Historic Huguenot Street’s Community of Support

Historic Huguenot Street and its network of supporters is vital. Countless families, visitors, and researchers are relying on all of us to safeguard the programs they utilize and to protect the history they care so much about. Support from community members leads to groundbreaking milestones at Historic Huguenot Street—in preservation, research, exhibitions and programming. 

Learn more about the impact Historic Huguenot Street has on the greater community below:


Cosette and Macey Veeder- Shave

Cosette and Macey Veeder- Shave are sisters who have volunteered at Historic Huguenot Street since they were children, including participating in events such as the recent revival of Old New Paltz Stone House Day, Haunted Huguenot Street, and the annual revolutionary war encampment and reenactment. In this clip they talk about what it means to them to volunteer at an organization that shares the history of their community, and to be surrounded by other volunteers who supported them as they grew up.

Deborah Crumbie

Deborah Crumbie is a student at SUNY New Paltz studying theater. Listen to her describe what it meant for her to take on the role of Rachel in Historic Huguenot Street’s In Her Words special women’s history tours.

John Sorlie

John Sorlie is the assistant vice president and branch manager at Riverside Bank in New Paltz, a division of Salisbury Bank and Trust Company, and has a longstanding history of supporting the museum’s events and educational programming. Listen to him explain why Historic Huguenot Street is an important member of the larger community of New Paltz.

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook is a painter and resident of Huguenot Street who has volunteered at the museum for many years. In this clip he explains what the historic district means to him as an artist, and why preserving the beauty of the area is important.

Tim Rogers

New Paltz mayor Tim Rogers describes the relationship Historic Huguenot Street has to the greater community, and why he thinks the museum is worth supporting.

Mark Mast

Mark Mast is a pastor at the Reformed Church of New Paltz, the museum’s neighbor on Huguenot Street. Listen to pastor Mark describe the two organization’s longstanding relationship, and how the museum helps to preserve the history of his church as well as its members.

Veronica Claypool Butler

Veronica Claypool Butler is the secretary of the board of trustees of Historic Huguenot Street. In this clip she explains what drew her to New Paltz and why she decided to support the organization in her current role.

Willa Voorhees

Willa Voorhees is an elementary school student who attends Camp Huguenot, a daycamp at Historic Huguenot Street that takes place every summer on the museum grounds. Hear her talk about her class field trips to the museum, and why she’s looking forward to camp next year.