List of Photographic Collections

Last updated May 15, 2018

BRUYN FAMILY. Photographs (mid-19th century) .15 cubic feet
Daguerrotype and ambrotype photographs of Edmund Bruyn (1812-1903), Francis Bruyn (1811-1871), Levi D. Bruyn (1835-1887), John Oscar Bruyn (1843-1881), and other unidentified members of the Bruyn family.

CLOW, MARGARET. Photograph (ca. 1900) 1 item.
Photograph of Margaret Hasbrouck Clow holding infant Jesse Elting DuBois.

DEWITT, ERMA. Photograph Negatives. (1940-1950)
Photographs taken in and around Ulster County by photographer Erma Dewitt.

DEYO, PERRY (1865-1937). Photograph Albums (ca. 1870-ca. 1910) .5 cubic feet
Two photograph albums contains albumen prints of the Deyo, LeFevre, Elting, DuBois, and Smedes families. Individuals featured prominently include Perry Deyo, Gertrude Deyo, Jacob Deyo, Peter Deyo, Jacob and Elizabeth Elting, Henry J. DuBois, Solomon DuBois, Magdalen LeFevre, Jacob G. DuBois, Ira Deyo, Johannes LeFevre, Peter LeFevre, Ralph LeFevre, Josiah P. LeFevre, and New Paltz Reformed ministers, Ame Venema and Domine Peltz.

DUBOIS, JONAS (1834-1902). Family Photographs (ca. 1860s), 5 items. 
Cased daguerreotype and ambrotype portrait photographs of Jonas DuBois of Gardiner Ulster County, New York, along with his parents LeFevre DuBois and Rebecca DuBois, his daughter, Eliza Catherine DuBois Johnston (1863-1924), and two children identified as Sarah Ellen DuBois and sister.

DUBOIS, KENNETH H. Family Photographs (1880s-1910s) .75 cubic feet
Photograph albums, and loose and oversized charcoal enhanced photographs of Kenneth H. DuBois and family, chiefly of Middletown, Orange County, New York.

DUBOIS, KENNETH HOLMES. Family Photographs (1890s-1910s). .5 cubic feet.  Approximately 90 items.
Albumen and paper print photographs of DuBois, Auchmoody, and Wheeler family members, buildings and properties in the hamlet of Ohioville (town of New Paltz), Ulster County, New York, Albany, New York, and Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. Most of the photographs are identified. There are also a few postcards and other miscellanea, including an unidentified school essay dating from ca. 1900. This appears to be the same family that is depicted in the Kenneth H. DuBois Family Photographs (see above), although they were acquired by the Archives from two unrelated sources.

DUBOIS, LANETTA ELTING. Family Photographs (1850s-mid-20th century) .5 cubic feet
Loose tintype, albumen, snapshot, and other photographic prints of members of the Elting, Deyo, and DuBois families, and other New Paltz scenes, such as the New Paltz High School 1910 Graduating Class, unidentified male workers, actors in costume, and an oversized professional photograph of an elderly woman wearing an "Old Lace Coat." There is also a photograph of the 1896 Bevier Family Reunion in Plymoth, Ohio.

DUBOIS, SIMON LEFEVRE (1804-1881). FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS (1860s). 16 items. Cased daguerreotype and ambrotype portrait photographs of Simon LeFevre DuBois and wife Margaret Hasbrouck (1809-1867) of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York and other family members, including Benjamin A. DuBois (1818-1877), Sarah Magdalene Elting Rosa (1840-1918), and Jane (Jennie) Elting (1845-1924). Others unidentified. There is also an uncased tintype photograph of Costelle Kator DuBois (1855-1881).

ELLIOT, MARGARET HASBROUCK. Family Photographs and Stereoptic Collection (late 19th century) .5 cubic feet
Albumen, tintype, gelatin, and collodion or carbon prints of members of the Hasbrouck, Deyo, Healler, Burnham, Bevier, Woodin, and Romena families and scenes in the towns of New Paltz and Rosendale, Ulster County, NY. Items of note include photographs of Rev. Evardus Bogardus, minister of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York City, the Woodin House on Church Street and DuBois Fort on Huguenot Street, New Paltz, the Keator Farm in the town of Rosendale, three postcards of the Mountain Houses at Minnewaska and Mohonk Lakes, horse-racing at "DuBois Farm," an unidentified Mission House in San Diego, CA, the del Coronado Hotel, and the Grand Canyon. The Stereoptic images include views of Kingston, Newburgh, New York City, Niagara Falls, Mohonk and Minnewaska Lakes and Mountain Houses, and famous sites in Utah, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Europe.

