Help Preserve the 1799 LeFevre House

Please help support our efforts to preserve the 1799 LeFevre House. Professional architectural and engineering studies have uncovered a number of threats to its structure and integrity. Masonry restoration, as well as excavation, regrading, and other repairs are required to ensure this stately structure remains to welcome guests at the south entrance to the Huguenot Street National Historic Landmark District.

At the time of its construction, the LeFevre House was the most modern and forward-looking building to have been constructed in the village of New Paltz. The house’s massive brick façade contrasts with other stone houses on Huguenot Street and is a testament to early Federal-style architecture in the Hudson Valley. 

Thank you for your generous support of the LeFevre House and Historic Huguenot Street!

Photo: Anne Coleman, 2014

If you would prefer to make your gift by mail or phone, please email Shane Stuart at or call him at (845) 255-1660 x 103. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Thank you again for your generous support!