contains brief mentions of bedding, clothes, and six silver teaspoons; and names of wife and heirs.

CRAFT, CHARLES (d. 1831), farmer. Will (1831). 1 item. Last Will and Testament and probate of Charles Craft, farmer, of the town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York.

CRAGG, DAN, author. Research correspondence (1979-2000). 241 letters between Dan Cragg and Col. John Elting. The collection also includes an (uncounted) number of postcards, and greeting cards. Research conducted for  Cragg's "A Dictionary of Soldier Talk," and "Inside the VC and NVA" and Elting's work on "Swords Around a Throne." Correspondence also covers personal business, world events, current politics and so on.

CRAWFORD, JOSEPH. Receipt (1738). 1 item. Receipt from Johannes Felty for "work done to him."

CRISPELL, ABRAHAM ELTINGE (1823-1881), physician. Papers (1815-1881). 0.25 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Medical appointments, essays and correspondence, marriage certificate, obituaries of Dr. Abraham Eltinge Crispell and his father Dr. Peter Crispell, both surgeons in Ulster County. Some items concern the Civil War.

CRISPELL, ABRAHAM ELTINGE (1823-1881), physician. Papers - copies (1851-1869). App. 55 items. Finding aid available. Agreements, receipts, and other legal documents relating to property and taxes in and around Kingston and Rondout, Ulster County, New York; a list of stockholders of the Union Plank Road Co. (1853); correspondence of Crispell during and relating to his service as surgeon during the Civil War; and certificates, receipts, and other documents relating to Crispell's medical practice in Kingston, including an 1860 receipt providing an extensive list of medical supplies purchased of John Aitken, Jr., on Hudson Street in New York City.

CRISPELL, ABRAHAM ELTINGE (1823-1881), physician. Family Papers and Photographs (1860s - ca. 1900). Seven photographs, both albumen and gelatin prints, of the Crispell, Catlin, and Bernard families of Kingston, NY, including Civil War surgeon Abraham Eltinge Crispell (1823-1881), his wife Jane Catlin (1830-1904), Kingston lawyer Reuben Bernard (1830-1916), Amelia Bernard Crispell (1858-1938), and probably Henry Samson Crispell (1856-1930). There are also two calling cards of Abraham and Jane Crispell, ca. 1870s. Note: this collection shares provenance with two MSS collections of Abraham Eltinge Crispell and the Bernard/Crispell Family Papers.

CRISPELL, ANTHONY. Sale of Barn (1705). 1 item. Legal document of Anthony Crispell concerning the sale of a barn located in the town of Hurley, Ulster County, New York, by the heirs of Pieter Crispell, deceased, to Johannis Shepmoes.

CRISPELL, THOMAS. Family Genealogical Manuscript (1794-1803). 1 item. Single-page manuscript containing a "Memorandum of the Ages of the Children of Thomas Crispell and His Wife Mary Crispell."

DAVIS, DEWITT CLINTON (1825-1908), railroad commissioner and genealogist. Family Register (ca. 1890s). 3 pages. Family register probably written by DeWitt Clinton Davis during the 1890s listing births, deaths, and marriages of the Davis family from the towns of Marbletown and Olive, Ulster County, New York, 1731-1888. Other family names mentioned include Winfield, Rhodes, Vosburg, LeFevre, Ter Bush, North, Vandervoort, Hardenburg, and Ennis.

DAVIS, FREDERICK . Receipt (1796). 1 item. Receipt, "Received Feb 24th 1796 of Frederick Davis fourteen Shillings in Full of accoun (sic) for my Fathers Estat (sic) By me Cornelia Wynkoop Exctrx."

DAVIS, GEORGE. Legal Documents (1870). 3 items. Ulster County court documents concerning a petition by George Davis over the settlement of the estate of Joshua D. Wynkoop.

DAVIS, LOREN. Daybook (1923 and undated). 1 item, 31 pages. Account was recorded on January 12, 1923 listing all of the landowners of the town of Rochester, Ulster County, NY providing the corresponding district numbers, amounts of acreage, property values, and the names the owners of adjoining properties.

DENNISTON, MARGARET CHURCH LEFEVRE. Family Collection. (1896-c. 1950) .5 cubic feet. Photographs, photograph albums, diaries, correspondence, and ephemera primarily relating to Margaret Church LeFevre of Gardiner, Ulster County, NY., who married Roy F. Denniston in 1922. The bulk of the collection documents the young woman's experiences home, school, and travel experiences from about 1901 to 1922. Other items include a farm journal kept by her father Josiah Phillip LeFevre from 1904 to 1920, a school autograph album of her future husband, Roy F. Denniston, 1911, photograph reprints showing the J. LeFevre House in New Paltz, NY (ca, 1950), and family letters, postcards and ephemera documenting family issues such as health, travel, and history.

DEPUY, CORNELIUS. Deed (1857). 1 item. Deed between Helena and Dinah DePuy, and Cornelius DePuy regarding land in the town of Rochester, Ulster County, New York.

DEPUY, ELIAS and MOSES, JR. Deeds (1785-1788). 3 items. Deeds between Elias Moses, Jr., regarding land in the town of Rochester, Ulster County, New York.

DEYO FAMILY. Christian and Pierre Deyo were Huguenot immigrants and founders of New Paltz, New York. Papers (1675-1870). 1 cubic foot. Finding aid available. Receipts, notes, wills, bonds, deeds, court records, certificates of marriage, military appointments, and other records relating to the Deyo, DuBois, Allen, Delanal, Freer, and other families of New Paltz, New York.

DEYO, ABRAHAM. Certificate of Membership (1912). 1 item. Certificate of honorary membership of Abraham Deyo, No. 1, of the Pioneer Engine Company the Village of Ellenville Fire Department (Town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York).

DEYO, ABRAHAM. Legal Correspondence (1896-1901). Legal correspondence between Abraham Deyo, Moses Elting and Peter Deyo relating to the settlement of Abraham's late wife Catherine Elting Deyo.

DEYO, ANDREW LEFEVRE (1845-1926), Civil War soldier, Letter (1865). 1 item. Letter written by Andrew LeFevre Deyo (A.L.F. Deyo) to his sister Maggie E. Deyo at Modena (town of Gardiner), Ulster County, New York, while a soldier stationed in Hanna, Louisiana during the Civil War. The letter discusses family news and the weather and climate of Louisiana. Other Civil War letters of A.L.F. Deyo can be found in the Solomon DuBois and Rachel Elting Family Papers.

DEYO, ELIZABETH (1880-1962). Diary - COPY (1888-1896). 1 item. Daily of diary of life at Gardiner, Ulster County, New York. Also discusses Mary Deyo, who was a missionary to Japan (See Also: Mary Deyo Papers).

DEYO, JACOB (1858-1904). Diary collection (1862-1904). 7 items. Five diaries of Jacob Deyo of New Paltz. Dates are 1879, 1881, 1883, 1897, and 1904. Diaries are about Jacob's day to day, working at the bank, who he was with for the day. Included is one diary of Frances Adelia Deyo, dated 1862. Entries cover day to day activities and visitors. She mentions her sister Rowena receiving letters from Jake. Jacob Hasbrouck's letters to Rowena are located in the museum's archives. Cased photograph possibly of Jacob Deyo.

DEYO, JESSIE B. VANWAGENEN (1870-1938). Papers (1889-1929). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters deeds, receipts, accounts, tax statements, legal correspondence, invitations, clippings, photographs, etc. of Abram and Jessie B. VanWagenen Deyo and family of Rosendale and New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, and Elmira, Chemung County, New York.

DEYO, JOHN WINFIELD (b. 1921). Collection (1795-1906). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Correspondence, photographs, deeds, wills, estate inventories, property survey maps, and other legal documents relating to various ancestors of John Winfield Deyo, including John Elting (1773-1827) and Carrie A. Disbrow (1858-1920), wife of Ernest Elmore Deyo (1856-1934). Of interest are the wills of Jannetje Hasbrouck (1807), Esther Wurtz (1820), Benjamin Ebenezer Potter (1833); and an estate inventory of Blandina Potter (1865).

DEYO, MARY (1858-1932), missionary to Japan. Papers (ca. 1850-1932). 0.9 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, poems, articles, certificates, greeting cards, photographs, clippings, programs, pamphlets reports, and passport of Mary Deyo, concerning her missionary activity in Japan, and family affairs at the village of Wallkill, Ulster County, New York.

DEYO, MERRIT (1803-1868). Family Papers and Photographs (1832-1879). app. 50 items. Letters, diaries, photographs, legal papers, and other items of Merritt Deyo (1803-1868) of Middlefield, Otsego County, New York and various family members, most notably his siblings, Catherine Deyo (1809-1862), Jeremiah Deyo (1810-1853), Sarah Deyo Watson (1812-1853), Clemmy Deyo Van Dycke (1815-1857), and Clarinda Deyo Van Dycke (1817-1896). The main strength of this collection lies in the 23 letters written between these individuals and other relatives from the 1840s to the 1860s. These letters chiefly discuss family news such as deaths and illnesses of relatives, managing the family properties, church activities, and news about farming and changing prices of basic goods. Of particular interest is an 1855 letter from Luther Reynolds giving a detailed description of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Other correspondents include C. O. Watson of Clarksville, NY, Mary Kilby of New York City, Henry Sutton of Plattekill, NY, Josiah Griffin of Bingham, NY, Richard Denton of New Albion, NY, Abner Deyo of Ridgeway, NJ, and Adrial Deyo of Trout Creek, NY. In addition to the correspondence are prayer notes of Josiah and Hannah Deyo, 1832-1838, Clarinda Van Dycke, 1843, a church membership certificate of handwritten notices on the deaths of various family members, 1838-1862, three diaries kept by Merritt Deyo discussing church services and funerals at Middlefield, 1847-1868, an account of Adrial Deyo for livestock, farm and food supplies, 1860-1862, court papers relating to the settlement of the family estate (1843-1868), and a receipt from the First National Bank of Cooperstown, 1879. There are also two recipe books kept by Merritt and Clemmy Deyo stored in the Huguenot Historical Society Recipe Book Collection.

DEYO, RUTH LYNDA (1884-1960), concert pianist and composer. Papers (1904-1937), 11 items. Letters, postcard, and other materials of Ruth Lynda Deyo, world renowned concert pianist and composer. The letters were written chiefly by Ruth to her aunt Gertrude in New Paltz while visiting various European cities, and Cairo, Egypt, and discuss her upcoming wedding, and the production of an opera she had written. Another letter, written by an unidentified cousin of Ruth's (daughter of Gertrude Deyo), discusses shipping Ruth's piano, the health of New Paltz Reformed Church Minister Rev. Vennema, and Maryland College at Lutherville. Two greeting cards with photographs of Ruth and her husband, Charles Dalton. Also in this collection are two copies of a 1905 pamphlet entitled "Triumphs of Miss Ruth Lynda Deyo: an American pianist in European musical centers," and photocopied newspaper clippings of reviews of recitals given by Ruth.

DEYO, VIRGIL (1923-1944), soldier in World War II from Prattsville, NY. Letters are written between 1942-1945 and are primarily from Virgil to his family, particularly his mother, Alta Peckham Deyo. All letters from this collection are available online.

DEYO, WILLIAM HENRY. Family Papers and Photographs (ca. 1850s - 1936) app. 100 items. Letters, photographs, and receipts pertaining to William Henry Deyo and family members of New Paltz, Ulster County, NY during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Letters chiefly concern family news such as deaths and visits.

DEYOE, WILLIAM S. (d. 1947), laborer and assistant observer with the U.S. Weather Bureau. Family Papers (1892-1972). 0.2 cubic feet. Wills and probate records, contracts, letters, court records relating to the estate of William S. Deyo of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Also, certificates of appointment to various positions within the U.S. Weather Bureau, Department of Agriculture; and photographs and clippings of Deyo and his yacht.

DUBOIS, BESSIE (fl. 1910s). Graduation Invitations (1906-1913). Thirteen invitations sent to Bessie DuBois and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bruyn DuBois of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York for graduations held at the New Paltz High School and the New Paltz Normal School. Each invitation also typically contains the calling card of the sender. There are no invitations for 1907-1909.

DUBOIS, DANIEL (1684-1752), AND SIMON (1719-1799), farmers. Family Papers (1695-1864) 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, wills, bonds, court papers, estate inventories, receipts, agreements and other records relating to DuBois family holdings in the towns of New Paltz and Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Some items are in French and Dutch.

DUBOIS, ELENORA. Family Papers (1841-1931). Letters, photographs, wedding invitations, catechisms and other religious writings, and other papers of Elenora and Sarah DuBois and other family members of the town of Shokan, Ulster County, New York. Also, school report card of Ella DuBois.

DUBOIS, GARRET (1774-1814), and ROELOF (1804-186), farmers. Family Papers (1771-1882). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Account books, agreements, receipts, maps, deeds, letters, court papers, wills and other records relating to the business pursuits and property holdings of Garret and Roelof DuBois in the towns of New Paltz, Gardiner, and Lloyd, New York.

DUBOIS, GEORGE WASHINGTON (1822-1910), Episcopal priest and Civil War chaplain. Family Papers (1861-1989). 1 cubic foot. Scattered papers such as letters, news clippings, obituaries, genealogy, journals, memoirs, photographs of George Washington DuBois and several other family members, including Henry Ogden DuBois (1855-1949), John James DuBois, Civil War soldier (1838-1912), Annette DuBois (1846-1928), Mary Constance DuBois, writer (1879-ca. 1960), Gaylord DuBois, writer (d. ca. 1990s). Of particular interest are the unpublished memoirs of George Washington DuBois and Henry Ogden DuBois, farm journals of John H. and L. DuBois, 1879-1889, Civil War letters of John James DuBois, 1863-1865, Treasurer's Book of the Rondout Tennis Club, 1889-1890, and numerous family photographs.