ELTING FAMILY. Photographs (1850s-1910s) .5 cubic feet
This collection includes both bound and loose materials. Four albums chiefly contain albumen and tintype photographic prints of members of the Elting, Harcourt, Deyo, LeFevre, DuBois, Bogardus, and Bevier families. There are also loose albumen, tintype, daguerreotype and gelatin prints of members of the Hasbrouck, Bevier, Elting, DuBois, Deyo, and Van Dyck families. Specific individuals and subjects represented include Mary Deyo, Solomon DuBois and wife Rachel Elting, Jacob Elting, Henry G. DuBois, the "Bevier Family Homestead" probably located in New Bruynswick, New Jersey, and the Kettleborough School in Gardiner , Ulster County, New York. There are also several oversized photographs of graduating classes (such as New Paltz High School in 1910).

ELTING, PETER LEFEVRE. Family Photographs (1860s-1880s) .5 cubic feet
Loose Daguerreotype, ambrotype, and albumen photographic prints, and photograph albums containing tintype and albumen prints of the Elting, Deyo, LeFevre, Hasbrouck, Fielding, Rhoards, DuBois, and Coe families. There is also a book entitled "The Christian Minster's Affectionate Advice to a Married Couple."

ELTING, TOBIAS AND SARAH SAXTON. Family Photographs (1850s-1880s) .5 cubic feet.
Daguerreotypes, and photograph albums containing albumen and tintype photographic prints of members of the Elting and Saxton families, although most are unidentified. Albums containing albumen, and collodion or carbon photograpic prints of members of the family of Tobias Elting and his wife Sarah Saxton. Most are studio shots. There are numerous pictures of their daughter, Martha Elting. Other families represented include the Howell, Thompson, and Heston families. Items of interest include a studio shot of two unidentified children in Asian costumes, and a very high quality photograph of the Bevier-Elting House and yard on Huguenot Street in New Paltz (ca. 1900). This photograph shows a very good view of the barn and fences next to the house.

GIBSON, OLIVE TREADWELL. Photograph Collection.
Photo albums belonging to Olive Gibson, includes funeral cards for Issac Hasbrouck, photos of the Hasbrouck, Munson and Sohmer families, possibly from Brooklyn and Yonkers, NY. This branch of the Hasbrouck family centered in Ellenville. Daguerreotype of Olive's great-grandmother, possibly Elizabeth Hasbrouck. Encased tintype of young girl, not identified.
Identified photographs include Will Cutler; Abraham Hasbrouck; Fanny Hasbrouck; Florence Hasbrouck; ; Isaac Hasbrouck; Mabel Bell Hasbrouck; Helen Sohmer; Henry Sohmer.

HASBROUCK FAMILY. Photograph Album (late 19th century) .5 cubic feet
Album containing albumen and carbon or collodion photographic prints of members of the Hasbrouck, Deyo, and Howland photographs. Many others are unidentified.

HASBROUCK, ALEXANDER. Family Photographs (1850-1860s) .25 cubic feet. 16 items. 
Daguerreotypes and ambrotype photographs of Alexander Hasbrouck and relatives, including George Hasbrouck, Benjamin Hasbrouck, Horton M. Elting, Sarah Van Wagner Elting, Margaret DuBois Hasbrouck, Gertrude LeFevre Hasbrouck,Maria Hasbrouck Forshay, and several other unidentified persons.

HASBROUCK, JULIA LAWRENCE. Family Photographs (1850s) .5 cubic feet. 11 items.
Daguerreotypes of members of the Hasbrouck family, including Julia Lawrence Hasbrouck, Garret D. Hasbrouck, Remsen Hasbrouck, Louis Hasbrouck, and Charlotte Cantine Hasbrouck.

