Did you know that businesses and organizations that sponsor museums report that people can better remember and identify their organization and brand?

Historic Huguenot Street is one of the most popular destinations in the Hudson Valley, bringing people from not only across the state, but from around the world to our region. Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, within the Village of New Paltz, Historic Huguenot Street’s network and publicity efforts reach nearly 150 million individuals worldwide, thousands of whom live right here in the Hudson Valley. When every dollar counts, you can rely on a partnership with Historic Huguenot Street to yield results. We offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities to help promote your organization and meet your philanthropic goals.


By sponsoring Historic Huguenot Street you can target your audience

The programs at Historic Huguenot Street cater to a wide audience, including young professionals, seniors, and families. When you sponsor Historic Huguenot Street you have the freedom to select the program that will most economically reach your segment of the market with the greatest potential.

Sponsors of Historic Huguenot Street reach people directly

When you sponsor a program at Historic Huguenot Street, you are directly reaching your audience and promoting causes that are important to them. Because of your sponsorship you will rise above the rest of commercial traffic. Business owners sponsoring museums report back that their target audience, and the public at large, has improved perceptions of their business. 


Are you interested in sponsoring a program at Historic Huguenot Street?

Contact Shane Stuart, Annual Giving Manager, at shane@huguenotstreet.org or click below to see our sponsorship levels and benefits.