Hendricus DuBois Family Papers (1702-1927)

Finding Aid Completed by Eric Roth, October 8, 1999
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Volume: 0.85 cu. ft.
Acquisition: Unknown. The papers were found in the basement of the Jean Hasbrouck House in February, 1998. The papers may have come to the Huguenot Historical Society when it purchased the Dubois Fort in 1968. Other papers were found mixed in with the Bruyn Collection.
Access: Unrestricted. Selected items available to view online via Hudson River Valley Heritage.
Copyright: Request for permission to publish materials from these records should be discussed with the Archivist and Director of the Huguenot Historical Society.

Special thanks to Byron Preston for his assistance in processing the collection.

Biographical Note

The collection primarily documents the lives of the following individuals: Hendricus DuBois (1710-1780), his sons Hendricus (1743-1784) and Mathusalem (1751-1829), and Mathusalem's son Philip DuBois (1785-1857).

Hendricus DuBois (C-77) [1] was born on August 1, 1710 to Solomon DuBois and Tryntje Gerritsen and baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church at Kingston, NY. On May 6, 1733 he married Jannetje Hooghteeling, by whom he had nine children. They resided in the hamlet of Libertyville, just west of the village of New Paltz . Hendricus served as an ensign and Captain of the 4th Ulster County Militia at Newburgh, NY during the American Revolution. Hendricus sided with Conferentia party during the Coetus-Conferentie controversy in the Dutch Reformed Church during the 1750's and 1760's. In 1766, Hendricus, along with members of the Elting, Low, Van Wagnenen, Van Vliet, Ean and Auchmody families, left the Dutch reformed Church at New Paltz and organized the Conferentia Church, or "Owl Church," on Libertyville Road in New Paltz. The church disbanded and rejoined the Reformed Church in 1774. [2] At New Paltz Hendricus served as Overseer of the Poor (1751-1752), Constable (1754), and Assessor (1760). He died on June 6, 1780.

Hendricus third son, Hendricus (D-225) was born on February 3, 1743 and baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church at Kingston on May 1. On November 1, 1768 he married Rebecca Van Wagenen, daughter of Gerrit Van Waneningen and Marytjen Freer. Hendricus and Rebecca had six children: Phillipus, Maria, Garret, Jane, Mathusalem, and Rebecca. During the Revolutionary War, Hendricus signed the Articles of Association at New Paltz in 1775 and enlisted in the Ulster County Militia, serving in the 3rd Regiment under Colonel John Cantine. At New Paltz, Hendricus served as Superintendent of Highways (1770, 1773-1775) and Overseer of Highways of New Paltz (1776, 1782-1783). Hendricus died on May 28, 1784.

Hendricus' (C-77) fifth son, Mathusalem DuBois (D-229) was born on September 25, 1751 and baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church at Kingston on October 27. He married Gertrude Bruyn (1752-1777), daughter of Cornelius Bruyn and Ida Hoffman. They were married at the Reformed Dutch Church at Montgomery, NY on March 2, 1774. Together they had three children: Henry, Cornelius B., and Catharine. Mathusalem married second Katrintje Bevier (1750-1825) in 1780, three years after his first wife's death. By Katrintje, Mathusalem had six more children: Abraham, Isaac, Wilhelmus, Philip, Geertruy, and Elihue. Mathusalem and his family settled in the town of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY, in the area now known as Bruynswick. Throughout the American Revolution, Mathusalem served as Ensign in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Regiments of the Ulster County Militia. [3] Mathusalem died on October 12, 1829.

Mathusalem's sixth son Philip DuBois (E-622), farmer, was born on December 10, 1785 and baptized at the New Paltz Reformed Dutch Church on January 14, 1786. He married Hester Freer (1796-1881) on June 18, 1815 at New Paltz. By Hester, Philip had five children: Catharine, Eli, Zachariah F., Gertrude, and Mary J. According to historian Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, Philip served as a soldier in the War of 1812. [4] Philip died on October 14, 1881.