HASBROUCK, MAHLON CLARK (1848-1920). Family Photographs (1860s-1920s). 20 items. 
Studio albumen- and gelatin-print photographs of the Mahlon Clark Hasbrouck and Palen families who lived in Claryville and Elmira Heights, New York during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There is also a scenic drawing of the Susquehanna River Valley and a portait painting of President Abraham Lincoln.

HASBROUCK, MATTHEW FITCH. Family Photographs (1880s-1930s) .25 cubic feet
Photograph album and loose gelatin, cyanotype and possibly carbon or collodion photographic prints of members of the family of Matthew Fitch Hasbrouck (b. 1881). There are both still and action shots, scenes shown in the photographs include a woman in swimsuit (ca. 1930's), young people sledding, skiing, swimming, playing croquet, and other activities, a horse and wagon, an unidentified stone house and surrounding landscape, and a WWII soldier. There is also a watercolor painting of an unidentified stone house.

HASBROUCK/SCHOOLEY FAMILY. Photographs and Yearbooks (1890s-1920s) 1.83 cubic feet
Albumen, carbon or collodion photographic prints of and relating to members of the Hasbrouck and Schooley families of Effingham, Illinois. Also, several yearbooks from Effingham High School dating from 1919-1925, scrapbook with news clippings and letters.

HOOD, PETER M. (1828-1910) AND MARY ELIZABETH HARRIS (1840-1911). Photographs (1861), 2 items. 
Cased Daguerreotype and ambrotype photographs of Peter M. Hood and Mary Elizabeth Harris taken for their wedding at Auburn, NY in 1861. They later resided at Toledo, Ohio.

JENKINS/STILLWELL FAMILY. Photograph Albums (1850s-1880s) 1.75 cubic feet
Albums containing albumen, tintype photographic prints of members of the Jenkins, Stillwell, DuBois, Schryver, Gazlay, and Shepard families, as well as a photograph of people boating on the Wallkill River in front of the New Paltz Normal School (ca. 1900), There is also a news clipping of England's First Family, and a memorial to Anna M. Jenkins and George D. Jenkins, both of whom died in 1902.

LEFEVRE, IRA DEYO. Photographs (late 19th century-early 20th century) .5 cubic feet
Framed paintings or enhanced photographs of Henry G. DuBois and wife, and albumen and collodion or carbon photographic prints chiefly of members of the Deyo, Smedes, Rerrick, LeFevre, and DuBois families. Items of note include photographs of a wedding scene, an unidentified child playing a violin, Ira Deyo LeFevre, Moses and Ralph LeFevre and their families, LeFevre family houses and family groups. This collection also contains the book, Ira D. LeFevre: an appreciation , published by "a group of his friends," December, 1949.

LEFEVRE, ISAAC. Photograph Albums (ca. 1850-ca. 1920). 1 cubic feet
Four photograph albums containing albumen prints and tintypes of members of the LeFevre, Hasbrouck, Elting, Champlain and other families from New Paltz, Ulster County, New York and surrounding areas. Also, handdrawn LeFevre family coat of arms, and an invitation card for the 50-year wedding anniversary of Isaac LeFevre and wife Maria Richtmyer, 1886.

LEFEVRE, PETER AND RACHEL. Photograph collection. 17 items.
Varies types of photographs of the Gerow, LeFevre, and Fowler families. Most people are identified. Includes photo of Daniel LeFevre House (White Duck). Identified photographs include: Helena Gerow Burke; Dorothy Fowler; Margaret Louise LeFevre Fowler (1881-1964); Jonathan Freer (1812-1882); Jane LeFevre Gerow (1871-1957); Frances Gerow Lathrap; Edward Herbert LeFevre (1874-1941); Peter LeFevre (1846-1886); Rachel Freer LeFevre (1843-1910); Mary LeFevre Peck; Miriam Peck.