DUBOIS, HENDRICUS (1710-1780), farmer, founder of New Paltz Conferentia "Owl" Church. Family Papers (1702-1927). 0.85 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Records include deeds, quit-claim deeds, leases, receipts, family letters, wills, promissory notes, subpoenas and survey maps of the Dubois, Bruyn and Bevier families of the towns of Shawangunk and New Paltz in Ulster County, New York.

DUBOIS, IRA F. (1841-1915), Civil War soldier. Civil War Items (1864-1886). 5 items. Discharge paper, postcards and photographs concerning Civil War soldier Ira F. DuBois and the 44th Regiment of the New York Volunteers.

DUBOIS, JOHN H. Song (1823) 1 item (2 pages).Song entitled "Who'll Serve the King?" possibly owned by John H. DuBois, due to small envelope found with the document. Contains melody in modern notation and several verses.

DUBOIS, JOSIAH (1779-1867), merchant. Family Papers(1689-1864) 0.75 cubic feet. Finding aid available. The collection documents the real estate holdings and financial activities of Josiah DuBois during the early nineteenth century. The account books and loose receipts provide documentation of the management of the store located in the Jean Hasbrouck House on Huguenot Street by both DuBois and his father-in-law, Josiah Hasbrouck and other activities, including newspaper subscriptions, taxes, court fees and judgments, livestock, transportation, farm and construction work, and DuBois' work as Overseer of the Poor. Other papers relate to the DuBois family land holdings in Libertyville and elsewhere in New Paltz. Some items concern Josiah DuBois's father and grandfather, both named Cornelius DuBois, and great-grandfather, Solomon DuBois, although other family members (including New Paltz founder, Louis DuBois) are also occasionally represented. Of particular importance are several court documents and estate inventories from 1816-1825 relating to the care of Josiah DuBois' mentally unstable brother Cornelius Bruyn DuBois (1783-1825). The collection also includes 19th-century photographs of the DuBois, Catlin, Elting, Hoysradt, and Van Wagner families.

DUBOIS, LOUIS. Letters - Copies (1864-1887). 14 items. Letters written in French between Louis DuBois of Salins, France and Joseph DuBois of the United States. The letters discuss family news such as marriages, deaths, and illnesses; war with Prussia, and wine-making and the family's vineyards at Salins. One letter includes a recipe for wine.

DUBOIS, MARY. Lease (1867). 1 item. Lease belonging to Mary DuBois to Luther DuBois dated April 1, 1867. Term of lease was one year for $350. Updates to the conditions of the lease dated 1872, 1873, and 1874. The 1874 update states that the conditions of the lease now apply to Jesse Elting, signed by him and Mary DuBois.

DUBOIS, MARY. Travel Diary (1871). 1 item. Diary of Mary DuBois of New Paltz during a trip to New Orleans. Contains descriptions of scenery, houses, gardens, and farms, people, travel, and churches. A handwritten transcription of the diary is available.

DUBOIS, MARY C. Papers (mid-19th century). 4 items. One handwritten recipe for "All Healing Salve;" one newspaper clipping containing a recipe for "Beaten Biscuit;" small undated pamphlet entitled "Heaven," published by the American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia, with the inscription: "Mary C. DuBois Present by Henry Vandevier;" and an undated note containing the names of four books concerning the "Church Biography."

DUBOIS, MARY HASBROUCK (1664-after 1719). Papers (1705, 1719). 2 items. Bond from 1705, and 1715 receipt (in French) of Mary DuBois, widow of New Paltz patentee Isaac DuBois and daughter of patentee Jean Hasbrouck.

DUBOIS, NATHANIEL (1773-1848), and ISAAC (1815-1876). Nathaniel DuBois was a Revolutionary War soldier, politician, and entrepreneur in the turnpike business. Family Papers (1778-1927). 1 cubic foot. Finding aid available. Letters, deeds, agreements, receipts, bonds, court papers, notes, wills, accounts' etc., relating to the business pursuits (particularly shipping) and military careers of Nathaniel and Isaac DuBois of the city of Newburgh, Orange County, New York.

DUBOIS, PATTERSON (1847-1917), assayer with the Philadelphia Mint Company, and lecturer and writer on child culture and religious education. Family Papers (1775-1921). 0.17 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, photographs and other papers of DuBois family of Doylestown and Cherryville, Pennsylvania. Also, Pittsgrove, NJ, Revolutionary War roster 1775, and travel diary of Europe 1898.

DUBOIS, PETRUS (1749-1830), tanner. Family Papers (1732-1869). 0.5 cubic foot. Finding aid available. Deeds, quit-claims, agreements, receipts, estate inventories and other miscellaneous items of Petrus DuBois and family, as well as Newkirk, Crispell and Wynkoop families of Hurley, New Paltz and Wawarsing in Ulster County, New York.

DUBOIS, SOLOMON (1836-1924); and ELTING, RACHEL (1847-1921). Farmers and cattle breeders. Family Papers (1812-1944). 1 cubic foot. Finding aid available. Family and Civil War letters, school essays, report cards, school and church programs, deeds, wills, receipts, farm surveys, financial correspondence, photographs, and business cards of the DuBois, Elting, LeFevre and Deyo, families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

DUBOIS, TUNIS DENISE (1773-1843). Family Papers (1794-1910). 40 items. Letters, receipts, ephemera, and other papers pertaining to the family of Tunis Denise DuBois of Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. The correspondence forms the bulk of the collection and consists of letters written to Tunis DuBois from family members in Franklin, Warren County, Ohio, Penfield, Monroe County, New York, and elsewhere in central New York. The letters chiefly discuss family visits and illnesses, farming, and road and canal travel, but brief references to other topics abound as well. Of particular historical interest is an 1813 letter from Benjamin DuBois informing his brother Tunis that "the Army on the Lakes and northern frontiers have got possession of the British fleet on Lake Erie with a great number of prisoners," 1813. Other letters discuss a financial dispute between Tunis DuBois and Tunis D. Vanderveer, 1825; a dysentery outbreak in the family in Penfield, NY, 1826; a theft aboard a canal boat, 1837; predictions of an "Almighty Revolution" to punish "Intemperance, Sabbath Breaking, Pride and Ingratitude," 1838-1839; a rapid increase in Monroe County real estate, 1848; and school life at the Monmouth Young Ladies Seminary, 1847. In addition to the letters, the collection also includes receipts concerning the work and estate of Tunis Schanck, 1805-1823; report cards of M. J. Hunt from Rutgers Female Institute, 1846; an account Book, Benjamin DuBois from 1794-1819, primarily concerning the division of his estate among his children; an invitation to the, 50th Wedding Anniversary of Livingston DuBois, 1904; and a guest Register from a DuBois Family Reunion in honor of Livingston DuBois, 1910.

DUNN FAMILY. Papers (1791-1967) 1 cubic foot. Wills, deeds, inventories, receipts, agreements, letters, photographs, albums, etc., of George Dunn and family of New Paltz, Shawangunk and Gardiner in Ulster County, New York. Also, Deyo, Hoornbeck, Traphagen, LeFevre, Elting, Jenkins and Ward families.

EAN, ALEXANDER. Subpoena (undated). 1 item.

ELLIS, WILLIAM AND SARAH. Family Papers (1838-1882). 12 items. Deeds, court records, bonds, and leases concerning the estate of William Ellis of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York. Also a marriage certificate of Sarah Ellis (1864). Other families represented include Kerney, Ellis, Geralds, Deyo, and Roe.

ELMENDORF, LUCAS (1761-1843), Judge and politician. Papers (1746-1845). 12 items. Letters, receipts, court records, etc., of Lucas Elmendorf, Ulster County judge and politician, and Nicholas Elmendorf relating to Newburgh Turnpike, trespassing lawsuits, shipping wheat, and political matters. Also, Elmemdorf's Judge's docket, 1787. Also, receipt of P. Elmundus (1746), and court document of Mary Elmendorph (1772).

ELTING, CORNELIUS. Deed (1725). 1 item. Deed between Cornelius Elting and Albert Pawling concerning land in the towns of Marbletown and Hurley, Ulster County, New York. The document discusses a boundary dispute between the two towns.

ELTING, DERRICK W. (1802-1870), farmer. Family Papers (1751-1897). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, mortgages, farm and property survey maps, land grants, chancery papers and other papers of the Elting, LeFevre, Freer, Hasbrouck, Deyo, DuBois and Lockwood families of the towns of New Paltz, Gardiner and Lloyd in Ulster County, New York.

ELTING, HENRY, DEYO (1810-1860), farmer. Family Papers (1792-1892). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, mortgages, bonds, receipts, inventories, letters, etc., relating to the estates of Noah Elting, Henry D. Elting and Philip Miller of New Paltz, New York. Some records concern Poughkeepsie and New Paltz Ferry Company. One undated letter vividly describes ocean travel and slavery in the Caribbean.

ELTING (ELTEN), JAN (1632-1729), Dutch immigrant, carpenter. Affidavit of Birth (1680). 1 item. Affidavit, in Dutch, to Jan Elting from Beylen, Holland confirming his birth there in 1632.

ELTING, JESSE (1838-1922). Family Papers (1866-1959). 0.5 cubic feet. Letters from Lanetta Elting DuBois to her parents in New Paltz while at school at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and account books, receipts, and cancelled checks of Jesse Elting, and other miscellaneous papers from related family members.

ELTING, JESSE M. (undated). 1 item. Payment receipt to Levi Lumb from Jesse Elting. Written sometime between 1885 and 1902. Also mentions a request for lowest cash bid to work on Elting's new house in New Paltz.

ELTING, JOSIAH D. (1842-1911), farmer. Pew Subscription (1882). 1 item. Deed of Josiah P. Elting for pew subscription at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz.

ELTING, MAGGIE. Papers (1917-1953). 4 items. Deed for cemetery plot, Power of Attorney, and court records of Maggie, Jacob, and Helen Elting relating to the estate of Maggie Elting at New Paltz. Also a newspaper clipping of wedding announcement with photographic image of Helen Elting.

ELTING, MARY ELEANOR (1825-1904). Scrapbook (1837). 1 item. Scrapbook kept by Mary Eleanor Elting of Lloyd, Ulster County, NY, containing news clippings and handwritten entries of jokes and anecdotes. The news clippings are pasted over what appears to be an account book.

ELTING, PHILIP (1765-1831), merchant. Papers (1829, 1833). 2 items. Last will and testament, and deed concerning land in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

ELTING, P. P. (fl. 1870s). Receipts (1874, 1876). 2 items. Two receipts of P. P. Elting from John Oakes of New York City for an engraved gold watch and case, 1874, 1876.

ELTING, ROELOF JOSIAH (1737-1795), and EZEKIEL (1763-1842), merchants and storeowners. Family Papers (1703-1928). 1.8 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Account books, letters, deeds, wills, survey maps, estate and store inventories, bills, receipts, photographs, postcards, clippings, poetry, and memorabilia of Elting, Bevier, DeWitt and other families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Some items concern the Revolutionary War.

ELTINGE, RACHEL G. Estate Inventory (1911). 2 items. Death notice and estate inventory apparently of Rachel G. Eltinge of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York. The inventory lists kitchen and other household goods, as well as the prices for each item and to whom they were sold.

ELTING, SARAH. Letters (1872-1873) - TRANSCRIPTS. .17 cu. ft. Typewritten transcripts of "letters of foreign travel" written by Sarah Elting to her father while taking 'la grand tour" of Europe and North Africa during the early 1870s. The letters of full of passing descriptions of ship travel, cities, architecture, tourist sites, and people.

EVANS, OLIVER (d. 1829). Probate Records (1829), 4 items. Estate inventory and accompanying legal records relating to the estate of Oliver Evans of the town of Shawangunk, who died intestate, 1829. The records acknowledge Oliver's widow, Sarah, who served as administrator of the estate.

EVERTSON, NICHOLAS. Papers (1812-1817). 3 items. Two letters of Nicholas Evertson of Monticello, Sullivan County, New York and his sister Clarissa Hasbrouck of Wallkill, Orange County, New York discussing Clarissa's sorrow caused by their separation. Also, a note of Evertson in William Ecker's cavalry unit, 1812.

FELTON, JOHANNIS AND PETRUS. Receipts (1751, 1790). 2 items. Receipt for payment made by Johannis Felton to Evert Wynkoop written in Dutch, 1751, and receipt for payment made by Petrus Felton to Peter Van Gaasbeek written in English, 1790. Both payments made in pounds and shillings.

FERRIS, S. A. Letter (mid-19th century). Letter from S. A. Ferris at Pine Plains, Dutchess County, NY to Elsie LeFevre at New Paltz, Ulster County, NY briefly discussing the subjects of religion, political parties, travel to Ohio, family, marriage, and "German Silver."

FORSYTH, MARY BRUYN. Letters (1826-1847). 11 items. Letters to Mary Bruyn of the city of Kingston, Ulster County, New York from her husband, Ulster County Judge James C. Forsyth during visits to Albany and New York discussing their engagement, family news, and New York State politics; and letters of Blandina Bruyn about school life in the 1820's.

