School Programs


Life and Death in the 18th Century

Program Length: 2 hours
Limit: 50 Students
Grades: 7-12

This program includes the following experiences and activities: 

  • Introductory video: This video gives an introduction to the Huguenots and why they came to New Paltz.

  • Wigwam: Students are invited inside our replica wigwam to discuss the Esopus people who lived on this land long before the Huguenots came to New Paltz. Here they will discuss how a wigwam is built and the daily life and practices of the Natives Americans.

  • Stone house tours: Students will be transported back in time as they tour two different stone houses to see what life was like for the families that lived here during colonial times and for the enslaved people who served them.

  • French Church Burial Ground: Students will gain information about origins of the name of the cemetery and of different Huguenots who are buried there. They will participate in an activity where they will make observations and inferences about a historical person based on the information they attain from the gravestone and the gravestones around them. The activity culminates in a discussion of what the students were able to find out.

*Adaptations and modifications can be made for the needs of your class depending on age and ability.  

 Standards and Common Core Alignment

NYS Social Studies Standard 1
NYS English Standards: 1, 4
W.CCR.4: Production and Distribution of Writing
SL.CCR.1: Comprehension and Collaboration