List of Genealogy Collections

Last updated May 16, 2018

BENNET, DAVID V. Genealogical Research Papers (1931 and undated). 0.2 cubic feet. 
Hand- and type-written notebooks, loose papers, correspondence, pamphlets and clippings kept by David V. Bennet of Jackson Heights, New York relating to the history and genealogy of the Kidney, VerNooy, Bevier, Schoonmaker, and VanWagenen families.

BRODHEAD, GERTRUDE DEYO. Genealogical Research Papers (1909-1932). App. 75 items. 
Completed application forms for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and handwritten notes and charts relating to the genealogy of the DuBois, Deyo, Brodhead, and Hasbrouck families of New Paltz and Ulster County, New York.

CHURCH FAMILY. Genealogical Research Papers (1866-1954). 
Letters, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, and research notes chiefly concerning the genealogy of the Church family.

DEWITT, SUTHERLAND. DeWitt Family Record (ca. 1928). 0.17 cubic feet. 1 item. 
Bound, handwritten history of the ancestors of Sutherland DeWitt, including copies of the original historical correspondence, photographs, documents, invitations, etc. from the DeWitt family.

Miscellaneous genealogy and local history notes and transcriptions from the Deyo Family Association. Most notebooks appear to have belonged to J.E. Hasbrouck. Issues 1-12 of "The Family Record : Devoted for 1897 to the Sackett, the Weygant and the Mapes Families, and to Ancestors of their Intersecting Lines;" "The Pruies near Claryville, Sullivan Co. NY;" Hurley Cemetery transcription from NYG+B vol LXI page 226; "Compositions written by William Barker at the Tarrytown Institute, Commenced June 15th, 1854;" "Notes on Sullivans Campaign Against the Seneca Indians" by J.E. Hasbrouck; "Historical Notes II" by J.E. Hasbrouck; "Historical Notes III" by J.E. Hasbrouck; "Historical Notes IV" by J.E. Hasbrouck; "Records Hasbrouck Family from NYG+B Vol XVII pages 261-267;" "Hasbrouck Family from Scharf's History of Westchester County N.Y. Vol I page 585;" Handwritten transcription of "Family of Abraham Hasbrouck" from the June 1908 issue of Olde Ulster.

DEYO, SARAH E. Genealogy Notebook (undated). 1 item. 
Bound volume containing handwritten notes relating to the history and genealogy of the DuBois and Elting families of New Paltz.

DEYO, SOLOMON LEFEVRE (1850-1922), transportation engineer and genealogist. Genealogical Papers (1898-1925). App. 25 items. 
Letters, research notes, and clippings kept by Solomon LeFevre Deyo chiefly relating to the genealogy and Coats of Arms of the Deyo and LeFevre families. Some notes appear to have been written by a different hand later in the 20th century.

DUBOIS, CORNELIA. Genealogical Correspondence (1922-1954). 0.5 cubic feet. 
Genealogical letters relating to the DuBois and other local French and Dutch families, and greeting cards.

DUBOIS, PETER. Genealogy Notebook (1887). 1 item. 
Bound volume of handwritten genealogy notes on the DuBois family kept by Peter DuBois of Hoboken, New Jersey. Other families mentioned include Merrit, Bevier, Hudler, Ackerson, Bruyn, Blanshan, and Hills.

DUBOIS, ROELOF. Genealogy Notebooks (1852). 2 items. 
Two bound volumes containing handwritten notes concerning the history and genealogy of the founding families of New Paltz, including the Bevier, Elting, DuBois, Deyo, Freer, Hasbrouck, and LeFevre families. Accounts of the Esopus Wars and the founding of New Paltz to varying degrees of accuracy.

DUBOIS, ROELOF. Family tree. 1 item.
Family tree of Roelof DuBois (F-1296) and Gertrude LeFevre. Includes Roelof's second wife, Catherine, and two sons that died in infancy (no names given) born between Elting and Maria.

ELTING, CLARENCE J. Genealogical Research Papers (1904-1923). App. 40 items. 
Hand- and type-written genealogical correspondence, notes, charts, transcriptions of Bible and Church records, etc., of Clarence J. Elting of Highland, Ulster County New York concerning the Woolsey, Scott, Smith, Dayton, Fordham, Rapalje, and other local families.