FREAR (FREER), JAMES. Letter (1854). 1 item. Transcription available at repository. Letter written to Abram Frear and Edrich Frear of Pennsylvania from James Frear of Comptonville, Yuba, California, May 22, 1854. The letter discusses gold mining in California, and debts owed by James. [SEE ALSO: Mary Elma Frear Streeter Family Papers and Photographs (1892-1934)]

FREER, CYRUS (1845-1927), furniture repairman, laborer. Papers (1889-1916). 0.3 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Diaries, account books, and photographs, of Cyrus Freer and family of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York chiefly relating to Cyrus' work life as a furniture repairman, church sexton and general laborer. Other entries relate to church activities.

FREER, ELISHA and JOHN. Lease for Oxen (1798). 1 item. Lease of Oxen to Elisha and John Freer of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York from Matthew LeFevre.

FREER, GERRIT (1727-1804), farmer. Papers (1677-1840). 22 items. Finding aid available. Wills, inventories, receipts, deeds, slave sale, vendue list, of the Freer, LeFevre, Hasbrouck, and Elting families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Also, guardianship papers of Sarah Sluyter under the care of Peter LeFevre, 1797.

FREER, HENRY DUBOIS (1865-1938). Autograph Book (1878-1880), 1 bound item. Autograph book of Henry DuBois Freer containing salutations, signatures and drawings by friends and fellow students, mostly from the New Paltz Academy. Other locations mentioned include the city of Kingston and the village of Highland, both in Ulster County, New York.

FREER, HUGO (d. 1698), Huguenot immigrant and founder of New Paltz, NY, laborer. Family Papers (1677-1721). 11 items. Receipts, promissory notes, deed, contract, and letter relating to Hugo Freer and son Hugo Freer of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Several receipts appear to relate to Freer's work as an officer of the New Paltz Reformed Church, involving the purchase of a bell and payment to minister Pierre Daille. Also of interest is an apprenticeship contract of Sarah Freer dating from 1699. Some items are in French and Dutch.

FREER, JEREMIAH. Promissory Note (1807). 1 item. Promissory note of Jeremiah Freer of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York to Mary Hornbeek, widow of Warnaar Hornbeek of Marbletown in the amount of Seven dollars and 82 cents.

FRIENT, MARIAH. Inscription (1805). 1 item. Page probably taken from a book with the decorative inscription: "Mariah Frient's Book. July 9th, 1805."

FRINT, HENRY. Will (1838). 1 item. Last will and testament of Henry Frint of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

GALE FAMILY. Papers (1818-1910). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, mortgages, agreements, estate appraisals and vendue lists, wills, letters testamentary, legal correspondence, receipts, bonds and other papers chiefly relating to the estate of Abigail Gale of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York, who died in 1840.

GALLOWAY, ZACHARIAH (fl. 1790s), innkeeper. Power of Attorney (1795). 1 item. Power of Attorney of Zachariah Galloway of York, Canada, to David Jordan concerning the estate of John Galloway, recently deceased, of New Windsor, Orange County, New York.

GEORGE, E. M. and LEONARD, schoolteachers. School Papers (1932-1953). Papers kept by schoolteachers E.M. George and Leonard George relating to their work at primary and secondary schools in the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY. Records include registers of attendance to Union School (1932, 1935), school district census (1936), unused geography workbooks (1946), administrative communications to teachers of the Wallkill Central School (1951-1953), brief grading notes for about ten students (1951), and lesson notes on United States economic history.

GEROW FAMILY, farmers. Papers (1746-1951). 1.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, wills, account books, receipts, agreements, letters, photographs, etc. of the Gerow family of New Rochelle, Westchester County and Plattekill, Ulster County, New York.

GEROW, AARON RAYMOND (1827-1907), fruit farmer. Papers (ca. 1850s). Letter fragment written by Aaron Raymond Gerow of Plattekill, Ulster County, NY discussing farming, family news, purchasing a wagon, social activities, and planning to construct an unidentified building. There are also fragments of an essay titled "A few thoughts on Farming" and a letter possibly written by one of Gerow's adopted children (the offspring of his deceased brother, Samuel Chadeayne Gerow). The letter fragment discusses farming and attending school. Other papers concerning Aaron Raymond Gerow and family can be found in the Gerow Family Papers.

GEROW, BENJAMIN R. (1880-1961). Family Papers (1904-1945). 4 items. Advertisement for Gerow's New Garage, Machine Shop and Supply Store in Liberty, NY, also mentions Gerow's Taxi Sercive. Flyer for Ben R. Gerow for Sheriff with 1924 family photo. Modern copy of 1921 photo of Benjamin R Gerow, his wife Angeline Gerow and their children. Names are on the back of the photo and children not born yet are also noted. Copy of candidacy speech for Ben R. Gerow for Member of Assembly, Democratic Party. 

GEROW, ELEAZER BALDWIN (1818-1878). Family Papers (1833-1945). 3 cubic feet. Letters, photographs, receipts, insurance certificates, deeds, account books, autograph books, school essays, pamphlets and genealogy of the Gerow, Crosby and Tupper families of the State of Connecticut and Newburgh, Orange County, New York.

GEROW, HIRAM CLARK (1815-1856), machine manufacturing agent. Travel Diary - Transcript (1850). 1 item. Transcript of diary of Hiram Clark Gerow, Superintendent of an unidentified New York machinery manufacturing company while aboard the ship "Yankee Blade" headed to California to oversee the operations there. While in California, Hiram drowned during an attempt to quell an Indian uprising. Original diary stored at Rutgers University Library.

GEROW, JOHN LIGHT (1837). 1 item. Marriage certificate of John L. Gerow and Lucy Ann Cooley of Plattekill, NY, signed by Cyrus Sullivan "Minister of the gospel." 

GEROW, LUCY ANNE (1868-1964). Autograph Albums (1881-1898, 1909). 3 items. Three autograph albums of Lucy Anne Gerow Berault of Vineland, New Jersey containing signatures of friends and classmates.

GEROW, SAMUEL CHADEAYNE (1822-1871), farmer and lawyer. Letters - Transcripts (1848-1871). Letters between Samuel Chadeayne Gerow to his brother Aaron Raymond Gerow and family at Plattekill, Ulster County New York. Originals stored at Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection, Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY.

GEROW, SAMUEL HEATON (1838-1904). Family Papers (1805-1938). 21 items. Finding Aid available. Family letters of Samuel Heaton Gerow and family members concerning family news at Plattekill, Ulster County, New York and New York City, and school life at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. Also, copy of will of Elias Gerow, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a 1913 Quaker calendar.

GEROW, STEPHEN (1855-1918), physician. Papers (1863-1918). 3 items. Photograph, receipt, and transcription of obituary of Dr. Stephen Gerow, physician at Mohonk Mountain House and vicinity of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. There are also two albumen print photographs of Dr. Gerow in the Mary Deyo Papers (ca. 1850-1932).

GIDNEY, JACOB V. L. Letter (1832). 1 item. Letter from Jacob V. L. Gidney at Albany, New York to Adjutant General John A. Dix, also at Albany discussing the "Ulster Artillery Company."

GOETSCHIUS, JOHANNES MAURITUS (d. 1771), minister, New Paltz and Shawangunk Reformed Churches. Will (undated, ca. 1771). 1 item. Last will and testament of Mauritus Goetschius containing d etailed list of items. Heirs include Wirtz and Goetschius family members.

GONSALUS FAMILY. Papers (1749-1787). 6 items. Three deeds, one receipt and two map fragments of Manuel and Joseph Gonsalus concerning the Nine Partners Patent in Dutchess County, New York. Also represented are the Filkin, Hoff, Bedell, Hallock, and Peters families.

GRAHAM. JOHN, Revolutionary War captain. Letter (1778). 1 item. Letter to Captain John Graham from Andrew Taylor concerning temporary discharges of soldiers in Captain Graham's Company in the 4th Ulster County Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Also includes list of soldiers. The reverse side of the document contains what appears to be a company roll call dating from several months prior to the date of the letter.

GRIFFIN, JOSEPH (d. bef. 1792). Statement of Birth (ca. 1750). Undated, handwritten document in Dutch stating the births of Joseph Griffin at New York and his wife Margriet Wieler (Wheeler) at Kinderhook, NY.

GRIFFIN, MEEKER, G., Civil War soldier. Civil War Letters (1861-1862). 7 items. Civil War letters of Union soldier Meeker G. Griffin to family members in the hamlet of Keyserike, town of Rochester, Ulster County, New York. Griffin mustered in Company C of the 56th Regiment of the New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry in 1861 and later transferred to the Navy on December 31, 1863. Griffin's letters discuss two major subjects: station in Washington D.C. from December 1861 to February 1862, and life aboard a gunship on the Mississippi River near Cairo, Illinois from April to November 1862. While at Washington, Griffin writes of visiting the White House and meeting President Lincoln, family news back home, recovering from dysentery, and an accidental death of a soldier in Company H. The letters written from the Mississippi River concern troop movements, payments, Griffin 's work as "messenger boy" and "powder boy", food rations, acquiring boots, and an illness suffered by a John Schoonmaker. There are also brief descriptions of battles experienced while aboard a gunboat. Letters available in online exhibit.

GROEN, WILLIAM MAURIUS, auctioneer. Papers (1795-1796). 3 items. Bond and licenses of auctioneer William Maurius Groen of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

GUE, DAVID, Revolutionary War officer, probably a farmer. Papers (1716-1802). 0.5 cubic feet, 22 items. Deeds and quit-claims between David Gue and the Elting, Deyo, Hasbrouck and LeFevre families of New Paltz in Ulster County, New York. Also, land grant and survey map to Zachariah Hoffman of the town of Shawangunk, 1716.

HAINES, JAMES W. Diaries (1901-1920). 0.17 cubic feet, 8 items. Diaries of James W. Haines and undated volume of clippings about documents and other materials in the Jean Hasbrouck House museum in New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Also, a 6th grade class register and plan book of Ruth Hardenbergh.

HALSTED, THOMAS. Deed (1845). 1 item. Deed for sale of land in the town of Lloyd, Ulster County, New York by Peter Berian (Bereyann) to Thomas Halsted.

HAMMOND, ISAAC N., Civil War soldier. Civil War Collection (1861-1865). Confederate currency and stamps, photograph and memorabilia of the 20th New York State Militia, and furlough of Isaac N. Hammond.

HAMMOND, ISAAC N., shipping merchant. Freight Schedule Book (1883-1885). 2 items. Notebook kept by Isaac N. Hammond, shipping merchant of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, listing railroad and ferry schedules and rates in the Mid-Hudson Valley and throughout New York State. There is also an accompanying form letter by Hammond informing his customers that he has joined and has become an employee of "Mr. J. Parker Heath, dealer in Dry Goods and Notions," 1883.

HAND, IDA E., schoolteacher (1852-1933). Family Papers and Photographs (1857-ca. 1958). .7 cu. ft. Photographs, genealogy, and other items kept by Ida E. Hand, the second wife of Joseph Edwin Hasbrouck (1850-1934) relating to the DuBois, Hasbrouck, Schoonmaker, Elting, Deyo, McKinstry, and other families of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York. Photographs include albumen prints, daguerreotypes, and paper prints and feature Ida Hand, her parents, Jacob S. Hand and Rosetta Rasback, and other relatives, including Bradford Hand DuBois (1852-1920) and Mary Hand DuBois (1821-1895). Many photographs are unidentified. One photograph shows a group of young men from the New Paltz Academy, ca. 1884, others show New Paltz Stone House during the 1950s. Also in the collection are business and greeting cards, and family letters from 1857-1861 discussing farming, schooling, running a store, national politics, and the onset of the Civil War. Other items include an 1874 Teacher's Certificate of Ida E. Hand from the Superintendent of Schools in Somerset County, New Jersey, and correspondence from 1902 discussing a hoax relating to the Cronkite family.

HANFORD, THEOPHILUS (d. 1811). Family Papers (1796-1815). 11 items. Estate inventory of Theophilus Hanford, deceased 1811, of the town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York, and accompanying legal documents, including guardianship papers for his children, who were considered minors at his death. There is also an estate inventory for John Hanmore, 1796-1797.

HARDENBERGH FAMILY. Papers (1775-1859). 26 items. Receipts, bonds, accounts, notes, letters, relating to misc. members of the Hardenbergh and other families of Ulster County, New York. Also, 1775 military appointment of John A. Hardenbergh; Judge's opinion on the settlement of the estate of Johannis Hardenbergh.

HARTMAN, CARRIE EATON. Poem (undated, 20th century). 1 item. Eight-paged genealogical poem by Carrie Eaton Hartman titled "Memories of the past."

HASBROUCK, ABRAHAM (d. 1717), Huguenot immigrant and founder of New Paltz, NY. Receipts (1689, 1703). 2 items. Receipts in French and Dutch, probably from New Paltz or Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

HASBROUCK, ABRAHAM (1707-1791), merchant, store owner, Revolutionary War officer. Diary/Scrapbook (1734-1846). 1 item. Bound volume kept by Abraham Hasbrouck and kept by his descendants containing the history of the Hasbrouck family from 1675-1846, including genealogical information and personality profiles. Also includes newspaper clippings. This diary is transcribed in its entirety in "Earliest Records of the Hasbrouck Family in America, with European background," compiled by Kenneth E. Hasbrouck and published by the Hasbrouck Family Association and Huguenot Historical Society, New Paltz, NY, Inc. (1992).

