Gerow Family Association

Friends Cemetery at Plattekill

William Gerow and his wife, Esther Chadeayne, his brother Elias, and his wife, Elizabeth Coutant, are buried in the Friends cemetery.  A large number of Gerows, many descendants of William and Elias, are buried here also as well as a number from allied families – Birdsall, Coutant, Garrison, Heaton, and Thorne.  

Listed below are the names of the Gerows buried in the Friends Cemetery at Plattekill.  These were compiled by Shirley V. Anson and Laura M. Jenkins in Quaker History and Genealogy of the Marlborough Monthly Meeting Ulster County, N.Y. 1804-1900.  This list does not include the names of young children buried in this cemetery.    

A. Raymond Gerow (1827-1907)                    Ida Dunkle Gerow (1873-1930)
Alfred B. Gerow (1836-1936)                          Isaac Gerow (1811-1862)
Catherine Ann Gerow (1810-1815)                Jacob C. Gerow (1802-1855)
Charles Edwin Gerow (1854-1861)                 Jane T. Gerow (1807-1880)
Clarkson T. Gerow (1818-1895)                      John B. Gerow (1827-1913)
Clarkson T. Gerow, Jr. (1868-1891)                John L(ight) Gerow (1819-1878)
Daniel Gerow (1773 -1867)                             Lucy Ann Cooley Gerow (1813-1849)
Daniel R. Gerow (1866-1942)                         Lucy H. Gerow (1829-1853)
Elias Gerow (1754-1838)                                 Lucy H. Gerow (1872-1964)
Elias Gerow (1806-1878)                                 Mary Ann Gerow (1886-1951)
Elizabeth Gerow (1768-1833)                         Mary B. Gerow (1855-1925)
Elizabeth Hait Gerow (1845-1833)                Merilla Powell Gerow (1840-1913)
Ella A. Gerow (1856-1884)                              Peter C. Gerow (1820-1910)
Ellsworth P. Gerow (1861-1935)                     Peter  L. Gerow (1873-1953)
Erastus B. Gerow (1827-1869)                        Phebe Helena Gerow (1864-1913)
Esther Chadeayne Gerow (1750-1829)         Phoebe Gerow (1785- 1873)
George B. Gerow (1849-1920)                        Samuel C. Gerow (1863-1871)
Helena Heaton Gerow (1825-1921)               Sarah M. Warren Gerow (1831-1914)
Henry Atlee Gerow (1816-1882)                   Sarah W. Gillies Gerow (1824-1904)
Huldah Lewis Gerow (1844-1892)                William Gerow (1749-1832)



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