Patterson DuBois Family Papers (1775-1921)

Finding Aid Completed by Eric Roth, May 27, 1999
Volume: 0.17 cu. ft.
Acquisition: The papers were donated to the Huguenot Historical Society by Mrs. Sidney Johnson on November 10, 1991.
Access: Unrestricted.
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Biographical Note

Patterson DuBois G-645 (1), lecturer and writer on child culture and religious education, was born on October 10, 1847. He was the third child of United States Mint Assayer and genealogist William Ewing DuBois (1810-1881) and Susanna Eckfeldt (d. 1892). His siblings were Margaretta, William and Sarah DuBois. On October 28, 1875, he married Clara Green (1848-1916), daughter of Jesse Cope Green and Alice Shields at Westchester, PA. Together they had four children: Herbert, Alice, Normand P. and Constance. Patterson DuBois died on August 8, 1917.

Patterson received his education from the Philadelphia High School, the Pennsylvania Academy, and in the studios of D. Ridgeway Knight and Peter Moran. He began working in the assay department of the Philadelphia Mint in 1867 and became assistant assayer there in 1882. He also worked as assistant editor of The Sunday School Times at Philadelphia from 1886-1900, and as literary advisor to the F.H. Revell Co. in 1901. Patterson DuBois' publications include Beckonings from Little Hands (1893, 1900); The Point of Contact in Teaching (1896, 1900); Fireside Child Study (1903); and The Practice of Salvation (1913) (2).

Collection Description

The collection includes letters of Patterson DuBois, Henry A. DuBois, Normand P. DuBois, Charles Ewing DuBois, Uriah DuBois, John Caert(?) DuBois, Rev. Robert Patterson, William Ewing DuBois, Mrs. Philip Mowrie, and Anson DuBois. The letters relate chiefly to family history and genealogy and other family matters such as marriages and vacation trips to Europe. Items of particular interest is a 1817 letter to Charles Ewing DuBois at Cherryville, PA from his family back in Doylestown, PA discussing a recent trip to Germany and strong views against alcohol consumption. This letter also contains references to Christmas, as well as thoughts on spirituality and the afterlife. Also present in the correspondence are letters discussing a medal awarded to Robert Maskell Patterson by the Philadelphia Mint Company in 1851, discussions of Civil War battles and the elimination of slavery, and reactions to the development of the electric light.

Other items include photographs of William Erving DuBois, his wife and other family members, scenic views in Wicres, France and a farm at "Cornwall on the Hudson" in New York State; Revolutionary War Enlistment Roster for Pittsgrove, NJ (1775); tuition receipt of Jon Earl (1785); painting of the Hudson River by Patterson DuBois (1871); cemetery plot deed for Patterson DuBois (1883); birth record for Constance DuBois (1887); and a travel diary kept by Constance DuBois during a trip to Europe (1898).

Also of interest is a book that belonged to Patterson DuBois entitled A Record of the Families of Robert Patterson (The Elder), Emigrant from Ireland to America 1774; Thomas Ewing, from Ireland 1718; and Louis DuBois, from France 1660; Connected by the Marriage of Uriah DuBois with Martha Patterson, 1798, published by the Press of John C. Clark, 1847, and an undated typed genealogy notebook on the Patterson and collateral families. Inserted and bound into the book are handwritten notes and newspaper clippings concerning family history and memorabilia. The book is housed in the Huguenot Historical Society Rare Books Collection.

The Society also maintains other collections relating to the DuBois family. These include the Garret and Roelof DuBois Family Papers (1777-1882), Hendricus and Mathusalem DuBois Family Papers (1702-1927), Josiah DuBois Receipt Book (1794-1854), Daniel and Simon DuBois Family Papers (1695-1864), Nathaniel and Isaac DuBois Family Papers (1778-1927), Petrus DuBois Family Papers (1732-1869), and the Solomon DuBois and Rachel Elting Family Papers (1812-1944). Researchers should also consult the Huguenot Historical Society Bible and Rare Book Collections and Ciphering Book Collection for other items with DuBois family history.

Folder/Item List

Correspondence (1817-1899 and undated)

Genealogical Notebook (undated)

Miscellaneous (1775-1887 and undated)

Photographs (ca. 1870-1921)

Travel Diary, Constance DuBois (1898)


1. Identification numbers are taken from The American Descendants of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, France, 20 vols., compiled by William Heidgerd for the DuBois Family Association and the Huguenot Historical Society, Inc. New Paltz, New York (1968-1988). Unless otherwise noted, all genealogical information is taken from this source.

2. Who Was Who in America: A companion to Who's Who in America, vol. 1, 1897-1942. Chicago, A.N. Marquis Company (1942): p. 342. All professional information on Patterson DuBois is taken from this source.