HASBROUCK, ABRAHAM J. (1773-1845), and JANSEN (1810-1891), shipping merchants, bankers, U.S. congressman. Family Papers (1786-1927). 0.25 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, deeds, mortgages, wills, agreements, receipts, invitations, etc., of Abraham J. Hasbrouck and son Jansen Hasbrouck, and others relating to land and merchant activities at Rondout, Ulster County, NY and family news throughout the county. Some items concern the settlement of the estates of Henry Jansen (1840), Abraham J. Hasbrouck (1845), Jansen Hasbrouck (1891); and Charlotte O. Hasbrouck (1894).

HASBROUCK, ALFRED (1820-1902), physician and amateur artist. Drawings (undated). Approximately 15 items. Prints and photographic reproductions of drawings made by physician Dr. Alfred Hasbrouck of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, chiefly of local historic sites, including the Hasbrouck houses at New Paltz, Guilford, and Newburgh. Other drawings include "Sailing on the St. Lawrence," "Inglenook, Huguenot Island." These reproduced images appeared to have been part of a late 20th century exhibit, which also gives brief biographical information about Dr. Hasbrouck. Also in this collection is a pocket-sized, leather-bound sketchbook probably dating from the late 19th century containing ink drawings of more local historic sites and cartoon images.

HASBROUCK, ALVAH DEYO (1869-1906), engineer and genealogist. Genealogical Notebook and Papers (1890-1898). 1 folder. Genealogical notebook, letters, news clippings and other papers concerning the history of the Hasbrouck family of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Other items include an invitation to the wedding of Beatrice Hasbrouck to John Foale Wadling at Highland, Ulster County, New York, 1890, and advertisements for the Poughkeepsie Cracker Bakery, Brown & Saenger Printers and Binders, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Wm. F. Murphy's Sons Company, Philadelphia, all probably dating from the 1890s.

HASBROUCK, AUGUSTUS (1809-1881), farmer and merchant. Papers (1833-1868). 10 items. Papers of Augustus Hasbrouck of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York and later Bergen County, New Jersey. Items include a certificate of appointment of Hasbrouck to Postmaster at Marbletown, 1833; a document appointing Hasbrouck as guardian of five children, apparently the the heirs of the estate of Cornelius Van Buren of Kingston, Ulster County, New York. 1857; internal revenue license to establish a produce retail business in New York City, with accompanying business cards, 1866; invoice from the Passaic Classical School, 1868; an undated pamphlet from the New Jersey Assembly (No. 188) containing the incorporation papers of "The Rochdale Railroad Company;" and an undated sheet of paper containing what appears to be floor plans to an unidentified building.

HASBROUCK, BENJAMIN (1719-1797). Will (1797). 1 item. Last will and testament of Benjamin Hasbrouck of New Hurley (town of Shawangunk), Ulster County, New York.

HASBROUCK, BENJAMIN. Will and Probate (1811, 1827). 1 item. Will of Benjamin Hasbrouck of the town of New Paltz , Ulster County, New York, written in 1811 and recorded in 1827.

HASBROUCK, CELIA (1843-1929). Papers (1871-1922). App. 35 items. Finding aid available. The collection consists of correspondence, legal papers, news clippings, photographs, and other papers of Celia Hasbrouck of Loch Sheldrake and Hurleyville, Sullivan County, New York and immediate family members relating to family news, estate management, travel, social occasions, and genealogy. More specifically, letters to Celia discuss family news, travel to California, and genealogy (1871-1915); legal papers dating from 1913-1920 concern the settlement of the estates of Celia's immediate family members from 1873-1922; news clippings relate to the sale of the Isaiah Hasbrouck homestead, 1922 and the deaths of Mrs. Floy A. Kinne of Liberty, Sullivan County, New York, 1893 and Benjamin Hasbrouck, also of Liberty, 1896; and photographs show Celia's siblings and other relatives ca. 1870 - ca. 1920. There are also brief financial accounts of Caroline Hasbrouck from May 1873 detailing purchases of kitchen supplies and clothing and a program for a concert held in Liberty in 1899.

HASBROUCK, CLIFFORD, farmer. Diary (1907-1920). 1 item. Daily diary of life at Gardiner, Ulster County, New York. Entries concern weather, family matters, farm life, etc. Mentions Sprague, Miller, Lowe, LeFevre, and Thompson families. Entries scattered, with gaps.

HASBROUCK, DANIEL Isaiah. (1818-1905) JOHNSTON (1854-1945), farmers and horse breeders. Family Papers (1807-1901) 0.2 cubic feet. Letters, receipts, deeds, maps, photographs of Daniel I. Hasbrouck son Johnston Hasbrouck of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York primarily relating to their horse breeding business.

HASBROUCK, DANIEL R. (b. 1824). Papers (1871, 1874). 6 items. Letters testamentary, estate inventory, and other legal documents of Daniel R. Hasbrouck of the town of Lloyd, Ulster County, New York concerning the estates of William Wicklow and Richard E. Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, DUBOIS HOUGHTALING (1825-1865), physician. Physician's Book and Papers (1846-1867). 4 items. Notebook kept by physician DuBois Houghtaling Hasbrouck of Paramus, New Jersey while a student at the University of New York Medical Department from 1846-1847. The book contains notes recorded by Hasbrouck concerning treatments and symptoms of diseases and common ailments, as well as several nonsense drawings and doodlings. The book also functioned as an estate inventory book after his death in 1865. Other items in the collection include his will, also dating from 1865, and a letter to Hasbrouck's father-in-law Calvin Hasbrouck written in 1866 apparently by Hasbrouck's attorney (unidentifiable) concerning the estate settlement, and an 1867 receipt for taxes of Hasbrouck's widow, Mary Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, ELIZABETH WESTBROOK (1791-1864). Family Papers (1790-1898). App. 30 items. Finding aid available. Items include letters of Elizabeth (Eliza) Westbrook, Rachel Hasbrouck, Catherine Hasbrouck, and Margaret Hasbrouck (1810-1856); deeds and other legal documents primarily concerning land in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York of Joseph J. Hasbrouck, Levi Hasbrouck, and Severyn Bruyn (1790-1836); receipt books of J.M. Hasbrouck and Sarah L.F. Hasbrouck (contains recipes); and two invitations mentioning the New Paltz Academy (1875-1880).

HASBROUCK, FRANCES R. (1888- after 1946), pilot. Papers (1940-1949). 0.17 cubic feet. Letters, photographs, business and membership cards, mileage ration stamps, advertisements, recital and church service programs, poems and clippings of Frances R. Hasbrouck, pilot, and her son, World War II Lieutenant Matthew F. Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, FRANCIS (1745-1789). Papers (1773-1818). 21 items. Legal papers, receipts, accounts pertaining to estate of Francis Hasbrouck of Dutchess County, New York. Also includes his will, 1789. Also, military appointment, 1773.

HASBROUCK, GEORGE RANSOME (b. 1872). Family Papers (1841-1932). 5 folders. Letters, photographs, news clippings, genealogy, and other papers largely collected by George Ransome Hasbrouck and other family members of Ravenna, Ohio and Sacramento, California, particularly Hasbrouck's daughters Evelyn (b. 1906) and Jean (b. 1911), his parents Abraham VanGaasbeeck Hasbrouck (1833-1913) and Josephine Miller (1837-1915), and his grandfather, Peter Daniel Hasbrouck (1798-1883). The bulk of the collection, however, dates from the 1880s to the 1910s. Items of interest include a small book kept by Florence A. Miller containing locks of her friends' hair, 1841; photographs of family members, properties, and gravestones, 1860s-1920s, letters to Jean Hasbrouck from Joe B. Wilkinson, a World War I soldier serving in France, 1918; official marriage certificate and wedding album of George R. Hasbrouck and Harriet Henry, 1902; and news clippings of obituaries of family members and other family news, 1880s-1930s.

HASBROUCK, IRA HAIT (1844-1930). Papers (1864-1906). 5 items. Two receipts from Westfield Academy, Connecticut, telegraph message from Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York concerning a vaccination, handwritten essay, "The History of New Paltz", account of work performed by John W. McEntree (1902-1906), and genealogy of John A. Hardenbergh family.

HASBROUCK, ISAAC (1712-1778). Church Pew Subscription (1761). 1 item. Document signed by Isaac Hasbrouck, Gerret Decker, Elias(?) Terwilliger, and Hendrick Van Weyen relating to a subscription for church pew space in the Shawangunk Dutch Reformed Church, Ulster County, New York .

HASBROUCK, ISAAC (1722-1789). Papers (1754, 1770). 4 items. Bonds and deed of Isaac Hasbrouck of the town of Marbletown , Ulster County, Ulster County, New York. Also, Abraham Hasbrouck, Louis Bevier, Levi Pawling, and Wessel Brodhead mentioned.

HASBROUCK, JACOB DUBOIS (1838-1905). Letters written during the Civil War primarily by Jacob to his wife, Rowena Caroline Deyo Hasbrouck. These letters are available online.

HASBROUCK, JACOB L., surgeon. Diploma (ca. 1880s). 1 item. Diploma, written in Latin, concerning the graduation of Jacob. L. Hasbrouck, a surgeon.

HASBROUCK, JAMES S. (1842-1916), Civil War soldier. Papers (1864-1870). 12 items. Civil War letters from James S. Hasbrouck to family chiefly discussing matters of military discharge and payment. Also, marriage certificate of James S. Hasbrouck and Margaretta Deane at Rondout, (city of Kingston), Ulster County, New York (1867).

HASBROUCK, JAN (1911-1983), International journalist. Papers (1911-1979). 2 cu. ft. Finding aid available. Reprints and drafts of professional and personal writings of Jan Hasbrouck concerning international politics and economics, family biography, and pleasure sailing from 1936-1962; letters to his wife, Virginia Field from the 1940s and 1950s; and photographs of Jan throughout his life, his wife, parents, vacations, yacht, and school days (1911-1962). There is also a passport photograph of his wife dating from 1979.

HASBROUCK, JANE (1798-1892). Papers (1815-1854). 32 items. Essays and spiritual resolutions of Jane Hasbrouck while at Litchfield Academy, Litchfield, Connecticut; letters concerning her marriage to Cornelius DeWitt, and school life of her daughter Cornelia at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York; and appointments of Cornelius DeWitt and Lewis B. Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, JOH. Receipt (1679).Receipt for money received by Elizabeth Hall from Joh. Hasbrouck at Kingston apparently relating to land in Hurley held by "Capt. Delanall." This document is written in English but is difficult to read. Some words may be in Dutch.

HASBROUCK, JOHN (1730-1768), farmer. Will. 1 item. Last will and testament of John Hasbrouck of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Mentions Rachel Van Wagenen.

HASBROUCK, JOHN (1806-1879), freed slave, laborer. Account Book (1830-1839). 1 bound volume. Account book kept by John Hasbrouck, born a slave to Jacob Hasbrouck of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, after manumission. The account book primarily records details of payments received by Hasbrouck for labor he performed for local farmers and landowners. Other account books and papers of John Hasbrouck stored at the Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection located at the Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, New York.

HASBROUCK, JOHN EDWARD (1886-1931), World War I officer, engineer, genealogist. Papers (1839-1931). 1 cubic feet. Finding Aid available. Genealogical correspondence, World War I scrapbook and scattered political papers of John Edward Hasbrouck of the city of Rochester, NY. One of the genealogical scrapbooks appears to have been kept by John Whitbeck Hasbrouck (1821-1906).

HASBROUCK, JOHN H. (1820-1885). Canal manager and farmer. Scrapbook (1839-1841). 1 bound volume. One bound volume used as a scrapbook probably kept by John H. Hasbrouck of Robertsonville (town of Liberty ), Sullivan County, New York from 1839 to 1841. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings concerning American politics, international news, ancient and American history, religion, moral advice, and humorous anecdotes. The clippings almost completely cover handwritten mathematical exercises by Elias Hasbrouck, 1814-1815. There is also a photographic postcard showing John E. Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, JOHN WHITBECK (1821-1906), newspaper editor and politician. Papers (1830-1902). 1 folder. Finding Aid available. Correspondence, agreements, invitations, news clippings, and other papers of John Whitbeck Hasbrouck primarily concerning his management of newspapers with Whig Party affiliation in Bloomingburgh, Sullivan County and Middletown, Orange County, New York. The papers reflect the heavily partisan nature of newspaper management during the mid-nineteenth century. Other papers relate to Hasbrouck's involvement with the Young Men's Christian Association (also called Lyceum) and family business.

HASBROUCK, JOHNSTON (1854-1945), farmer and horse breeder. Family Papers (1807-1933) 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available.Letters, receipts, deeds, maps, photographs of Daniel I. Hasbrouck son Johnston Hasbrouck of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York primarily relating to their horse breeding business.

HASBROUCK, JONATHAN (1722-1780), builder of Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh, NY; also merchant, miller, farmer, politician, and Revolutionary War officer. Family Papers (1751-1904). 0.25 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, bonds, receipts, etc., concerning properties of Jonathan Hasbrouck and family in the vicinity of Newburgh, Orange County, New York. Also, bill of sale for a slave. Some records relate to Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site in Newburgh.

HASBROUCK, JOSEPH. Insurance Papers (1845-1855). 5 items. Insurance policies relating to house, barn, and granary of Joseph Hasbrouck of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

HASBROUCK, JOSEPH and JACOB J. Family Papers (1723-1860). 22 items. Letters, receipts, bonds, bills of sale of Joseph Hasbrouck and Jacob J. Hasbrouck, as well as Hardenbergh family. Some items relate to military issues, and slavery. Also, letter from Levi Hasbrouck to Jacob J. Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, JOSEPH OSTERHOUDT (1801-1871), Postmaster; store, mill, and blacksmith shop owner; and weigher and clerk at the Customs House in New York City. Papers (1806-1884). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, account books, receipts, deeds, agreements, ciphering book, and other records chiefly documenting political and business activities of Joseph Osterhoudt Hasbrouck of Tuttletown (town of Gardiner) in Ulster County, New York. Numerous state and national politicians are represented in the correspondence. Most of the legal and financial records concern Hasbrouck's mill, store, and real estate.

