Sunday, July 28, from 3 to 5 PM, see what’s below the surface at Historic Huguenot Street

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With help from its supporters, Historic Huguenot Street is commissioning three paintings that will aid visitors in understanding what Huguenot Street, and in a broader sense America, has looked like across time. With over 9,000 years of human history on site, Huguenot Street is relying on celebrated painter Len Tantillo to re-create this past.


You’re invited

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Join Historic Huguenot Street for a reception to unveil the first of a series of commissioned paintings, based on decades of archaeological research done on the museum’s grounds, by fine artist Len Tantillo.


With a heavy emphasis on the use of primary resources and modern technology to create historically accurate paintings, Tantillo has exhibited his work across America and internationally. Based on decades of archaeological research conducted on the grounds of Huguenot Street, Len’s paintings will transform the museum’s interpretation of periods for which HHS lacks pictorial representations.


RSVP by contacting Shane Stuart at shane@huguenotstreet.org or 845-255-1660 ext. 104


My weekend had been an act of recreation: trying to bring places in the past back to life. To help me, I had . . . images by the historical artist Len Tantillo, who is as meticulous in his reconstructions of New Netherland as any academic historian I know.
— Russell Shorto, in "In the Hudson Valley, a Drive Back in Time," published in the New York Times in June 2019

As part of a permanent exhibition, these paintings will enhance Historic Huguenot Street’s interpretation and programs indefinitely and have a lasting effect, from the museum’s educational programs to its ongoing work to understand the site both pre- and post-European contact. Tantillo’s artistic skill is transforming vast amounts of research in HHS’s archive, decades of archaeological digs, and architectural history into reality.