Collection Description

This collection contains papers created and used by various interrelated members of the Dubois, Bruyn and Bevier families of the towns of Shawangunk and New Paltz in Ulster County, NY during the 18th and 19th centuries. Records include deeds, quit-claim deeds, leases, receipts, family letters, wills, promissory notes, subpoenas and survey maps. Documents of particular interest include a 1712 deed between Peter Matthews and others to Jacob Decker for land in Shawangunk, which mentions an "Indian Wigwam;" a deed between several Indian sachems led by Wawalawagh and Jacobus Bruyn for a piece of land called Packanasink (1738); will of Samuel Bevier (1750); a public vendue of the estate of Solomon DuBois (1759); three letters written in Dutch to Hendricus DuBois from Rev. Mauritus Goetschius discussing the Coetus-Conferentie affair in the Reformed Church (1765), dated July 25, 1765, August 3, 1765, and August 19, 1765; will, probate and sale of estate of Abraham Bevier (1771-1774); an account book in Dutch kept by Jannetje DuBois, wife of Hendricus (1773-1797); articles of vendue of Hendricus DuBois's estate (1792); will of Margaret Bevier (1806); will of Mathusalem DuBois (1815). Other records include certificates and appointments concerning the military careers of Cornelius Bruyn (1744) and Zachariah and Louis O. Dubois (1830-1868); genealogical notes and correspondence of Mary Dubois Berry (1868-1891); and death notices (1884-1927). Some of the records from the 18th century are in Dutch.

Seven letters between Philip DuBois, his father Mathusalem DuBois, and Isaac Bevier mainly discuss farm business, family matters, local politics and tailoring. Of note are letters discussing military furloughs (1814), the sale of a farm (1825), and one letter from H. Bodine discussing local political contests and a speech by Henry Clay (1842).

The overall condition of the papers is good and the handwriting legible. Some documents show signs of damage from tearing or fading. There are no access restrictions to the collection.

The Huguenot Historical Society also maintains several other collections of DuBois family papers. These include Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1771-1882), Daniel and Simon DuBois Family Papers (1695-1864), Josiah DuBois Receipt Book (1794-1854), Nathaniel and Isaac DuBois Family Papers (1778-1927), Patterson DuBois Family Papers (1775-1921), Petrus DuBois Family Papers (1732-1869), and the Solomon DuBois and Rachel Elting Family Papers (1812-1944). An account book in Dutch dating from 1771-1783 kept by Hendricus DuBois D-229 is stored with the Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1771-1882). Garret DuBois was the son of Hendricus DuBois. Researchers should also consult the Huguenot Historical Society Bible and Rare Book Collection and Ciphering Book Collection for other items with DuBois family history.

Series Descriptions

The collection is divided into two series: Papers and Death Notices.

Series 1: Papers (1702-1889)

Records include and account book, letters, receipts, deeds, wills, survey maps, military appointments, leases, wills, and other papers chiefly relating to the DuBois, Bruyn and Bevier families. The papers are organized into folders alphabetically by format and thereunder by date. Oversize documents are housed separately.

Series 2: Death Notices (1884-1927)

Contains notices of local and family deaths in the form of business cards. Records are unorganized.

Box and Folder List

Box 1
Series 1: Papers (1702-1889)

Account Book, Jannetje DuBois (1773-1797), Dutch
Correspondence, Hendricus DuBois (1765), Dutch
Correspondence, Philip DuBois (1814-1846)
Estate and Legal Papers (1710-1852 and undated) - three folders
Financial Papers (1758-1889)
Military Papers (1744-1865)
Miscellaneous (1791-1936)

Box 2 (Oversize)
Series 1: Papers (1702-1889)

Estate and Legal Papers (1702-1852 and undated) - two folders - oversize
Miscellaneous (1812,1842) - oversize

Box 3
Series 2: Death Notices (1884-1927)


[1] Heidgerd, William. The American Descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France, 20 vols. Compiled for the DuBois Family Association, Huguenot Historical Society, New Paltz, NY, Inc. (1968). Unless otherwise noted, all genealogical information is taken from this source.

[2] LeFevre, Ralph. History of New Paltz and Its Old Families. Albany, New York. Fort Orange Press (1909): p. 148-151, 491. This source contains many family and local tradition about Hendricus DuBois and his family. Additional primary source information concerning the Conferentia Church/New Paltz Reformed Church issue and Hendricus DuBois's role in this dispute can be found in the New Paltz Reformed Church Records, which are also maintained in the Huguenot Historical Society Manuscript Collections. These records contain the original account book of the New Paltz Reformed Church, and letters between individuals representing the two factions.

[3] Heidgerd, Ruth P. Ulster County in the Revolution: a guide to those who served. New Paltz, NY. Huguenot Historical Society, New Paltz, NY (1977): 75-76.

[4] Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett. History of Ulster County, New York, with Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers, Part Second. Philadelphia, Evans & Peck (1880): p. 291.