HASBROUCK, JOSIAH J. Papers (1866, 1872). 2 items. Marriage certificate between Josiah J. Hasbrouck and Francis Dealia Deyo at the Presbyterian Church of Highland (town of Lloyd ) Ulster County, New York, 1866, and 1872 deed for Church pew at the Dutch Reformed Church at New Paltz, Ulster County, NY.

HASBROUCK, KENNETH E. (1915-1994), genealogist, historian, schoolteacher, and President of the Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz, NY. Also World War II soldier. Family Papers (ca. 1920-ca. 1980). 5 cubic feet. Letters, postcards, greeting cards, photographs, clippings, and receipts of Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, Josiah L. Hasbrouck and family. Many of the letters were written by Kenneth Hasbrouck while a soldier during World War II. This collection also contains memorabilia and ephemera from Kenneth Hasbrouck's high school reunions (New Paltz Central High School).

HASBROUCK, MARIA. Poems (1807). One bound item containing three leaves. Collection of five handwritten poems that appear to have been presented as a gift to Maria Hasbrouck of Kingston on February 17, 1807. The poems include "Forget Me Not," "The Orphan Nose - Gay Girl," "On Hearing a Flute at Night" by Angelina, and an untitled song by "Burns."

HASBROUCK, MARY DICKERSON (1818-1863). Papers (1863-1866). 4 items. Legal papers relating to the estate of Mary Dickerson Hasbrouck of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York, deceased 1863. John J. Monell of Newburgh, Orange County, New York named as executor.

HASBROUCK, PHILIP BEVIER (1825-1906), Bank Director at New Paltz. Papers (1874-1894). 6 items. Photograph, letter, and other papers of Philip Bevier Hasbrouck of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York. Includes two letters from his nephew Brad DuBois, horse breeder of Denver, Colorado (1893-1894); an 1874 letter from Laura Hasbrouck Varick discussing Philip's generous care of her mother, Hylah Bevier Hasbrouck; a part of an historical essay on Ancient Greece, and an unidentified poem on the name Marylin; and a narrative entitled "Big Estate a Myth" concerning a fraudulent rumor of a land claim in Wisconsin. Some items are undated. Other papers relating Philip Bevier Hasbrouck, Laura Hasbrouck Varick, and Hylah Bevier Hasbrouck can be found at Locust Grove in the Locust Lawn Farm Collection.

HASBROUCK, RAYMOND DELANCEY (1871-1926). U.S. Naval officer and genealogist. Papers (1887-1926). 3 cu. ft. Finding aid available. Letters, journals, scrapbooks, photographs, and other records of Raymond Delancey Hasbrouck, U.S. Naval Officer at the turn of the twentieth century providing personal and detailed documentation of U.S. involvement in the (1900-1901), the Atlantic Fleet World Excursion (1907-1909). This collection also contains extensive research notes on Hasbrouck family history and genealogy in both Europe and in America.

HASBROUCK, SEVERYN (1809-1886). Papers (1831-1867). 13 items. Wallet and deeds and receipts of Severyn Hasbrouck of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York detailing transactions in the town of New Paltz and the city of Kingston. Some items also relate to the Wood family.

HASBROUCK, SOLOMON and DANIEL. Deed (1740). 1 item. Deed between Abraham Hasbrouck and Solomon and Daniel Hasbrouck at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

HASBROUCK, WILHELMUS (b. 1775) and MOSES (1807-1886). Family Papers (1753-1897). 0.25 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Records include receipts, deeds, mortgages, notes, bonds, wills, family records, maps, certificates and photographs of the Freer, Hasbrouck and Deyo families of New Paltz, New York. Some records are in Dutch. Also, bill of sale for slave, 1787.

HASBROUCK, WILLIAM CORNELIUS (1800-1870), New York State Speaker of Assembly, lawyer and politician. Family Papers (1776-1967). 2 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Diaries, student-drawn maps, letters, certificates, diplomas, daguerreotypes, photographs, genealogy and memorabilia of the Hasbrouck, Hazard and Roe families of Newburgh, Orange County, New York, specifically William Roe, William C. Hasbrouck, Roe Hasbrouck, and Mary Elizabeth Roe.   

HEGEMAN, JOSEPH. Poor Relief Document (1792) 1 item. Letter from Kings County (court) to the constable of the town of Flatbush informing him that the Ulster County Court in Kingston has reversed an earlier decision involving Joseph Hegeman, a pauper from New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. The court orders that Hegeman be transported to New Paltz and be maintained by the overseers of the poor there.

HEPBURN, JAMES CURTIS, physician. Letter (1848). Letter from James Curtis Hepburn at New York to an unidentified brother offering detailed medical advice for relieving a kidney stone.

HIGGINS, ALLEN. Family Papers (1805-1897). 28 items plus transcripts. Wills, inventories, court summons, deeds, and other papers of Allen Higgins and family of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York and Newburgh, Orange County.

HOES (HOLT) FAMILY. Papers (1847-1854). 14 items. Letters of Peter S., John V.A., and G.F. Hoes (also spelled Holt) discussing a farm in Libertyville, Nebraska, family news, and their late father's estate. Also, tavern license, receipts, and legal document of Thomas M. Hoes of Esopus, New York.

HOORNBECK, JOHANNIS. Deed (1810). 1 item. Quit-claim Deed between Jacob Heermance and Johannis Hoornbeek concerning land in the town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York.

HOPPENSTEDT, SAMUEL, Civil War soldier. Civil War Papers (1863-1865, 1891). 11 items. Civil War letters and discharge and pension papers of Samuel Hoppenstedt of the village of Wallkill (town of Shawangunk), Ulster County, New York, who served in the 156th Regiment of the New York Infantry. The letters were chiefly written to and Abram S. and Mary Schoonmaker of Tuthill (town of Gardiner), Ulster County, New York. Also, discharge papers of James Hoppenstedt.

HOWELL, JOHN B. Family Papers (1816-1904). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Bonds, deeds, mortgages, wills, legal papers, receipts, letters and photographs of the Howell family of the town of Lloyd, Ulster County, New York. Individuals represented include John B. Howell, Phoebe Jane Watkins Howell, Brainard Howell, Mary C. Hasbrouck Howell, Esther Howell and Nelson Horton. Photographs include tintype, albumen, and paper photographic prints of members of the Howell, Hasbrouck, Horton, and Carpenter families. Of interest are photographs of the stone house and garden in New Paltz owned by Theora C. Hasbrouck, the Howell homestead in New Paltz, and an unidentified school house. Also, marriage certificate with photographs of Nelson Horton and Esther Howell (1868), and photograph of Lindsey Howell, Civil War soldier with Company B of the 15th Regiment of New York State Volunteers. Almost all photographs are identified.

HOYSRADT, EMILY DUBOIS, painter. Family Papers and Photographs (1850s-1930s). 1 cu. ft. Property deeds, family photographs, and other items relating to the DuBois and Hoysradt families of Rondout (city of Kingston), Ulster County, New York.

JACOBOWITZ, MEYER. Diary/Account Book (1923-1927). 1 item. Handwritten book containing diary entries and daily financial transactions of Meyer Jacobowitz of Ellenville, Ulster County, New York. Diary portion contains brief daily entries primarily concerning the weather and farm work.

JANSEN, CORNELIUS T. (1748-1796), Revolutionary War officer, city clerk and trustee of Kingston, NY. Family Papers (1735-1856). 0.5 cubic feet. Account books, land surveys, deeds, maps, agreements, receipts, letters, inventories, slave sales, etc., of the Jansen Family of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York, specifically Cornelius T. Jansen, John Morris Jansen, Morris Jansen. Other items include military appointments, muster rolls, company rosters and correspondence primarily relating to the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Other families represented include Hardenbergh, Terwilliger, Bruyn, Smedes, DuBois, and Louw.

JANSEN, HIRAM AND ANNA. (1882). 1 item. Marriage certifcate of Hiram Bevier and Anna Jansen, dated March 15, 1882. It is signed by the Revered, but not by witnesses. Hiram and Anna were married in New Paltz, and resided in Wawarsing. Hiram is the son of Benjamin B. Bevier and Sarah E. Van Wagenen. Anna is the daughter of Moses Jansen.

JANSEN, JOHANNES J. (1771-1847) and AUGUSTUS (1818-1916), military officers. Family Papers (1750-1923). 0.25 cubic feet. Wills, estate inventories, deeds, bonds, accounts, receipts and other records of Johannes J. and Augustus Jansen and other family members of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY. There are also military commissions and correspondence dating from 1812-1844.

JANSEN, JOHN, military officer, War of 1812. Papers (1745-1834). Military commissions, property deeds, financial papers of Col. John Jansen of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. There is also a document concerning a pew subscription with the Shawangunk Reformed Dutch Church, 1834. Other families represented include Decker, Hardenburgh, Hoffman, and Sammons.

JENKINS, LAMBERT. Papers (1871-1908). 8 items. Court records of Lambert Jenkins and Anne B. Innis concerning the estates of Anna Maria Elting and Esther Hasbrouck, apparently of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

JENKINS, RACHEL, schoolteacher. Teacher's Contract (1899). 1 item. Contract between schoolteacher Rachel Jenkins and the Board of Trustees of School District No. 1 in the town of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York to teach public school there for 32 weeks at a weekly compensation of $1.90.

JENKS FAMILY. Papers (ca. 1828-ca. 1932). 3.3 cubic feet. Marriage certificates, pamphlets, photographs, and genealogy of the Jenks, Hasbrouck, DuBois and Bogardus families; and memorabilia and ephemera of the American Red Cross and Long Island College Hospital.

JOHNSTON, JOSEPH HOAG (1844-1864), civil war soldier. Civil War Papers (1855-1936). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Civil War letters between Joseph H. Johnston and family of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York; lists of officers and regiments, certificates, and extracted signatures of officers of the Army of the Potomac. Also, family sympathy cards and clippings, etc.

KIERSTEAD FAMILY. Papers (1732-1885). 1.0 cubic feet. Deeds, poems, student essays and notes, scrapbook, etc., of the Kierstead, Cockburn, DuBois, and Wynkoop families of Saugerties, Ulster County, NY. Also, a handwritten history of Saugerties during the Revolutionary War. Will of John Kiersted (1885) and estate inventory of William Cockburn (1810-1811). Abstract of title including map of the farm of Mary Pidgeon of Saugerties.

KROM, JONATHAN. Family Papers (1804-1837). 0.5 cubic feet. 13 items. Deeds and agreements of Jonathan Krom and his son Jeremiah Krom concerning land in the city of Kingston and the town of Hurley, Ulster County, New York. Hardenbergh, Van Wagenen and Van Keuren families also mentioned.

LATTIN, JONATHAN A. (d. 1826). Papers - PHOTOCOPIES (1821-1827). 2 items. Copies of estate inventory and letters of administration of Jonathan A. Lattin, and deed between Solomon S. Eltinge and Daniel DuBois concerning the estate of Lattin after his death.

LEE, DANIEL and LEWIS. Family Papers (1790-1869). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, quit-claim deeds, bonds and agreements of Daniel and Lewis Lee and family of the town of Minisink, and Holly, Wickham, and Aber families of Goshen, Orange County, New York. Some items concern land in Eckart County, Indiana.

LEFEVRE, DANIEL and NELLIE. Family Papers (1810-1888). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, agreements, receipts, court records, postcards of the LeFevre, Newkirk, Elting and Deyo families of New Paltz, Gardiner, and Ellenville, Ulster County, New York. Of note are New Paltz Academy receipts of Ellen LeFevre and correspondence of Nellie Newkirk. Some items also concern the legal guardianship of Abraham LeFevre.

LEFEVRE, ISAAC (1767-1847), New York State Assemblyman, politician, and surveyor. Papers (1786-1854). 0.33 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, receipts, deeds, agreements, court papers and other records of Isaac LeFevre of the New Paltz and Esopus, Ulster County, New York. Some items relate to land in the town of Wawarsing.

LEFEVRE, JAMES E. Family Papers (1847-1943). 0.33 cubic feet. App. 50 items. Bills, receipts, accounts, mortgages, bonds, deeds, insurance policies, stock certificates, letters, and memorabilia of James E. LeFevre and Catherine J. LeFevre. Some items also relate to the J. O. Tune Candy Company.

LEFEVRE, JOHN, newspaper columnist. Editorials (1976). Newspaper articles of John LeFevre in the Kingston Daily Freeman. Subjects include the oil business in Mexico, church social events, Andrew Snyder, and tenure and union activities of schoolteachers.

LEFEVRE, JONAS N. (d. 1855). Papers (1810-1855). 7 items. Fragment of student workbook (ciphering book) kept by Jonas N. LeFevre and Mariah LeFevre, 1810-1840; receipts for the purchase of wood, 1844; and letters testamentary concerning the death of Jonas N. LeFevre, 1855.

LEFEVRE, JOSIAH PHILIP (1864-1938), farmer. Diary - COPY (1904-1922). 1 item. Daily journal kept by Josiah Philip LeFevre, farmer at New Paltz, New York. Contains brief daily entries concerning the weather, work completed, people and places visited, farming, and local and church events.

