Job Title: Facilities Cleaner

Description: Historic Huguenot Street (HHS) seeks an experienced candidate to join our talented and congenial team as the part-time Facilities Cleaner. The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure that all office and non-historic spaces within our site are kept clean and tidy on a regular basis. The Facilities Cleaner works under the direct supervision of the Office Manager, who coordinates with the Cleaner to develop a cleaning schedule for the four main properties. This position is a part-time, year-round role requiring flexible scheduling, averaging 10 to 12 hours per week. Compensation starts at $10/hour.


  • Craig House & Roosa House: As our two main office buildings, these houses need to be cleaned at least once per week during off-hours (this includes vacuuming carpets, washing kitchen surfaces, scrubbing restrooms, removing garbage/recycling, and tidying public greeting areas).
  • Deyo Hall: As our primary programming and rental space, the Hall needs to be cleaned at least once per week (this includes sweeping & mopping hardwood/tile floors, scrubbing restrooms, re-stocking restroom supplies, washing surfaces within the catering kitchen, removing garbage/recycling, and making sure all areas are visibly tidy). This space may require additional spot-cleaning during our busy season of May-October.
  • DuBois Fort Visitor Center: As our main space for all museum visitors, this building will need to be cleaned at least once per week (this includes vacuuming & mopping hardwood floors, dusting, scrubbing restrooms, washing kitchen surfaces, removing garbage/recycling, and washing windows on occasion)

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Stocking, maintaining, and organizing all cleaning agents and supplies in a safe and appropriate manner. The Office Manager & Secretary will assist with supply ordering. Environmentally-friendly and/or fragrance-free cleaners are preferred when possible.
  • Additional tasks as needed for larger events during our open season of May-October.


  • Prior cleaning experience required.
  • Ability to adhere to an early and/or flexible/weekend schedule and to maintain proper security measures and confidentiality as needed.
  • Willingness to submit to a background check if requested.
  • Self-motivated and task-oriented individual desired. Organization, communication and enthusiasm are key to the HHS team.

To apply, please send the following to Caitlin Cummings, Office Manager, at No phone or in-person inquiries, please. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Cover letter detailing qualifications and experience relevant to the position description as outlined below)
  • Resume
  • List of references