Institutional Records

Last revised October 4, 2005.

ALL SAINTS CHURCH OF ROSENDALE, NY. Marriage Register (1912-1932). 1 item. One bound volume containing records of marriages held at the All Saints Church of Rosendale, Ulster County, New York.

BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, WASHINGTONVILLE, NY. Advertisement. (ca. 1850). 1 item. Printed advertisement for the "Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, Washingtonville, Orange County, New York, Misses H. Rice, M. Rice and A. M. Rice, Proprietors and Teachers." The advertisement also provides brief information on the setting, access by railroad, communication services, education policies and programs, schedule, tuition costs, and references.

ELLENVILLE GLASS COMPANY. Financial Records (1854-1862). 12 items. Financial correspondence and promissory notes between the Ellenville Glass Company at Ellenville, Ulster County, New York and the Quassaick Bank at Newburgh, Orange County, NY.

ESOPUS REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH. Records (1791-1886). 1 item. One bound volume of the Esopus Reformed Dutch Church at Esopus, Ulster County, New York containing records of baptisms, marriages, members, officers and accounts, as well as statement of organization.

ESOPUS (TOWN OF). Records (1814, 1866). 11 items. Reports of assessments of road conditions in the Town of Esopus by Commissioner of Highways Chas. E. Thompson from 1866. Information includes name of property owner, name and description of road, and number of days worked. Also, 1814 list of students from school district 3 containing names and ages of students, number of days in attendance, and subjects studied.

GALEVILLE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Records (1872-1902) 1 item. Finding aid available. One bound volume containing a historical sketch of the church, "class records", "probationer's record", membership lists, and records of marriages and baptisms of the Galeville Methodist Church in Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. Church defunct.

GUILFORD DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH. Records (1832-1930). 0.5 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Vital Records (births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, membership), minutes, account books, Pastor's register, memorabilia etc., of the Guilford Dutch Reformed Church in the town of Gardiner, Ulster County, New York.

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD TEMPLARS, NEW PALTZ LODGE. Minute Book (1894-1895). 1 item. Minutes of weekly meetings of the Independent Order of Good Templars, New Paltz Lodge. Records concern the elections and appointments of officers and committees. Names include Vradenburgh, Burr, DuBois, Elting, Relyea, Schoonmaker, Van Wagenen, Auchmoedy, etc.

LATTINTOWN BAPTIST CHURCH. Pastor's Diary (1844-1885). 1 item. One bound volume containing diary entries, correspondence, and religious poetry, kept by unidentified pastor at Lattintown Baptist Church in Orange County, New York.

MAMAKATING (TOWN OF). Records COPIES (1771-1831). 2 items. Two oversized folios of photocopied records of the town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York relating to town elections, livestock regulation, boundaries and land, roads, district divisions, poor relief, and slaves.

MANNHEIM FRENCH PROTESTANT CHURCH. Records - COPIES AND TRANSCRIPTIONS (1651-1821). 0.5 cubic feet. Copies and transcriptions of vital records from the French Protestant Church at Mannheim, Germany. Includes records of baptisms, marriages, heads of families, and an index to godparents.

MARBLETOWN, (TOWN OF). Records (1704-1824). 0.5 cubic feet. 7 items. Deeds of William Nottingham, Thomas Jansen, Cornelius Elting, Henrie Krom, Leonard Hardenbergh and others for land in the town of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. One document from 1704 lists the elected trustees of Marbletown. Other records include an 1806 report by the Overseers of the Poor listing names of slaves and masters, and monetary amounts paid for slaves; and a Deed for property of a school within school district #10, listing Michael Lyons, Henry Lyons, Diruck Bush and Jane DePuy.

METHODIST CHURCH, ORANGE AND ULSTER COUNTY CIRCUIT RIDERS, "NEWBURGH CIRCUIT". Records (1789-1840). 1 item. One bound volume of the Methodist Circuit Riders containing records of baptisms (1789-1839), marriages (1831-1834), and minutes (1837-1840) of quarterly meetings held in private homes in various towns in Orange and Ulster counties, New York. Transcription of vital records available in the Schoonmaker Library at Historic Huguenot Street.

MODENA METHODIST CHURCH. Historical Narrative (1879). 1 item. Fragment of a handwritten historical narrative of the Modena Methodist Church (Town of Gardiner), Ulster County, New York discussing appointment of church officers, establishment of congregations, and membership statistics.

NEW HURLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT. Records (1874-1939). 1 bound volume. Record book kept by the New Hurley School District, the boundaries of which stretched into the three towns of Gardiner, Plattekill, and Shawangunk, Ulster County, New York. The handwritten entries include annual meeting minutes, financial and statistical reports, and tax assessments and valuation records for residents within the district. The records provide very thorough, consistent, and detailed information in regard to the maintenance of the school house, the financial activities of the district, the employment and salaries of teachers, problems of theft and vandalization of the school house, a dispute between the district clerk and the town's over the keeping of vital statistics (births, deaths, etc.), and descriptions of Thanksgiving Celebrations, and notes discussing the death of President Garfield. Of interest are two long reports written by district clerk S.D. Van Beuren that give detailed historical and statistical information about the school district, local communities, and even the United States and foreign countries. The handwriting from 1874-1879 is very faded and difficult to read.