LEFEVRE, MARIANNA (ca. 1850-1963). 1.5 cubic feet. Photographs and photograph albums, autograph albums, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, programs, pamphlets, certificates, memorial biographies, greeting cards, financial papers, genealogical notes, and a few family letters and notes primarily pertaining to Mariana LeFevre of the village of Wallkill in Ulster County, New York. Other items pertain to Hamton and Sarah LeFevre, Jennis LeFevre, Catherine LeFevre, Sadie M. LeFevre, Fannie Lockwood, Sadie M.S. Mott, Leslie E. Mott, and Anna C. Brown.

LEFEVRE, PETER (1759-1830) AND JOSIAH P. (b. 1811), politicians, judges, military officers, and farm and mill owners. Peter LeFevre also served twice as New York State Assemblyman. Family Papers (1703-1905). 1.7 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Military certificates, correspondence, muster rolls, etc.; Civil War and family letters, deeds, wills, maps, account books, memorabilia, genealogy, etc., of the LeFevre, Elting, DuBois, and other families of New Paltz, in Ulster County, New York. This collection also holds the letters of Johannes LeFevre, a well-known local Civil War officer who was killed at the Battle of Cedar Creek. Online exhibit available.

LEFEVRE, PETER ELTING (b. 1894), agricultural engineer, farmer, and World War I soldier. Family Papers and Photographs (1833-1966). 0.5 cubic feet. Genealogical correspondence, newspaper clippings photographs, and other records relating to Peter Elting LeFevre and family, and local history. Of interest are Army discharge and enlistment records from World War I, and reprints of articles and lecture advertisement concerning the dairy industry (1929-1941), the will of Josia R. Eltinge (1833), and a Guardianship document relating to Rebecca LeFevre (1851). Photographs include bound and loose daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, carbon or collodion types of the LeFevre, Elting, Deyo, Auchmoody, Coe, and DuBois families.

LEFEVRE, PETER AND RACHEL. Family Papers (1844-1990). Deeds for property in and around New Paltz. Genealogy information of the LeFevre family. Includes photocopy of marriage certificate of Peter LeFevre and Rachel Freer. Photocopy of will of Jane LeFevre, married to Moses P. LeFevre. Letters of recommendation and certificate of appointment for Mary LeFevre as a teacher in the town of Rye, NY circa 1904.  

LEFEVRE, RALPH. Family Papers (1861-1948). Correspondence, school essays, poems, historical and genealogical papers, pamphlets, ephemera and other papers kept by local historian and newspaper editor, Ralph LeFevre, and other family members of New Paltz, Ulster County NY. Of interest are school essays and poems by Jennie LeFevre, 1862-1889, graduation oration by Johannes LeFevre, copied by Jane, 1862, undated travel diary to the American Southwest probably by Ralph LeFevre in the 1860s, and promotional literature for Oliver's Sanitary Housecleaner by James O. LeFevre, New Paltz, NY, 1911.

LEGGET, B.S. Letter (1825). 1 item. Letter from B.S. Leggett of Slaterville, Tompkins County, New York to Solomon E. Elting and wife Maria VerNooy of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York discussing the sale of Elting's farm and problems concerning a lady defaulting on her rent payments.

LIVINGSTON, GILBERT R. (1758-1816). Family Papers (1687-1866). 0.2 cubic feet. Estate inventory book of Gilbert Livingston (1719-1749), will of Martha Livingston (1836), and deeds and survey maps of Gilbert R. Livingston, Robert Gilbert Livingston and other family members relating to property in Dutchess County, New York. Other names mentioned frequently include Petrus and Jeremiah Janse and Hezekiah Rogers.

LIVINGSTON, JOHN H. (1746-1825), minister. Religious Sermon (1784), 1 item. Religious sermon given by Rev. John H. Livingston concerning the Revolutionary War.

LONGEDYKE, CHRISTIAN. Will (1874). 1 item. Last will and testament of Christian Longedyke mentioning property at Kingston and Saugerties, Ulster County, New York, as well as Sullivan County, NY. Winnie family also mentioned.

LOUW, J. CONNER. Marriage Certificate (1885). 1 item. Decorative marriage certificate of Conner J. Louw of Lake Mohonk (New Paltz) and Elizabeth H. McVeigh of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York officiated by Rev. E. C. Ogdel, Pastor of the New Paltz Reformed Church.

LOUW, SOLOMON (1725-ca. 1790), possibly a blacksmith. Estate Inventory (1790). 1 item. Estate Inventory of Solomon Louw, mentions Dan Van Wagenen and Ezekiel Louw.

LOWW, PETER G. Deed - COPY (1780). 1 item. Deed between Jacob Y. Loww and Peter G. Loww concerning property in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York formerly owned by their father Gideon Loww.

LYNCH, GEORGE W. Papers (1822-1835). 3 items. Two letters of George W. Lynch of Tuthill (town of Gardiner), Ulster County, New York relating to the estate of his deceased wife and an account held with the "Ulster County Bank". Also, receipt for pork and fish at Rondout (Kingston), NY.

LYON FAMILY, mill owners and farmers. Papers (1833-1894). app. 30 items. This collection documents the lives of several members of the Lyon and Hasbrouck families of Marbletown, Newburgh, and Auburn, New York during the nineteenth century, including Isaac Lyon (d. ca. 1840), Cyrus Lyon (fl. early 19th century), Halsey W. Lyon (1807-1852), and wife Catherine Ann Hasbrouck (1814-1889). Items include letters, receipts, and legal papers concerning family news, estate management, and legal and financial activities primarily from 1841 to 1873. Items of interest include several letters from 1852 discussing the early death of Halsey W. Lyon, a letter from Cyrus Lyon discussing his teaching career in Hinckley, Ohio, 1852, and letters from William C. Hasbrouck discussing the purchase of the Lyon family farm in Auburn, NY.

MACK, WILLIAM M., farmer. Diary (1890-1898). 1 bound volume. Small pocket diary containing daily handwritten entries by William M. Mack of Dwaarskill (town of Shawangunk), Ulster County, NY concerning the weather, farm chores, and expenses.

MASSEY, NIGEL. Minister, Saint Esprit Church, New York, NY. Collection: Research Papers on Louis Rou, Huguenot Minister, New York - photocopies (1997-1998). Photocopies of research materials compiled by Rev. Nigel Massey of the St. Esprit Church in New York City while in Seminary about Huguenot Minister Louis Rou. Materials include Massey's essay entitled "The Sermons of Louis Rou (ca. 1680-1750): Rector of St. Esprit in the City of New York," untitled printed information about Louis Rou, a copy of a pamphlet entitled "The Lost Manuscript of the Reverend Louis Rou's Critical Remarks upon the Letter to the Craftsman of the Game of Chess written in 1734" (1902), and copies of handwritten sermons in French given by Louis Rou from 1704 to 1743.

MASTEN, BENJAMIN. Receipt (1740). Receipt, written in Dutch, for money in guilders received by Benjamin Masten from Johannes Felten(?): "1740 den 18 agustus dan ontfangen van Yohannes Felten de som van nondert in drietiventig 123/10 gulden ten volle von alle rekeneningh, banyamin masten."

MCGINN, CLARA AGNES (fl. 1890s), probably a teacher. Diploma (1891). Diploma of Clara Agnes McGinn for graduation from the teaching program of the New Paltz Normal School, June 23, 1891.

MERRIT, THOMAS. Articles of Agreement (1827). 2 items. Articles of Agreement of Thomas Merrit conveying lands in the town of Rochester to the Ulster County Board of Supervisors for the purpose of erecting a Poor House there.

MILLER, ETHEL SILKWORTH. Memorabilia Collection (1850-1919). 0.17 cubic feet. Prints, photographs, postcards, clippings and souvenir booklets pertaining to New York City, New Paltz, Albany and Mt. Vernon, New York. Also, small watercolor paintings by Angie E. Badger, and invitations and calling cards of Tracy W. Titus.

MISCELLANEOUS. Mortgages (1834-1878). 0.17 cubic feet. 258 items. Mortgages involving individuals from New Paltz, Ulster County, New York and vicinity. Family names include Roosa, McCourty, DuBois, Atkins, Loveless, Gallager, Deyo, Eillis, Woolsey, Elting, Tenbrouck, Hasbrouck, Sullivan, LeFever, and many others.

MISCELLANEOUS. Receipts (1891, 1893). 6 items. Receipts of R.W. Van Wagenen, A.J. Steen, and George B. Elting for building supplies, groceries, and oils purchased at Kingston and Rosendale, Ulster County, New York

MISCELLANEOUS. Papers (1734-1836). 4 items. Miscellaneous papers relating to Ulster County, including a bill of sale for sloop of Hendrick Van Ness, (1734), letter of James Alexander and John Sprat concerning Paltz and Proovost patents (1744), an unidentified will (1741), and a certificate of appointment of Jacob Dillon to the Kingston Hook & Ladder Company (1836).

MISCELLANEOUS. Deeds (1744-1826). 9 items. Deeds of the Terpenning, Clearwater, Bevier, Freer, Thompkins, Hasbrouck, Weist, McBride, Wurtz, and Bogardus families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.

NEIL, ARTHUR H. Letters (1863-1880). 5 items. Letters written to Arthur Neil of Ohioville (New Paltz), Ulster County, New York, some from unnamed son concerning the Civil War.

NEWKIRK, H. Invitation (1846). 1 item. Invitation to H. Newkirk to attend a "Cotillon Party, at the house of Joel Green, in Athens " (New York State) in 1846.

NICHOLS, CYNTHIA S. Family Papers (1846-1867). 0.5 cubic feet. Letters, receipts, accounts, and financial correspondence of the Nichols family of New Windsor, Orange County, New York. Some items concern the city of Newburgh, Orange County, and the city of Binghamton, Broome County, New York. Also, store inventories, and letters and other items concerning the Civil War.

OLNEY, JAMES B., lawyer. Letter (1883). 1 item. Letter from James B. Olney, lawyer at Catskill, Greene County, New York to an unidentified recipient concerning a divorce in the Coutant family.

OSTRANDER FAMILY. Papers (1828-1915). 18 items. Letters, invitations, photographs and postcards of the Ostrander family of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York. Also, letters testamentary of Sarah Ostrander, 1881, marriage announcement of Daniel Fowler and Kate Garrison, and student notebook of Mary LeFevre. Some letters relate to the Tillman family. The postcards show scenes of unidentified houses and farms in Plattekill and Shawangunk.

OSTRANDER, JOHN D., and IVAN. Family Papers (1883-1966). App. 25 items. Diaries of John D. Ostrander, farmer of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York (1883, 1885); news clippings and obituaries of Lida and Ivan Ostrander; photographs of the family farm at New Paltz and family members; and wedding invitation (1897). Also, deeds and survey map of Ivan T. Ostrander dating from the 1950's concerning land in the town of Gardiner, Ulster County, NY.

OSTRANDER, WILHELMUS. Account Book and Family Record (1734-1818) 1 item. Account book of Wilhelmus Ostrander of the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York, documenting financial transactions from 1795-1815. Also, family record written in Dutch containing accounts of the births and marriage of Wilhelmus Ostrander and Sarah Relyea, and the births of their children (1743-1818).

OVERBAUGH FAMILY. Papers (1831-1861). 4 items. Deed and letter of New York State Assemblyman John V. L. Overbaugh of Ulster, Ulster County, New York; and receipts of P. J. Overbaugh for domestic goods at Kingston and Rondout, Ulster County, New York.

PALMER, B. R. Letters (1848-1856). 12 items. Detailed letters by B. R. Palmer to family members (presumably living in Ulster County) while away at schools in Washington D. C. and Providence, RI(?).

PECK, MARY LEFEVRE (1823-1886). 4 items. Military order dated 1823 to Moses Lefever raising him to the rank of sergeant under the command of Richard Hardenbergh in the 92nd regiment 34th brigades, and 5th division of infantry, written by Colonel Daniel LeFever in New Paltz. Travel diary/account book of Moses P. LeFever (1801-1892). Account book portion of book mentions several names around town, includes "Rachel Ann" who is an African American and does work for Moses on occasion. A letter from John Hardenburgh of California to his brother Rutsen of Hasbrouck, Sullivan County, dated Nov 16, 1850. Letter dated May 13, 1886, written by Mary Lefever at age six to her father.

PERKINS, EBENEZER (1740-1799), blacksmith. Family Papers (1783-1959). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, bonds, wills, agreements, insurance policies, burial records, letters; receipts, membership cards; photographs, genealogy, and etc., of the Perkins and Martin families of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Of note is the will of Ebenezer Perkins, blacksmith at New Paltz. Other families mentioned include Ball, Bevier, DuBois, Ransom, and Young.

PIPER, HERBERT. Collection (1834-1924). 22 items. Handwritten manuscripts and letters concerning the genealogy of the Hasbrouck, Elting, DuBois, Cantine, and Kip families. Also, certificates of membership of various Hasbrouck women to the Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Dutch Church.

PLANK, ELIZABETH (1897-1984). Civil War Collection (1859-1862). 4 items. Quarterly return of clothing and equipment of the 2nd Infantry AAJM at New York City, 1859; Quartermaster's Store Inventory at Monroe, LA, 1862; and two reports concerning the capture of Capt. Joseph Conrad's Company at the Battle of Dry Fork, 1861.

PURDY, ELIZABETH. Papers (1820-1831) - mixed original and copies. 8 items. Legal papers kept by Elizabeth Purdy concerning the settlement of the estates of Elisha Purdy, 1820-1821, Nathaniel Purdy, 1828-1829, and Sylvanus Purdy, 1831.

