Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1771-1882)

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Volume: 0.85 cu. ft.
Acquisition: The papers were donated to the Huguenot Historical Society by Benjamin Singer on June 1, 1971.
Access: Unrestricted.
Copyright: Request for permission to publish materials from these records should be discussed with the Archivist and Director of the Huguenot Historical Society.

Biographical Note

Individuals primarily represented in the collection include Garret DuBois (1774-1814) and his son Roelof DuBois (1804-1867). Other individuals briefly represented in the collection include Garret's sons Henry G. DuBois (1797-1883) and Jacob Garret DuBois (1801-1881), and Roelof DuBois' son Andries A. DuBois (1837-1911).

Garret DuBois (E-598) [1], farmer, was born on January 6, 1774 to Hendricus DuBois (1743-1784) and Rebecca Van Wagenen in New Paltz, New York. On December 18, 1794 he married Maria Elting (1775-1825) by whom he had eight children: Henry G., Catharine, Jacob G., Roelif, Rebecca, Solomon, Ezekiel and Maria. Garret DuBois died on October 18, 1814 and is buried at the New Paltz Rural Cemetery.

Garret's third son, Roelof DuBois (F-1296) was born on August 28, 1804. On May 18, 1833 he married Gertrude LeFevre (1813-1856). Between 1834 and 1853 they had eight children: Garret, Hannah, Andries A., Elting, Maria E., Johannis, Roelif E., Bruyn and two boys that died in infancy, names unknown. Roelif married his second wife, Catharine Ann DuBois F-1592 (1808-1864) on September 19, 1857. They had no children. Roelif DuBois died on January 7, 1867.

Collection Description

Records include account books, articles of agreement, receipts, maps, deeds, letters, court papers, wills and other estate papers primarily relating to the business pursuits and property holdings of Garret and Roelof DuBois in the towns of New Paltz, Gardiner, and Lloyd, NY. Items of note are a bond of indentured servitude of Henry DuBois to Abraham Van Wagenen (1777); an account book in Dutch kept by Hendricus DuBois relating to shoemaking (1771-1783); a yearly ledger of Garret DuBois containing entries involving domestic goods, livestock, textiles and labor (1800-1833); an account book from 1825-1830 dealing with primarily with livestock and building construction and containing handwriting exercises of Cornelia and Jacob G. DuBois; account books and receipts, vouchers and legal papers of Roelof DuBois concerning the New Paltz Turnpike Company (1843-1861); and a Gardiner Creamery Company stock certificate (1882) and other business records of Andries A. DuBois. Also of note are wills of Roelof DuBois (1861, pr. 1867) and Cornelius H. LeFevre (1871); a vendue list of Roelof Josias Eltinge (1795); an undated estate inventory probably relating to Garret DuBois; and a diary kept by Ralph LeFevre in 1866.

The correspondence chiefly consists of letters between Roelif DuBois, his daughters, and friends and relatives such as Garret DuBois, Jacob Hardenbergh, Johannes LeFevre, and Muriel DuBois discussing family news involving as health issues, visits and money matters. Of particular interest are several letters between Roelof DuBois and New York State Legislator John Lounsberry concerning the drainage of Black Creek - also called Crozier Swamp (1853-1854), and one letter between Roelof's daughter Gitty and an unidentified sister which mentions quilting (ca. 1855).

The overall condition of the papers is very good and most of the handwriting is legible. There are no restrictions on access to the collection, but envelopes from the collection are available only upon special request. This collection was formerly known as the DuBois-LeFevre Collection.

 The Huguenot Historical Society also maintains several other collections of DuBois family papers. These include the Daniel and Simon DuBois Family Papers (1695-1864), Hendricus and Mathusalem DuBois Family Papers (1702-1927), Josiah DuBois Receipt Book (1794-1854), Nathaniel and Isaac DuBois Family Papers (1778-1927), Patterson DuBois Family Papers (1775-1921), Petrus DuBois Family Papers (1732-1869), and the Solomon DuBois and Rachel Elting Family Papers (1812-1944). The Hendricus and Mathusalem DuBois Family Papers (1702-1927) are of particular interest to researchers using the Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1771-1882) because Garret DuBois was the son of Hendricus DuBois. Researchers should also consult the Huguenot Historical Society Bible and Rare Book Collection and Ciphering Book Collection for other items with DuBois family history.

Series Descriptions

The collection is divided into two series: Bound Volumes and Papers.

Series 1: Bound Volumes (1771-1866)

Includes account books of Hendricus, Garret and Roelof DuBois; a property survey book of the estate of Garret DuBois (1826); and a diary of Ralph LeFevre (1866).

Series 2: Papers (1777-1882)

Includes letters, receipts, wills, deeds, court records, cancelled checks and other papers of the DuBois and LeFevre families of Ulster County. Papers are organized into folders by format and thereunder by date.

Box and Folder List

Box 1
Series 1: Bound Volumes (1771-1866)

Account Books:
(1783-1860) - seven volumes

Diary of Ralph LeFevre (1866)

Property Survey Book, Estate of Garret DuBois (1826)

Box 2
Series 2: Papers (1777-1882)

Cancelled Checks (1854-1858)

Correspondence (1847-1858 and undated)

Ephemera (undated)

Ephemera (undated) - oversize

Estate and Legal Papers:
(1777-1882) - four folders
(1807) - fragment
(1795-1829) - oversize
(1830-1853) - oversize

Receipts (1788-1859)

Receipts (1860-1882)   


[1] Identification numbers are taken from The American Descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France, 20 vols., compiled by William Heidgerd Ffr the DuBois Family Association and the Huguenot Historical Society, Inc. New Paltz, New York (1968-1988). Unless otherwise noted, all genealogical information is taken from this source.