NEW PALTZ (TOWN OF). Records (1677-1932). 10 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Minutes, reports, election tallies, court records, receipts, maps, deeds, tax records, property surveys, account books, leases, inventories, agreements and contracts of the Proprietors ("Duzine") and Municipal Government of the town of New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. There are also records relating to poor relief, livestock management, food and alcohol licensing and regulation, and the manumission of slaves. The collectiis organized into nine series: Town Meeting and Election Records; Tax and Property Records; Financial Records; Court Records; Highway Department Records; School System Records; Military Records; Board of Excise Records; and Miscellaneous Records.

NEW PALTZ CONFERENTIA CHURCH ("OWL CHURCH") Records (1766-1787). 3 items. One bound volume kept by the Churchmaster of the New Paltz Conferentia Church (also known as the "Owl Church"), Libertyville (New Paltz), Ulster County, New York containing entries in Dutch relating to church organization, construction, subscriptions, and membership. This church split from the New Paltz Reformed Church in 1766 but rejoined in 1783. Bond of Noah Elting for Church ground, dated 1766. (See also: New Paltz Reformed Dutch Church Records)

NEW PALTZ DAIRY COMPANY. Records (1916-1938). App. 20 items. Correspondence, agreements, leases and property maps concerning the takeover of the Mutual-McDermott Dairy Company by the New Paltz Dairy Company. Some Items concern the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company.

NEW PALTZ CHAPTER ELTING POST 212 OF THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (GAR). Records (1861-1923). 1 item. Finding aid available. Bound volume containing minutes, account books, letters, pension records, receipts, certificates, pamphlets and memorabilia of Elting Post 212 chapter of the GAR collected by William H. D. Blake.

NEW PALTZ LITERACY ASSOCIATION. Court Papers (1879, 1905). 3 items. Two copies of summons and complaint against the New Paltz Literacy Association by the Ulster County Savings Institution to Ulster County Supreme Court, and a court summons to Solomon LeFevre, etc. about the will of Abraham P. LeFevre.

NEW PALTZ REFORM CLUB. Records (1879-1888) 0.2 cubic feet. Finding aid available. Minutes, treasurer's books, officers' roll calls, and constitution and by-laws of the New Paltz Reform Club during its first eight years of its existence in the 1870's and 1880's.

NEW PALTZ REFORMED CHURCH. Records (1683-1892). 0.5 cubic feet. Correspondence, deeds, receipts, pew subscriptions, property agreements, accounts, vital records etc., of the New Paltz Reformed Church. Records are miscellaneous in nature and scattered. Some items are in French, Dutch and Latin.

OLD FORT RESTAURANT. Menus (1954). 2 items. Menus from the Old Fort Restaurant located in the DuBois Fort on Huguenot Street, New Paltz, New York.  This building is now owned by Historic Huguenot Street and serves as the site's visitor center.

PLATTEKILL (TOWN OF). Road Warrants (1832). 2 items. Warrants sent to Peter J. Coutant and Samuel Palmer, "Path Masters" by the Commissioners of Highways to labor on local roads.

PLATTEKILL and LLOYD (TOWNS OF). School District Records (1859-1901). 5 items. Letters of Recommendation for schoolteachers, teacher's certificate, tax assessment list, and list of students for school districts in towns of Plattekill and Lloyd, Ulster County, New York.

SAINT THOMAS CHURCH, RIFTON, NY. Records (1871-1928). 1 item. One bound volume of St. Thomas Church in Rifton, Ulster County, New York. Include records of baptisms, burials, marriages, and member families.

SHAWANGUNK (TOWN OF) SCHOOL SYSTEM. Superintendent's Report (1847). Report of the Town Superintendent of Common Schools of Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY. Provides information about system's finances, school books purchased, and statistical information about school population and attendance.

ULSTER COUNTY MILITIA. Records (1797, 1814). 0.17 cubic feet. Records chiefly concern the organization of military forces in Ulster County during the War of 1812. Records include orders, letters, returns, muster rolls, and pay lists of captains Abraham DuBois, Selah Tuthill, Moses LeFevre, Abram Wolley, Zacharias Freer, James Russel, Reuben Lake and Daniel Ellsworth.

ULSTER COUNTY TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. Poster (1845). 1 item. Poster listing the "Order of Exercises of the Quarterly Meeting of the Ulster County Temp. Society, at New Paltz, June 11, 1845. Includes texts of hymns, names of speakers, and schedule of events.

WALLKILL VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY. Mortgage Bond Certificate (1900). 1 item. Mortgage bond certificate for $100 of the Wallkill Valley Railway Company.

WAWARSING REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH. Records - COPIES AND ORIGINALS (1745-1857). 0.5 cubic feet, 3 items. Photograph copies of vital records and minutes from Reformed Dutch Church at Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York; and an original letter discussing a dispute with the Reformed Dutch Church at Middle Post, Orange County, New York.