RADEKER, HALSEY, MRS. Diary (1895-1899). 1 bound volume. Diary kept by Mrs. Halsey Radeker, at Sherwood Corners, (town of Lloyd), Ulster County, New York from 1895-1899, containing brief entries concerning weather, visits to family and friends, household chores, farm work, etc.

RANSOM, GRIFFIN. Deed (1802). 1 item. Deed transferring title of land in New Paltz from Jonathan and Jane Prester to Griffin and Sarah Ransom. Mentions house and out-buildings.

RELYEA, CORNELIA WURTZ. Papers (1907-1929). 9 items. Papers relating to Cornelia Wurtz and her husband, Daniel Bevier Relyea, probably kept by their son, John Wurtz, Relyea. Items include the couple's marriage certificate, 1907, John Wurtz Relyea's baptismal certificate, 1908, an obituary clipping for Daniel Bevier Relyea, 1929, and genealogical notes on the Wurtz family, possibly kept by John S. Wurtz.

RHOADS, WILLIAM EMERY. Articles of Agreement (1853). 1 item. Agreement between William Emery Rhoads and William S. Clark concerning the sale of a gristmill in Marlborough, Ulster County, New York and a bond of mortgage payment made to Peter V. B. Fowler.

ROBERTS, WILLIAM BENJAMIN. Family Papers (1831-1901). 0.25 cubic feet.

ROOS, JOHN B. Letters (1864, 1867). 2 items. Letters from John B. Roos and and H.H. Roos of Chenango Forks, Broome County, New York to their cousin Nathaniel Roos discussing family news and the funeral of Captain Harman Terwilliger.

ROOSA, LUCAS J. Civil War Letters (1862-1863). 3 items. Civil War letters written by Union soldiers Daniel D. Smith, Henry G. Wager, and George Sharp to Lucas J. Roosa of Stone Ridge, Ulster County, New York.

RUSSEL, LILLIAN, schoolteacher. Diary (1885). 1 item. Daily diary kept by schoolteacher Lillian Russel at Rondout (Kingston ), Ulster County, New York, chiefly concerning school matters (attendance, work assigned, expenses, etc.), the weather, and church and social events.

RUTSEN, JACOB. Articles of Agreement (1741). 1 item. Articles of Agreement between Jacob Rutsen of the town of Rosendale, Ulster County, New York, and Gerardus Hardenbergh and Charles Brodhed (presumably also of Rosendale) relating to the estate of Jacob Rutsen.

SCHOONMAKER, ALIDA MARY, COUNTESS VON KROCKOW (1856-1940), writer and feminist. Papers (1874-1894). 0.17 cubic feet. Correspondence and handwritten literary manuscripts of Alida Mary Schoonmaker of Saugerties, Ulster County, New York, attended the Empress Augusta Institute in Berlin and later studied in Dresden and Venice. In 1883 she married Karl Johann Reinhold von der Wickerau, Count von Krockow, who died in 1901.

SCHOONMAKER, EDMUND. Marriage Certificate (1902). 1 item. Decorative marriage certificate of Edmund Schoonmaker and Katie J. S. Deyo, both of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, officiated by Rev. Ame Venema of the New Paltz Reformed Church. Solomon Schoonmaker and Hiram Deyo signed as witnesses. The certificate includes inserted photographs of the groom, bride, and pastor, but the photograph of the bride has separated from the document and is stored in a separate envelope within the folder.

SCHOONMAKER, EFFIE. Family Papers (ca. 1850-1974). 0.5 cubic feet. Agreements, Civil War military orders, pension papers, caricatures, scrapbooks, autograph albums, certificates, genealogies and photographs of the Schoonmaker, Lawes, Lauder, and Hoerner families of Monmouth, Illinois.

SCHOONMAKER, JACOB G. Family Deeds (1860-1880). 4 items. Deeds of Jacob G. and Harriet Schoonmaker, Cornelius K. and Rachel Schoonmaker, John H. and Elizabeth DeWitt, and George G. Schoonmaker for land in the town of Rochester, Ulster County, New York.

SCHOONMAKER, RICHARD ABIJAN. Papers (1891 and undated). 5 items. Letter and article about placing historical markers at Gettysburg (U.S. Senate Bill 2188). Also, two poems and one short story of Richard A. Schoonmaker: "In Memory of My Fallen Comrades, "Pork & Beans," and "Dream of My Life, or Excessive Prigation."

SCHOONMAKER, SELAH (1854-1939), farmer and horse trader. Family Papers (1841-1917). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Diaries, family letters, and legal correspondence of Selah Schoonmaker of Libertyville (towns of Gardiner and New Paltz), Ulster County, New York, and other members of the Schoonmaker and DuBois families. Some items concern William DuBois, Schoonmaker, raiser of livestock in Mira, Nebraska. Also, and military papers pertaining to Peter W. DuBois (1819-1896) and Jonathan Deyo DuBois 1808-1870).

SCHUTT FAMILY. Diary and Photographs (1863-1864). 3 items. Two encased photographs (one daguerreotype and one ambrotype), one of an unidentified teenage boy and the other of an unidentified young man in Civil War uniform; and a small diary with brief daily entries written by a Civil War soldier, presumably George Washington Schutt or Edward Theodore Schutt discussing local and family news at Kingston and Saugerties in Ulster County, NY, picket duty, visits to Civil War physicians, military ceremonies, battles, drills, and church services. Also in the diary are food recipes and receipts probably written by Mrs. Catharine Schutt.

SEVERS FAMILY. Papers (1714-1893). App. 45 items. Letters, accounts, bonds, historical and creative writings, etc., of the Sever family of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Kingston, Ulster County, New York: Nicholas, William, Charles, William R., and Ann Warren Severs. Items from 1877-1887 chiefly concern a portrait of Miles Standish.

SEWARD, WILLIAM HENRY (1801-1872), U.S. Secretary of State, Governor of New York State, and lawyer. Letters (1840-1842). 4 items. Finding aid available. Four letters written from William Henry Seward to Dr. Sydney A. Doane, M.D. in New York City while Seward was governor of New York State. Issues discussed in the letters include a nomination of Dr. McNeven to Resident Physician (1840), a post that Dr. Doane obviously wanted for himself, and a quarantine on Staten Island. Transcriptions of the letters are available upon request.

SHARPE, CHARLES W., machinist, Civil War soldier. Papers (1862, 1866). 3 items. Letter of recommendation written for Charles W. Sharp, machinist, at Napanoch, Ulster County, New York, military appointment and discharge of Charles Sharpe in the 156th and 178th Regiments of Infantry in the Volunteer Militia of the State of New York.

SHEPMOES, ANDREW E., schoolteacher. Papers (1835-1852). 3 cubic feet. Certificate of Merit, and two letters of recommendation of schoolteacher Andrew E. Shepmoes in Rondout, Chemung, and Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

SHIRLEY, CORNELIA D., schoolteacher. Classroom Lesson Plan Books (1933, 1935). 2 items. Daily plan books of schoolteacher Cornelia D. Shirley at "Ohioville School" at New Paltz, Ulster County, NY. Includes lesson plans and daily routines for second and third grades.

SIGNER, JACOB J. Letter (1846). 1 item. Letter from Jacob J. Signer at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York to James Hasbrouck at New York City discussing the post office at High Falls (town of Marbletown), Ulster County.

SIMMONDS, CLAUDE. Family Papers (ca. 1850-1946). 2 cubic feet. 5 boxes. Personal and family correspondence, pamphlets, child's artwork, autograph books, photographs and albums, greeting cards, books, scrapbooks, and stamp collection of Claude E. Simmonds of Newport Centre, MA, and other members of the Simmonds, Freer, and Woolsey families. Also, travel diary kept by Mary C. Freer Woolsey. Photographs consist of a red velour album and loose daguerreotype, ambrotype, tintype, and paper photographic prints, postcards, and negatives chiefly of members and homes of the Freer, Simmonds, Hanna, Allen, Rohr, and Bunce families during the mid-late 19th century. Items of interest include a postcard of a stone house at Napanoch, Ulster County, NY owned by John C. Hoornbeck, which is believed to be the site of the fort used by the Esopus Indians during the 17th century Esopus Wars; and photographs of World War I soldier Nesbit E. Simmonds (1892-1962), Algernon Nelson Simmonds and Claude E. Simmonds throughout their lifetimes, a meat market at Grass Lake, Michigan owned by William Simmonds; and of James H. Fraer, Jr. (1838-1916) showing a very good street view of Marietta, Oklahoma, a typical western frontier town. Other persons and localities mentioned include Charlotte Rohr Freer (1888-1915), Kimball Smith, Jackson, Wayne, and Detroit, Michigan, and Chautauqua, New York.

SIMPSON, VINCENT HAROLD (b. 1913). Affidavits of Birth (1928-1929). 6 items. Typewritten affidavits from 1928 and 1929 signed by various family members of Vincent Harold Simpson confirming his birth and baptism in West Park (town of Esopus), Ulster County, New York in 1913.

SLOTT, JOHN. Receipts (1773-1812). 28 items. Receipts of John Slott and his son David Slott of Ulster County, New York, concerning mortgages and various accounts, some with the Ulster County Loans Office. Other surnames include DuBois, Hasbrouck, Brodhead, Colden, and Hudson.

SMEDES, JOSIAH (1829-1872). Marriage Certificate (1858). 1 item. Marriage certificate of Josiah Smedes (1829-1872) and Mary Deyo (1833-1864) given by Rev. Stitt of the New Paltz Reformed Dutch Church, January 28, 1858, witnessed by Jonathan Deyo and Matthew Smedes.

SMEDES, MATTHEW. Receipts (1800-1820). 18 items. Receipts and notes of Matthew Smedes and estate concerning bonds, mortgages, sale of farm, and lawsuit between Smedes and Johannis Bruyn. Others names include John Jansen, Josiah Hasbrouck, Jacob Van Steenbergh, William Tremper, Jacob Burhans.

SMILEY, M.E. Letter (1874). 1 item. Letter from M.E. Smiley of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York written on "Lake Mohonk House" letterhead to Mr. Hasbrouck concerning deliveries of syrup, cornmeal and oyster crackers.

SMITH, JAREMIAH. Slave Purchase (1764). 1 item. Purchase of slave woman and child by Jaremiah Smith of Goshen, Orange County, New York from James McClister of Hartford County, Connecticut.

SMITH, JOHN. Papers (1743-1767). 11 items. Deeds, leases, and other agreements of John Smith concerning land in Ulster County, New York. William Smith, Robert Smith, Stephen DuBlois, Simon Johnson and Abraham Hasbrouck also mentioned. Of note is the will of John Smith (1767).

SNYDER, ANDREW J., cement manufacturing company owner. Family Papers (1811-1960). 0.5 cubic feet. Correspondence, news clippings, bank books, common sense reminder books, diaries, political materials, photographs, daguerreotypes, receipts, and other materials of Andrew J. Snyder, Cement Manufacturer of Rosendale, Ulster County, New York. Materials relate to labor disputes, the coal and cement industries, and Snyder's family and horses. Of interest are an 1811 letter of Andrew Snyder, a letter of Henry Snyder (1828) and Andrew J. Snyder's passport from 1964.

SOPER, WILLIAM. Letter (1843), 1 item. Letter from William Soper at Albany, New York to D. W. Woolsey of Milton (town of Marlborough), Ulster County, New York briefly discussing an unidentified political or judicial appointment in association with W. Deyo, the "common pleas" bill, and steamboat travel.

STEVENS, PLOWDON. Collection (1845-1938). 0.5 cubic feet. Miscellaneous family papers and memorabilia including deeds and leases; the will of Laura T. Hasbrouck Varick, 1905; New Paltz Normal School publications; genealogical notes on the Radcliff, Decker, Stevens, and Varick families; and photographs and postcards of Catskill and New England scenes.

STILLWELL/JOHNSON. Papers (1789-1943). 1.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, wills deeds, leases, certificates, photographs, daguerreotypes, poems, essays, religious sermons, speeches, an account book, genealogy notebooks, and scrapbooks of the Johnson and Stillwell families of Somerville, Princeton and Bergen Neck, New Jersey. Individuals chiefly represented in the collection include Dr. William Johnson of Princeton; Rev. Aaron L. Stillwell (d. 1905) of Bergen Neck; and Rev. John L. Stillwell (d. 1943) of Somerville.

STREETER, MARY ELMA FREAR (1838-1917). Family Papers and Photographs (1892-1934). 17 items. Photographs and obituary notices relating to the Frear and Streeter families of eastern Pennsylvania (towns of Eaton, Factoryville, etc.). In addition to Mary Elma Frear (married William Franklin Streeter (1834-1914), individuals represented include the children of Rev. William Frear (1792-1874), Edrich Frear (1820-1906), Rev. George Frear (1831-1894), Sarah Frear (1824-1914), and Emma Aline Mead Frear (d. 1908). There is also a memorial pamphlet for James Frear (1822-1892).

SUTHERLAND, GRACE W., student. Student Notebooks (1885). 2 items. Two notebooks, grammar and penmanship, of Grace W. Sutherland while a student at State Normal School at Albany, New York.

S--D, A. W. Letter (1795). 1 item. Four-page letter written by A.W.S--d (surname illegible) of Kingston, Ulster County, New York to W. Maxwell in which the author offers a lengthy criticism of the ill treatment of the state's Tories during the American Revolution. A land grant to W. W. Douglas at Schenectady and the death of Col. Campbell Glendarwall are also mentioned.

