Daniel and Simon DuBois Family Papers (1695-1864)

Finding Aid Completed by Eric Roth, September 29, 1999
Volume: 0.5 cu. ft.
Acquisition: The majority of the papers were probably donated to the Huguenot Historical Society by Jesse E. DuBois. Other papers were found in the safe of the Jean Hasbrouck House and placed in the Huguenot Historical Society Archives in 1983. These particular papers may have formerly been in the possession of Lanetta Elting DuBois, who resided in the Bevier-Elting House.
Access: Unrestricted.
Copyright: Request for permission to publish materials from these records should be discussed with the Archivist and Director of the Huguenot Historical Society.

Biographical Note

Individuals primarily represented in the collection include Daniel DuBois (1684-1752), Simon DuBois (1719-1799), Daniel DuBois (1750-1817) and Daniel I. DuBois (1795-1852).

Daniel DuBois (C-40) (1), son of Isaac DuBois and Mary Hasbrouck, was baptized on April 28, 1684 at the Reformed Church in New Paltz, New York. On June 18, 1713, he married Mary LeFevre (1689 - ca. 1730), daughter of Simon LeFevre and Elizabeth Deyo, at Kingston. Together they had eight children. Daniel died on April 21, 1752 (2). In 1705 Daniel built the House on Huguenot Street in New Paltz known as the "DuBois Fort," which was mandated by the Colonial Government to provide a redoubt against Indian attack. (No attack was ever reported at New Paltz). Daniel represented Isaac DuBois' share of the New Paltz Patent as a member of the New Paltz proprietor's group known as the Twelve Men from 1738 to 1752.

Daniel's son, Simon DuBois (D-55) inherited the Fort upon his father's death in 1752. He was born on June 28, 1719 and baptized at Kingston. On October 7, 1742 he married Catharine LeFevre (1721), daughter of Andries LeFevre and Diana Deyo. Between 1743 and 1763 they had eight children. At New Paltz Simon served as a member of the Twelve Men (for Isaac DuBois' share) from 1754 to 1788 and as Overseer of the Poor from 1755 to 1764 and Overseer of Highways in 1778. He died in 1799.

Simon's son, Daniel (E-134) inherited the fort after his father's death in 1799. Daniel was baptized on October 19, 1750, married Catharine Bessimer at Marbletown, and had no children. Daniel (E-134) served as a member of the Twelve Men from 1788 to 1794. He died in 1825.

Daniel I. DuBois (F-201), was born on July 13, 1795 to Isaac DuBois and Rebecca Deyo at New Paltz. On August 26, 1820 he married Magdalene Hasbrouck at New Paltz and had five children. In 1825, Daniel received title to the DuBois Fort from his uncle Daniel (D-134). Daniel's (F-201) youngest daughter, Mary DuBois Berry (1838-1902) inherited the fort after her father's death in 1858.

Collection Description

The majority of the papers relate to business activities of the DuBois family who owned and/or lived in the DuBois Fort on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Bulk dates for the collection are 1733-1833. Papers include estate and legal papers such as deeds, wills, bonds, court papers, estate inventories, quit-claims and other documents pertaining to properties in the towns of New Paltz and Shawangunk in Ulster county from 1722 to 1828; as well as receipts and agreements concerning domestic goods, property, building supplies, household items, etc. dating from 1685 to 1820. The records from the late 17th and early 18th centuries, some of which are in French and Dutch, primarily relate to financial transactions of Louis and Isaac DuBois, both patentees of New Paltz.

Of particular interest are the probate records of several DuBois family members, such as the wills of Daniel DuBois (1747); Simon DuBois (1756); Solomon DuBois (1756), which was probated 1759 and covered with the front page of the New York Revived Weekly Gazette (July 20, 1747); Simon DuBois (1787), probated 1799; Daniel DuBois (1810), probated 1825; an undated estate inventory of Jonathan A. Lattin (ca. 1825); and an auction list of Daniel DuBois (1832). Other items of note include a letter from Johannes M. Goetschius to Simon DuBois (1760); a receipt describing the medical condition of a slave (1770), an agreement that Goetchius will take care of Evert Roos, son of Peter Roos (1782); slave purchase by Daniel DuBois (1794); memoranda to the trustees of State School Districts (1833); and an undated Indian deed concerning a tract of land near the town of Marbletown in Ulster County, New York. There are also advertisements and the Caldwell & Pearson store at Albany, NY (1792), and "Everett's Grand Triple Combination Polyorama" (undated, late 19th century).

The overall condition of the papers is good and the handwriting legible. There are no restrictions on access to the collection, which is organized into folders alphabetically by format (estate and legal papers, miscellaneous, receipts) and thereunder by date. This collection was formerly known as the DuBois Family Papers. The Huguenot Historical Society also maintains several other collections of DuBois family papers. These include Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1771-1882), Hendricus and Mathusalem DuBois Family Papers (1702-1927), Josiah DuBois Receipt Book (1794-1854), Nathaniel and Isaac DuBois Family Papers (1778-1927), Patterson DuBois Family Papers (1775-1921), Petrus DuBois Family Papers (1732-1869), and the Solomon DuBois and Rachel Elting Family Papers (1812-1944). Researchers should also consult the Huguenot Historical Society Bible and Rare Book Collection and Ciphering Book Collection for other items with DuBois family history.

Folder/Item List

Estate and Legal Papers:
(1733-1864 and undated)
(1740-1787) - oversize
(1790-1823) - oversize

Miscellaneous (1833-1861 and undated)

Miscellaneous (1792) - Caldwell & Pearson's (Store) Poster - oversize

Receipts (1695-1792)

Receipts (1793-1846)


1. Identification numbers are taken from The American Descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France, 20 vols., compiled by William Heidgerd for the DuBois Family Association and the Huguenot Historical Society, Inc. New Paltz, New York (1968-1988). Unless otherwise noted, all genealogical information is taken from this source.

2. Information pertaining to membership in the "Twelve Men," and other public offices is taken from the New Paltz Town Records: "Proceedings of the Twelve Men (1738-1772)" and the "Annual Election of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Patent of the New Paltz" Meeting Minutes (1751-1823) - Book 1. Huguenot Historical Society Archives, New Paltz, NY. Although records are missing from various years, it is assumed that Daniel (C-40) served as a member of the Twelve Men from 1738-1752, since he is listed for the years 1738, 1745, 1749, 1751 and 1752.