Meet Archie the Archives Bat


Hi, my name is Archie, and I'm a resident of the archives at Historic Huguenot Street. I'm a Northern Long-Eared bat with a passion for history. I love reading historic documents and studying artifacts that give us a glimpse into the lives of people from the past that all played a unique role in shaping the world we live in today. Seeing the way people used to live fascinates me in a way that nothing else does! Not even flying high above the Shawangunk Mountains in my beautiful Hudson Valley home compares to the feeling I get when I uncover a new piece of history. Even though I do enjoy my frequent flights to the mountains, I can’t help but get absolutely ecstatic over even the smallest discoveries found here at Huguenot Street. Whether it be a land deed, a birth certificate, an old map, or some sort of artifact that connects us to our heritage, I am thrilled to be so close to history.

I’m sure you’re wondering something very important: “How did Archie find Huguenot Street?!” Well, here it is. One day while I was adventuring outside, I happened upon a quaint little street with houses that were very different from any I had ever seen. I found one building that upon closer observation appeared to be filled with documents of some sort. I decided to spend my time studying the various documents and artifacts that inhabited the shelves of this strange place. I learned all about the rich and diverse history this place called Huguenot Street had to offer, and the more I read the more I learned about this awesome site. Eventually, a small group of people found me hidden among the stacks of books and records stored here, took me in, and made me a part of the family! Every day since, I’ve remained at Huguenot Street helping out in the archives and around the site, learning everything I can and educating those curious minds that stop by for an unforgettable visit.

So this is me, Archie the Archives Bat, introducing myself to all of you! I really hope you get the opportunity to come visit me and my amazing home sometime soon.

- Archie

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