TAPPAN, JOHN BUTLER COLES, lawyer. Family Papers (1790-1932). 0.5 cubic feet. Account books, letters, wills, genealogy, photographs, certificates and diplomas, and pamphlets belonging to the Tappan family of New York City, specifically John Butler Coles Tappan. Of note are letters discussing the benefits of a vegetarian diet, Tappan's law certificates and recommendations, the will of Sarah Crispell, 1816, and two account books. probably belonging to Christopher Tappan (1790-1807 and undated)

TENURE, HENRICK. Deed (1767). 1 item. Deed from Abraham Blauvelt to Henrick Tenure concerning land in Clarkstown, Orange County, New York.

TERWILLIGER, BYRON J. Schoolteacher and local historian. Papers and Photographs (1872-1950s). 1.5 cu. ft. Photographs, handwritten notebooks, and other miscellaneous papers primarily concerning his historical research studies on Ulster County, New York, particularly on the subjects of burial grounds and the Revolutionary War. Some of the notebooks also contain notes taken by Terwilliger on American history, English grammar, Latin, and other subjects during his career as a schoolteacher. The photographs mostly consist of mid-20th century matted reprints of late 19th and 20th century photographs, although there are some original albumen prints as well, of New Paltz area buildings, views, churches, dams, bridges, and other structures and organizations. Items of interest include two photographs of students of area schoolteachers Byron Terwilliger and Cornelia Terwilliger, and of a class at Kettleborough School in the town of Gardiner, and the farm of Josiah P. LeFevre that shows a black woman identified as Phoebe. The collection also includes three ration stamp booklets kept by Terwilliger during World War II.

TERWILLIGER, DANIEL C. Marriage Certificate (1866). 1 item. Marriage certificate of Daniel C. Terwilliger and Emilie A. Sprague at Plattekill, Ulster County, New York by Rev. Peltz of the New Paltz Reformed Church.

TERWILLIGER HARAMANIS (d. 1835). Will (1835). 1 item. Will and probate of Haramanis Terwilliger of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York; Harmon and Abraham Terwilliger, executors.

TERWILLIGER, HIRAM H. Civil War soldier. Civil War Picket Pass (1864). 1 item. "Guard & Pickets Pass" issued to Hiram H. Terwilliger by the Headquarters Provost Marshal General at Alexandria, Virginia on May 5, 1864, expiring May 8.

TERWILLIGER, SUSIE. Herbarium (1898). 1 item. "Herbarium and Plant Descriptions," written by Edward T. Nelson, published by Allyn and Bacon, Boston, 1895, used by Susie Terwilliger in 1898 to keep detailed handwritten notes about various plants and flowers, accompanied by pressed examples of the specimens.

TEBANIN, JEAN (d. ca. 1730), schoolteacher. Papers (1700-1730). 3 items. Two wills of Jean Tebanin, early schoolmaster at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. There is also a 1700 letter of recommendation for Jean Tebanin as schoolmaster signed by Rev. Bonrepos, Jean Hasbrouck, and Louis Bevier. All items are in French. Translations are available upon request.

THOMPSON, ELLIOT. Letter (1861). 1 item. Letter from Elliot Thompson at Esopus, Ulster County, New York to an unidentified daughter discussing a physical confrontation between A. O. Winfield and Israel Delemeter over a church dispute, and general news about family and friends.

TILLSON, OLIVER J. (1831-1895), cartographer and farmer. Papers (1787-1899). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Deeds, wills, bonds, maps, mortgages, notes, court records, letters, receipts, and photographs of the Tillson, Woodmanse, LeFevre, Krom families of the towns of Rosendale and Hurley, Ulster County, New York. Some items concern the map publishing business. (See also: Map Collection).

TUCKER, EVAN. Deed (1881). 1 item. Deed of Evan Tucker for a plot in the Lloyd Rural Cemetery, Ulster County, New York.

UNIDENTIFIED. Account Book (1811-1858). 1 item. Unidentified account book containing credit and debit records concerning furniture and repairs, domestic goods, textiles, estate settlements, and labor. Surnames include DuBois, Hasbrouck, Terwilliger, Strong, Bruyn, Baird, Ostrander, Masten, and others.

UNIDENTIFIED. Account Book (1897-1907) 1 item. Account book detailing purchases of domestic goods in the towns of New Paltz, Rosendale, and Kingston, Ulster County, and the city of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. The book also contains entries regarding payments for farm labor, and weather records. Names mentioned include Smith, Schoonmaker, Donaldson, and Benjamin.

UNIDENTIFIED. Child's Writing (1902). 1 item. Handwritten note written in pink marker: "If thirteen will in silence assemble in the East cellar of the Old Fort [DuBois Fort, New Paltz, NY] I will deliver a message for centuries buried. Signed in blood A Voice from the tomb."

UNIDENTIFIED. Hudson-Fulton Celebration Scrapbook (1909). 0.17 cubic feet. 1 item. Bound scrapbook containing newspaper clippings about the history of the Hudson River and Valley Region and the Hudson-Fulton Historical Celebration at Newburgh, Orange County, New York in 1909.

UNIDENTIFIED. Letter (1722). 1 item. Letter from an unidentified author to his or her parents written in Dutch concerning the theology of baptism and circumcision. Translation available upon request.

UNIDENTIFIED. Notebook on Ulster County History (Undated, ca. 1880). 1 item. Notebook containing local history information on Ulster County, New York: lists of public officials, Revolutionary War, Esopus Indian Wars, and notes on local churches, schools, newspapers events, etc.

UNIDENTIFIED FARMER. Account Book (1895-1905). 1 item. Ledger containing running accounts of transactions for labor, house rent, and domestic goods and farm supplies. Probably used at New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Includes name index. Ackert, Brodhead, Deyo, Decker, Ean, LeFevre, Morey, and other families mentioned.

UNIDENTIFIED FARMER. Account Book (1917-1920). Farmer's Daybook containing entries for financial transactions involving farm labor, electricity, household supplies, etc. Deyo, DuBois, Doyle, LaForge, Minard and other families mentioned. Some entries concern Ulster County Fair.

UNIDENTIFIED FARMER. Account Book/Diary (1876-1882). Diary logging day to day activities of unknown family. Has some accounting. Loose papers include poem by Margaret DuBois written in 1857, note from Mrs. Elting Deyo dated 1880 inviting Mary and Josiah to dinner, and a page from a store account book dated 1880. Possibly from Kettleboro area.

UNIDENTIFIED MOTHER. Letter (1861). 1 item. Letter from an unidentified mother at Kingston, Ulster County, New York to her son named "Chiss" at Newburgh, Orange County, New York discussing family news. The steamboat "Mary Powell" is also briefly mentioned.

UNIDENTIFIED STUDENT. Essay (ca. 1860s). 1 item. Handwritten 20-paged school essay on the subject of "imagination."

URION, HARRIET BEVIER (1841-1909). Papers (1883-1903). 0.33 cubic feet, 6 items. Finding aid available. Autograph, poetry and prayer books, a photograph album and one letter in French of by Harriet A. Bevier Urion and her daughter Zilla Urion.

VAN BRAMER, PETER. Letter (1852). 1 item. Letter from Peter Van Bramer at Kiskatoon, Greene County, New York to Thomas H. Holt discussing a delivery of sixty barrels of cider to the town of Catskill.

VAN DEN BERG, LAWRENCE HOFFMAN. Memoriam (1943). 1 item. Memoriam booklet dedicated to Lawrence Hoffman Van Den Berg and his wife Clara Vyn by Reverence Gerret J. Wullshledger of the New Paltz Reformed Church.

VANDERLYN, PIETER (1687-1778), limner and voorlezer. Hymn (ca. 1740). 1 item. One hymn, handwritten, of music and eleven stanzas of text in Dutch entitled "O Heylige, drie-enig Godt" written by Pieter Vanderlyn, noted Hudson Valley limner. It is not certain whether or not Vanderlyn composed the text or music or copied them from another source.

VAN KEUREN, MRS. L. Audubon Society Membership Certificate (1887). 1 item. Certificate of Membership to the Audubon Society for the Protection of American Birds of Mrs. L. Van Keuren of Pine Bush, New York.

VAN SICKLE, CORNELIUS DEYO. Papers (1882, 1891). 2 items. Last will and testament of Cornelius Deyo Van Sickle of Hurley, Ulster County, New York (1882); and agreement between Executor Samuel Ten Eyck and Caroline Friedel of Rosendale concerning Van Sickle's estate.

VANDERMARK, ANDREW. Papers (1880). 3 items. Letters Testamentary, subpoena and bill concerning Andrew Vandermark estate at Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. Names mentioned include Gilbert Van Leuven, Dr. George Chambers, and Hiram and Josiah Vandermark.

VERNOOY FAMILY, farm and mill owners. Papers (1694-1870). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Wills, estate inventories, deeds, agreements, survey maps, bonds, receipts, letters, and other records of the VerNooy family, early settlers and millers in the towns of Wawarsing and Rochester, Ulster County, New York. Other families represented include Bevier, DuBois, Hardenbergh, Louw, Sluyter and Wood. Some items in Dutch.

VREELAND, JACOB (b. 1817), physician. Family Papers (1822-1904). 1 cubic feet. Deeds, agreements, leases, wills, court records, letters, account books, receipts, photographs, invitations, business cards, etc., of Dr. Jacob Vreeland and family of Ulster County, New York. Items also concern the D&H Canal, and Schoonmaker and Storry families.

WADLIN, BEATRICE. Collection (1773-1910). 0.25 cubic feet. Deeds, bonds, agreements, and receipts of the Hasbrouck, Elting, LeFevre families of New Paltz and Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Schoonmaker, Deyo, Woolsey, DuBois and Hoornbeck families also represented. Some items pertain to the Ashokan Reservoir.

WARING, THOMAS C., Civil War officer. Civil War Discharge Letter (1864). 1 item. Letter written by Major J.K. Stearns discharging Corporal Thomas C. Waring from military service in Batterby's Company B of the First Regiment of the New York Calvary in 1864. Letter includes personal information and physical description of Waring.

WESTBROOK, SIMON S., Ulster County Sheriff. Receipts (1859-1880). 12 items. Receipts of Ulster County Sheriff Simon S. Westbrook for wood, domestic goods, furniture repair, veterinary care, and ice, etc., at Kingston and Rondout, Ulster County, New York. Also, advertisement for H. Westbrook of the New York Press Company.

WHEELER FAMILY. Papers (1815-1835). 9 items. Receipts, letters and court records of Bailey Wheeler primarily concerning a chancery suit between Susannah and Dimond Wheeler of New York City.

WHITLEY, HELEN DUBOIS. Family Papers and Photographs (1838 - ca. 1930). 18 items. Marriage certificate of Abraham Whitley and Henrietta Bedele from the Reformed Dutch Church at Staten Island, 1839, and portrait photographs of various family members of the DuBois, Knowles, and Norris families from the 1850s to the 1930s.

WIGRAM, JOHN. Receipts (1797-1799). 3 items. Three receipts of John Wigram for domestic goods such as tobacco, liquor, oats, wheat, etc., and blacksmithing work.

WILLIAMS, FREDERICK. Huguenot Research Collection. 0.33 cubic feet. Research notes compiled by Frederick Williams concerning the Reformation and the French Wars of Religion. Also includes copies of documents.

WINDFIELD FAMILY. Papers (1732-1811). 11 items. Deeds of the Windfield family for land in New Paltz and Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Also, will of Daniel Windfield, 1746. Others represented in the papers are John Hardenbergh, Johannis Bruyn, James A. Graham, Robert Graham, and Selah Tuthill.

WURTZ, MATHUSALEM (1806-1887). Family Papers (1802-1913). 0.2 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Letters, wills, deeds, agreements, photographs, daguerreotypes, receipts, and death notices of the Wurtz and DuBois families of New Paltz and Rosendale, Ulster County, New York. Some items concern land in Wayne and Chemung Counties, New York.

YATES, PETER W. Lawyer. Letter (ca. 1800). 1 item. Letter written by attorney Peter W. Yates to "Coll. Cantine" discussing the settlement the estate of a "Mr. DuBois," deceased.

YELVERTON, CATHERINE. Bond of Servitude (1821). 1 item. Indenture written by Overseers of the Poor of the Town of New Paltz, Ulster County New York binding an eight year-old girl named Catherine Yelverton to Philip Buckhout, farmer of New Paltz. The terms of the contract state that Catherine Yelverton will serve Buckhout until aged eighteen, "During which time the said girl, hur said Master faithfully Shall Serve his Secrets keep and his lawful commands obey, She Shall Do no Damage to hur Master nor See it Done by others without giving him notice thereof." In return Buckhout agreed to "teach and instruct the said girl in the art of good hous keeping", and provide here with "Sufficient meat, Drink, apparel, lodging, washing, and all necessary accomodations for a Servant girl, that he will Cause hur to be instructed to read and write, and at the expiration of the Said term give the said girl Duble apparel and one new Bible [which would be] Chargeable to the Said Town."

YEOMANS, MARY H. Letters (1850-1860). 3 items. Letters written to Mary H. and Ira Yeoman from relatives W. Myron Yeoman, Sarah W. Haight at Skaneateles, New York, and Edith Yeomans of "Bern," primarily discussing family news (births, illnesses, visits, etc.)

YORK, LEWIS, JR. Story "The Forest Chums of Canada" (undated, 19th century). 1 item. Bound volume containing handwritten story, "The Forest Chums in Canada, Part II, Chapter VIII: The Chums Encounter with a Grizzly" by Lewis York, Jr., probably written while a young adolescent.