Pamphlet Collection (1818-1988)

Finding Aid Completed by Susan Stessin-Cohn, April 2006
Volume: Approximately 208 titles

Acquisition: The books were donated separately and aggregated together at the repository. Acquisition information for each item is available upon request. Prolific donors include Kenneth E. Hasbrouck and Francis Waring Robinson.

Provenance Note: The majority of the pamphlets in this collection were donated to the Society during the tenure of Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, who served as director from 1951 to 1996.

Access: Access to the Pamphlet Collection is unrestricted, but available only through the inventories kept by the Library and Archives staff on a Microsoft Access database. Researchers interested in learning more about specific titles should contact the Archivist/Librarian. Alphabetical records of provenance and author listings are available upon request. Interested researchers can also request reports of titles organized by publisher, publication place or date, or broad subject category, but should recognize that the library's capabilities in these areas are somewhat limited.

Copyright: Request for permission to publish materials from these records should be discussed with the Archivist and Director of Historic Huguenot Street.

Collection Description

The Huguenot Historical Society Pamphlet Collection consists of approximately 200 pamphlets with publication dates ranging from 1818 to 1988. The bulk of the collection was published between 1860-1870, and 1900-1930. The collection is organized topically into four series: History, Genealogy and Politics, Religion and Philosophy, Professional and Practical, and Creative Works and Belles Letters. Primary subjects covered throughout the collection include church history, education, local and regional history, cemeteries, military history Huguenot history, medicine and health care, temperance, Native Americans and archaeology. The types of pamphlets also vary. In addition to standard informational booklets, there are also articles and studies from journals and magazines, institutional pamphlets, and reference works. The majority of the pamphlets in this collection were published in New York. Local printers such as The Times and Franklin Press were located in the town of New Paltz . Several items were self-published by individual church organizations. The State University of New York in Albany is responsible for publishing various monthly magazines with topics such as botany and archaeology.

Although the overwhelmingly large majority of the pamphlets are written in English, there are four pamphlets written in French and one in German.

Of special interest in the collection are the American Tract Society's The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain and Ten Dialogues on the Effects of Ardent Spirits. Also of interest are various bulletins published by the New York State Museum pertaining to stone implements of New York, written by William Beauchamp, and the 1823 Infant's Guide to Learning and the University of Albany, Albany Medical College, Thirty-Eighth Session, 1868, a speech given to graduating medical students.

In addition to the Pamphlet Collection, the Society also maintains several other collections of historic printed or published writings. These include: books, newspapers, sheet music, Bibles, Harper's Weekly magazines, and maps. There is a very significant degree of overlap between all of these collections, particularly in terms of provenance. Finding aids to most of these other collections are also available.

The condition of the Pamphlet Collection varies widely from item to item, with some in very poor shape and some of the newer items in excellent condition. The majority of pamphlets fall into the fair or good category. Covers and spines tend be soiled and worn; several exhibit varying degrees of separation from the bindings. Spines of pamphlets that have been stored with the Library Reference Collection also contain catalog labels affixed with adhesive tape. The pages in almost all of the pamphlets are yellowed, some to a significant degree. Pages are also often otherwise discolored or stained, with some tearing evident, particularly around the edges.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: History, Genealogy and Politics (incl. dates)
The contents of this series are miscellaneous in nature, encompassing approximately 100 titles relating primarily to Hudson Valley history, including narrative histories, museum bulletins (which include several archaeological journals with detailed drawing of artifacts), reports of various historical societies, military histories, and one genealogy of the Winegar family. Of specific interest is this genre is a Report in Favor of the Enlistment of Slaves, under Certain Restrictions (ca. 1860s).

Series 2: Religion and Philosophy (incl. dates)
This series includes 86 pamphlets published for centennial celebrations and other anniversaries of Hudson Valley religious institutions during the 19th and 20th centuries. These publications typically include historical narratives, financial reports, sermons, and membership lists. Denominations chiefly represented include Methodist, Reformed, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal, and others.

Series 3: Professional and Practical Works (incl. dates)
The thirteen titles in this series include reference material such as a dictionary, a Jackson County City Directory, and a Central Hudson Bulletin, educational material, such as an 1818 pamphlet regarding The Better Government and Organization of Common Schools, tourist information, and Farmers Almanacs. Of special interest is An Address Delivered before the Students of the Albany Medical College, introductory to the course on Obstetrics, November 1855.

Series 4: Creative Works and Belles Letters (incl. dates)
This series of ten titles include children's literature, literary magazines, poetry pamphlets and one item concerning local folklore. Highlights include several issues of The Richmond Age, a Southern Eclectic Magazine, an 1836 children's book, The Two Yellow Birds, Embellished with Cuts, published by Geo. P. Daniels and a 1911 booklet on Lake Mohonk Mountain House nature poetry.

Box List

The collection has been arranged categorically. A list of pamphlet titles is available by request.

Box # 052
History, Genealogy and Politics
Item numbers 001-186 (ordered chronologically, rather than sequentially)

Box # 053
History, Genealogy and Politics
Item numbers 187-208 (ordered chronologically, rather than sequentially)

Box # 054
Religion and Philosophy

Box # 055
Creative Works and Belles Letters

Box # 056
Professional and Practical