The houses and historic structures on Historic Huguenot Street do more than preserve the history of Huguenots' journey in America.  They serve as a potent connection to the region’s architectural heritage over time and help distinguish the Hudson Valley through telling the stories of the people who shaped the region and our nation!

Today, Historic Huguenot Street is undertaking hundreds of thousands of dollars in multi-faceted preservation projects to ensure these stories remain an integral part of our lives. From foundations, to roofs, to walls we actively maintain over 30 historic structures that span three centuries of history. But, we cannot carry out this work alone.

Your gift towards this massive preservation effort will enable visitors to gain deeper insight into the architectural feats on Huguenot Street while sending a bold signal that the houses – and history– encapsulated on the street matter! Join us in this effort to preserve these architectural treasures and the stories they house. You are welcome to make a gift by mail, phone, or online (click here).