HASBROUCK, KENNETH E. (1915-1994), genealogist, historian, schoolteacher, and President of the Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz , NY . Also World War II soldier. VerNooy Family Genealogy Files. 1.2 cubic feet. 
Type- and hand-written research notes and correspondence of Kenneth E. Hasbrouck concerning "Three Hundred Years of the VerNooy Family in America 1664-1964" published in 1971.

HASBROUCK, KENNETH E. (1915-1994), genealogist, historian, schoolteacher, and President of the Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz , NY . Also World War II soldier. Gonsalus Family Genealogy Files. 1 cubic foot. 
Type- and hand-written correspondence and research notes, and photocopies of historical documents and journal articles relating to the history and genealogy of the Gonsalus family.

HAUSCH, HATTIE. Albertson family Genealogical Research Papers (1927-1953). 0.5 cubic feet. 
Hand- and type-written notes and correspondence, notebooks, clippings, and charts relating to the genealogy of the Albertson family.

HUFTALEN, SARAH GILLESPIE (d. ca. 1955), genealogist. Scrapbook (1951). 
Scrapbook kept by Sarah Gillespie Huftalen of Manchester, Iowa, concerning the history of the Huftalen family (originally Huguenots) who resided primarily at the towns of Esopus, Unadilla, Livingston in New York State, and in Machester, Iowa. The scrapbook contains typewritten historical notes, accompanied by original nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographs, news clippings, ephemera, and other papers pasted onto the book's pages.

NEWKIRK, MARGARET M. Genealogical Correspondence (1921-1925, 1942). App. 20 items. 
Hand- and type-written correspondence primarily between Margaret Newkirk of Ellenville, Ulster County, New York and R.G. LeFevre of Cleveland, Ohio relating to the history and genealogy of the LeFevre family.

PALMER, RUTH (1880-1950), genealogist. Genealogical Papers (1900-1927).
Genealogical correspondence, clippings, and handwritten notes collected by Ruth Palmer concerning the Gerow and Shuart families.

TALLMAN, ORA REA. Genealogy scrapbook (1845-1986). 
Genealogy of the Deyo, Rea, and Tallman families. Contains photographs, marriage records, and DAR application for Chistian Deyo Jr. Wedding photographs from the 1920's, most likely Harold Tallman and Ora Rea. Charles Tallman in horse-drawn sleigh in Nyack, Nyack plant fire. Marriage record of Elizabeth Stern and Charles Tallman, 1898; Joseph Deyo and Mary Jane Henion, 1845. Birth record of Andrew Rea and daughters Mildred and Ora. Death records of Deyo and Rea family members, births of Deyo family members.

TOBEY, BARBARA W., genealogist. Ackerman Family Genealogy Print Manuscript (1980). 0.17 cubic feet. 
Typewritten print manuscript and plates of "The Ackerman Family", a published genealogy compiled by Barbara W. Tobey.

UNIDENTIFIED. Bourbon Family Genealogical Research Papers (undated). App. 25 items. 
Handwritten notes and typewritten charts relating to the history and genealogy of the Bourbon family.

UNIDENTIFIED. Coutant Family Genealogical Charts - COPIES (1917). App. 30 items. 
Photocopies of handwritten genealogical charts of the Coutant family.

UNIDENTIFIED. Genealogy Scrapbook (1894-1905). 1 item. 
Bound volume of handwritten notes and newspaper clippings (including birth and death notices) relating to the history of New Rochelle and the genealogies of the Drake, Bonnet, Allaire, Clark, and Seamon. 

UNIDENTIFIED. H ardenbergh Family Genealogy Files (undated). 0.17 cubic feet. 
Handwritten files with index tags documenting the genealogy of the Hardenbergh family.

VAN DYCKE, JOSEPH N. Genealogical Research Papers (1954-1958). 0.17 cubic feet. 
Hand- and type-written notebooks, loose papers, correspondence, and clipped journal articles kept by Joseph N. Van Dycke relating to the history of Huguenots, New Paltz, early New York, and the Deyo family.