LENT FAMILY. Photographs (1850s-1910s) .5 cubic feet
Greeting, calling, and obituary cards relating to the LeFevre, Deyo, and Smedes families; loose albumen photographic prints of the Waring House and family of Plattekill, Ulster County, New York, and a play at the New Paltz Normal School from 1916-1917; and members of the Elting, Deyo, Lent, Waring and Smedes families. There are also three albums containing tintype and albumen photographic prints of members of the Hasbrouck, Deyo, and Smedes families, although most of the photographs are unidentified. In addition, there are also several daguerreotype images of unidentified people and a glass photograph of Jonathan Deyo.

MISCELLANEOUS. Photograph Collection (1850s-1970s) 13 cubic feet
Finding aid available. Photograph albums, glass plate negatives, postcards, and paper prints of all types showing historic and non-historic houses, buildings, bridges, historic houses, street views, businesses, people and activities chiefly in the Mid-Hudson Valley, with an emphasis on New Paltz. Subjects documented include the Shawangunk Mountains, Mohonk Mountain House, Huguenot Street in New Paltz, Civil War soldiers and officers, African-Americans, weddings, graduations, and other group gatherings. Numerous local families individuals are also represented.

PETNICK, JOSEPH. Photograph Collection (mid-19th century - mid-20th century) 1 cubic feet. 78 items. Photographs of people, street views, churches, historic houses, businesses, schools and colleges, factories, hotels, casinos, and other buildings and scenes in the New Paltz area in Ulster County, New York. Many of the photographs were taken by local photographer Larry Argiro.

ROOSA, IDA. Family Photographs (late 19th century) .25 cubic feet
Albumen, and collodion or carbon prints of Ida Roosa and friends and/or family members, including one image of an unidentified African American girl together with Ida Roosa.

SEYBOLT, F. Family Photographs (1850s-1930s) .5 cubic feet.
Albums, framed photographs, postcards, and loose tintype and albumen photographic prints of members of the Seybolt, Andruss, Van Aken, and France families roughly organized into family groups. There are also a few photographs of unidentified houses. Also, news clippings, marriage certificate of Jonathan D. Westbrook and Sarah Force, 1858, and memorial to Adam H. Sinsburgh, 1882.

STOKES, EMILY LOUELLA BEVIER. Photograph Album Collection.
Collection contains cabinet cards and tintypes. Most people have been identified. Some photos have Civil War tax stamps on the back. Includes photographs of Joseph Hasbrouck and Sarah LeFevre Hasbrouck, who were tenants of the Jean Hasbrouck house from 1862 to 1881; Josiah Hasbrouck, who built Locust Lawn; and Emily Stokes' grandparents Richard Broadhead Bevier and Esther Hasbrouck. Bevier. Other identified photographs include: Annie Bevier; Eli Bowen; Esther Bowen; Abram Deyo; Dick Deyo; Maggie B. Deyo; Mary Deyo; Peter DuBois; Abe Eltinge; Abram Eltinge; Maggie Bevier Eltinge; James Hasbrouck; Joseph L. Hasbrouck; Josiah Hasbrouck (1828-1884); Louis Hasbrouck; Philip B. Hasbrouck; Elizabeth Hasbrouck Jenkins; Lambert Jenkins; Elizabeth Hasbrouck Kline; Esther DeWitt LeFevre; James LeFevre; Cornelia Hasbrouck LeFevre; Ed LeFevre; Egbet Lefevre; Laura LeFevre; John Lyon; Sarah Bevier Lyon; Kit Deyo Mecker.

TERWILLIGER, BYRON. Photograph Collection (late 19th century - mid-20th century) .5 cubic feet
Mostly mid-20th century matted reprints of late 19th and 20th century photographs, although there are some original albumen prints as well, of New Paltz area buildings, views, churches, dams, bridges, and other structures and organizations. Items of interest include two photographs area class members of area schoolteachers Byron Terwilliger and Cornelia Terwilliger, and of a class at Kettleborough School in the town of Gardiner, and the farm of Josiah P. LeFevre that shows an African-American woman identified as Phoebe.

UNIDENTIFIED. Photographs (mid-19th century) .15 cubic feet
Daguerreotype, ambrotype, and tintype photographs of Job Tillson, Cornelius Hasbrouck, Asa LeFevre, and other unidentified persons, possibly members of the Elting and Hasbrouck families.